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For those who want to Watch… First Presidential Address to Joint Congress is live now… 2-28-17

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[Kp note: the live presentation is over. Here is a direct link to the start of the address…]

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No matter one’s ideas about President Trump, I suggest sending Light and High Illumination and Peace to all who are there (and all of us, too!). That’s what I’m doing.

Quotes and Notes (doing this live)(and these are highlights for me, and comments are mine, of course):
“All the way down to the President.”
“Allowing drugs to pour in at an unprecedented rate.”
“5 year ban on lobbying by executive branch officials… Lifetime ban on becoming lobbyist for foreign govts.”
No more US in TPP.
“New American pipelines be made with American steel.”
“Agreement with Canada… Allow women to follow their financial dreams.” Saw Tulsi Gabbard (I believe) stand up.
Mentioned terror attacks in Boston, San Bernadino. But no implication that these were false…

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