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Soros Leaks: The Most Important Story You’re Not Hearing

19/8/2016 by Hannibal Bateman Subscribe to Hannibal Bateman


This guy desperately needs a better PR agent. He’s about as popular as Monsanto

Originally appeared at Radix

One of the biggest stories is unfolding right now, and most people probably haven’t heard it. It’s the leaks of thousands of emails and documents from George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation”, that detail strategy, tactics, grants, and more from Soros’ global network.

From the U.S. to Europe Soros’ largesse has been exposed as a major prop behind much of our society’s hegemonic liberal discourse. Light is also shed on the plans and tactics being used, particularly against Russia, to undermine traditional family structures and European identity worldwide.

As Black Lives Matter burn the streets of Milwaukee, Breitbart News is reporting that Soros has given the organization close to $650,000. Leaving no crisis to waste, the documents make explicit the strategies all of us on the Alt-Right have known Soros and co. have been pursuing for decades. From the documents (emphasis Breitbart):

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