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Syrian War Report – July 14, 2017: Race To Deir Ezzor

On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces and tribal forces, backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have launched a military operation against in the southwestern part of Raqqah province.



Syrian War Report – July 13, 2017: Govt Forces Put Pressure On US-backed Militants In Southern Desert

The Syrian Army and its allies have been attempting to capture the Abu Khashbah area in the eastern Damascus desert.


Enter The NatGas Cartel – Jim Willie

Wednesday, 5 July 2017 By Jim Willie CB

The King Dollar is mortally wounded. Many notice but the masses seem largely unaware. Since 1971, the Gold Standard has been removed from its anchor position. But since 1973, the Petro-Dollar has taken its place. It has called for crude oil sales led by the Saudis and OPEC to be transacted in USDollar terms, for oil surpluses to be stored in USTreasury Bonds, and for some kickbacks from the Saudis to the USMilitary complex for weapons purchases. Of course, the US is ready willing and able to create strife and to foment wars whereby the Arab oil monarchs will need more weapons. Since 2014, many events have pointed to the crippled condition of the important link between the USDollar and crude oil. The price has plunged by 50% of more, and not recovered. It is currently lurching in the nether bounds near the $45 level. Anything less than $65 to $70 per barrel is very dangerous for keeping the oil sovereigns afloat and for keeping the US energy sector solvent. Witness the Wall Street banks having tremendous problems with impaired bonds and toxic energy portfolios. They seem not resolvable. They cannot keep the oil price over $50, a sign of their impotence.


Not enough financial analysts connect the new normal of a much lower crude oil price with the eventual vanishing act of the Petro-Dollar. The Wall Street banks are deeply exposed on their entire energy portfolios, which include both bonds and commercial loans. Tens of $billions will have to be written off as loss, beyond the $billions already declared as losses. These corrupt banks have worked their magic to lift the oil price above the $50 level, but failed. They worked the task for over a year, but failed. They need an oil price over $60, but failed. The Saudis did not help the cause, by their ongoing extra output to finance their filthy Yemen War. The Saudis earned the anger of their OPEC partners, especially the Gulf Arab allies. The Wall Street banks deeply resent the Saudis for this deed, but the USMilitary complex loves the Saudis. The other Arab oil producers also harbor consider rancor toward the Saudis, who really have no friends in the entire Persian Gulf region. They are so worthy of a palace coup, which would bring clamors of rejoicing in many corners of the West if it were to occur. The day might be close.


The Saudi warrior prince just made more enemies in-house with the push to become crown prince. The dozens of half-brothers will plot against him. Many analysts believe an internal collapse in Saudi-land cannot occur, due to control by the royals of the key factions like the military and religious center. Keep in mind that bankruptcy has a way of sweeping factions aside. A failed ARAMCO stock deal could trigger some internal battles, and reveal the bankruptcy in addition to the lies on national oil reserve wealth. The kingdom’s bankruptcy could become a major topic soon, as the Jackass has been harping on. Be on the lookout for a strange suspicious death event for the king, which could trigger violent episodes from rival half-brothers, many of whom have had their families cut out of wealth distribution (confiscation) for decades.



The Petro-Dollar is a dead standard. The important functional parts, such as the derivative machinery, have been dismantled over the last four years. A key hint on the massive rift between the US and Saudis was the contrived legal prosecution cases with the big Swiss banks. It seems the Swiss simply bent over and took it in the rear flank from the Washington NeoCon criminals. No precedent exists for the USGovt to sack control of a sovereign nation’s big banks like what happened with UBS and Credit Suisse. Pay no heed to the formal charges of tax evasion and Iran sanction violations. These were pretexts for stealing the Arab gold in Swiss bullion banks. Notice that a year later, the Saudis worked to move hidden gold hoards into the safe confines of Deutsche Bank. The threads are complex, since the Qataris pulled their funds out of D-Bank, thus rendering it more exposed. Some of the most convincing evidence of a dead defunct Petro-Dollar is the multiple fronts of war to defend the USDollar. Back in 2005, the Jackass wrote often about how in several years the King Dollar will be defended by war. It is here…

Source: Enter The NatGas Cartel

Russian And Syrian Forces Arrest 1,000 ISIS Militants – Media Blackout

Russian and Syrian forces have arrested over 1,000 ISIS militants in Syria, amid a total mainstream blackout. 

The joint military exercise saw the beset Al Qaboun district of Damascaus finally liberated from ISIS rule, following months of intense clashes between Daesh and Russian and Syrian forces. reports: The move was warmly welcomed by residents of Damascus, whose neighbourhoods were, for the past few months, frequently targeted by rockets and mortars of the terrorists, lurking in Al Qaboun.

New success was also reported in Al Mouadamiyeh, a town, located in the the Damascene district of Daraya, where several Al Nusra Front-linked terrorists were annihilated by the units of the Syrian Army.

About 1000 jihadists, associated with Al Nusra Front, are said to have surrendered themselves to authorities in the southern Syrian province of Daraa, earlier on Saturday.

The army also made further advancements in the eastern Syrian province of Deir Ez Zour, where ISIS gatherings and movements once again came under intense fire.

Several ISIS targets were destroyed in Al Sheikh Yassin, Al Hamidiyeh and Kanamat neighborhoods of Deir Ez Zour city and the surrounding areas of Deir Ez Zour Airport, leaving many terrorists dead and injured, in addition to destroying their equipment, weapons and ammunition stockpiles.

Deir Ez Zour was, however, not the only place where ISIS met with losses. Several ISIS terrorists were killed during army raids in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

Meanwhile, sources of the YPG, a leading Kurdish militia, associated with the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, reportedly announced it will soon hand over control of Euphrates Dam to the Syrian government.

Source: Russian And Syrian Forces Arrest 1,000 ISIS Militants – Media Blackout

DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US And Syria Are Now Bestest Frenemies

President Trump and President Assad (#3) have now become Frenemies

For the First time in History the US is now attacking ISIS and the Radical Muslim Armies.

President Trump has apparently ordered the US Military to put an end to the Horrors of these Radically murdering “Muslims.”

For over 8 years the US has supported and funded these terrorists to kill, murder and destroy people across the globe. Well – No More.

The order has been given to shut these Monsters down.

For the first time in history the US is now bombing the enemy of Man Kind and supporting the Legitimate President of Syria – Bashar Assad.

In 1997 in the military, in a Logistics Class in Salt Lake, we were told Syria was a friend.

Years later Syria became our Enemy as the last president poured $ Trillions into supporting ISIS

Today Syria is now our Frenemy – go figure…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US And Syria Are Now Bestest Frenemies

“The Media Coverage On Syria Is The Biggest Media Lie Of Our Time” — Interview With Flemish Priest In Syria » The Event Chronicle

By Arjun Walia

What’s unfolding in Syria is literally unbelievable. News, pictures, and videos of bombings, chemical weapons attacks, and the deaths of innocent people, among many other atrocities, have taken over mainstream media. But with so much chaos and heartbreak happening on the planet, there exists the opportunity for people to “wake up” and see through the lies being presented to them through mainstream media.

Once we do this, and we are in the process of it right now, we can let go of these horrible experiences and create a new one for humanity. One thing is for certain — ignorance is definitely not the answer. The answer to all of this ‘fake news’ we see is, as Edward Snowden has pointed out, is critical thinking — not blindly believing our television but turning it off instead, doing our own research and thinking for ourselves. The answer is not censorship.

The amount of information that’s now available in the public domain that completely counters the Western mainstream media’s narrative on a variety of topics is abundant, the evidence is clearly out there. The only problem is, we’re never presented with it, we never see it, and therefore many people consider several truths as mere ‘conspiracy theories,’ which is a big problem.

One of the most recent examples with regards to the conflict in Syria came from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who revealed that the recent chemical attack in Syria was a “false flag” and more are “being prepared” in Syria. You can read more about that here

Source: “The Media Coverage On Syria Is The Biggest Media Lie Of Our Time” — Interview With Flemish Priest In Syria » The Event Chronicle

Declaration Of War Warning Issued As Modern Day Book Burnings Light Skies Over America

May 6, 2017 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) in a new report circulating in the Kremlin today confirms that American legislation authorizing US warships to assert control over Russia ports amounts to a “declaration of war” against the Federation—while at the same time left-wing modern day “book burnings” are now being reported in the United States too.  [Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this report, on 4 May, the US House of Representatives passed (by a 491-1 vote) a new law titled the “Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act” that shockingly allows US warships for the first time in history, and in violation of all international laws, to take control of the Federation seaports located in Nakhodka, Vanino, and Vladivostok—and that Konstantin Kosachev, the Chairman of the Federation Council, responded to by warning “such a power scenario is beyond comprehension, because it means a declaration of war” and State Duma spokesman Andrey Krasov further stating: “no American ship will enter our waters…our armed forces and our fleet have every means to severely punish them if they do…and the US can’t control Russian ports without war”.

With the Federation fully supporting the United Nations sanctions against North Korea and having previously ordered the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) to halt transactions with anyone dealing with this regime, this report continues, this stunning action by the United States is but another move by this criminal nation to affirm the supremacy of its own legislation over international law—and that can only be fully understood by one knowing that the American “Deep State” is frantically trying to maintain the status quo, even as its worldwide financial Ponzi scheme of debt approaches the point of collapse.



As the MoD is, also, now warning that the United States has become so obsessed with Russia that it is now blinded to the real threats it’s facing, this report says, the American’s actions have become so bizarre that when Russia-Turkey-Iran established safe zones in Syria this past week to protect innocent civilian lives, and since 1 May have stopped all Russian Air Force missions, the US, that had long advocated for these safe zones, then declared it wouldn’t stop bombing in these areas—in spite of their being warned by Russia that their planes would be shot down.

To further understand the United States and its insane actions, this report explains, one must first know that at its very core America is a nation run by criminals—and as evidenced by shocking new reports showing that their police forces now steal more money and property from their citizens than all US burglars combined, with their federal drug police forces alone stealing over $3.2 billion from innocent people over the past decade too.

Like all criminally-led nations too, this report continues, the hypocrisy of the United States and its leaders knows no bounds either—and as evidenced by former President Barack Obama actively campaigning in the French presidential election for his elite counterpart—but who decried “Russian interference” in America’s election


Source: Declaration Of War Warning Issued As Modern Day Book Burnings Light Skies Over America