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Ras Ben | The Philadelphia Experiment, Mandela Effect, & Timeline Management Magic

Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:
Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no secret that the capstone cabal has worked hard to maintain an ironclad grip on humanity, stripped down our education system to create cogs for the machine, and hidden away so much of the vital history that tells us who we are and why we’re here. Of course nobody can answer that question for you in particular, but I doubt you manifested here to spend the better portion of your life clocking in to some makeshift cubicle, watching more Netflix, or collecting numbers on a screen for someone else’s dream. Yet many of us seem hypnotized and marginalized – compelled to continue for reasons that I don’t understand.

It’s a series of dirty tricks that we’re wising up to more and more each day- and if you ask me – the place where the rubber really meets the road is with high level magic and the ritualized manipulation of the masses and reality itself. It’s an ancient game, and one they’ve baked into many of our monuments, traditions, and major world events—and I think it’s high time we unpack all this stuff if we ever want to reclaim our Earthly plane.

Well, fortunately, dear people of the internet, this is all right in the wheelhouse of today’s guest: Ras Ben.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ras Ben is known for being an innovative educator, counselor, wellness provider, peace-keeper, Astrologer, Ra Sekhi Energy Healer, and jack of many other trades.
He has a Master of the Arts degree in African American Studies from Temple University, and he’s the author of “Rocks of Ages: Ancient Technologies for the New Millennium” which explores using crystals and sacred stones as resources for a spiritual technology. He’s also given several amazing presentations on the threads of this high magic and the underlying elite agenda that have repeatedly blown my simple stoner mind. From the esoteric hotbed that is Philadelphia, a true student of History, Mystery, and Prophecy- the great ritual revealer and spiritual teacher of the timelines- Ras Ben

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Dr. Michael Salla | Antarctica’s Hidden History, Nazi UFOs, & Inner Earth Extraterrestrials

Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:

Alright Higherside Chatters, we know the world is filled with mystery and secrets those pesky puppetmasters of the power pyramid have no interest in sharing with us. But we’ve seen many indications in the last few years that something big is going on in Antarctica.

And why shouldn’t there be? Yes, we’ve been told it’s a huge, sad, lonely, block of ice – nothing but a diving board for penguins- but we’re talking about 5 1/2 million square miles. A land mass the size of The United States and Mexico combined- and when you consider the fluctuations, resources, and even historical clues of a land mass that size- I find it highly suspicious to present it as a total waste of time.

Because it wasn’t a waste of time for then Secretary of State John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Buzz Aldrin, the Patriarch of Russia……or any of the other privileged people tasked with making trips to such a wasteland in recent years

Doesn’t seem to be a waste of time for the multitude of major corporations and military contractors who are also very much active on the big block of nothing.

Throw in the legendary speculation of a passageway to the inner earth- and you got yourself some real reasons to speculate.

Though today on THC, we’re going to get past the guessing, and talk to Dr. Michael Salla, who recently released a heavy book about this very subject and the hidden history, secret bases, and real geography of the icy continent, entitled Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs which weighs in at over 300 fascinating pages

If you don’t know Dr. Salla, he’s been a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne.

He’s also written several other great books on intreging topics, like:

Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

and Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination

Dr. Salla also founded the Exopolitics Institute in (2005) the Exopolitics Journal in (2006) and he has co-organized five international conferences on extraterrestrial life and Earth Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Truly a man on a mission to break the chains of secrecy, reveal the hidden hands in global affairs, and usher in a new world of knowing. – Dr. Michael Salla
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Mark Passio | The Occult Cabal, Their Slave System, & Natural Law

Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:
Alright Higherside Chatters, we have spent years talking about the problems of the world: War, poverty, geo-engineering, fluoride, petrochemicals, environmental destruction, materialism, greed, false flags, & everything in between in this Rockefeller/Rothschild debt based system of rule and sometimes I get a bit concerned that all we do is pat ourselves on the back for another educational circle jerk while we sit and wait for someone else to overthrow the power pyramid and the yolks of oppression we seem so cozy in.

And an uncomfortable truth we must confront is the relationship between slave and master- the cause and effect of following orders, and the “don’t rock the boat” attitude we take, as long as our cage is a little bit nicer than the next guys.

Yet when one truly examines the world we find ourselves in- you see a multitude of constructs holding us in place that have nothing to do with the natural world: A never ending framework of legalese that privileges the dark occults in the drivers seat and punishes the people who put their faith in it. – A hypnotic obsession with green paper, thanks to the spellcrafters behind the curtain. – & a system of artificial scarcity aimed at maintaining the illusion that abundance is only a fantasy.

Well, these are the tenants of today’s guest, and true freedom fighter- the ever-passionate Mark Passio. Mark initially rejected his religious upbringing by becoming a Satanist as an early act of rebellion, and eventually was even offered a position as a priest in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey himself. But after leaving the dark community of group-think—he forged his path as a true individual- studying the vast and complex depths of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbolism, consciousness and more….and for the last 10 years, has been bringing this knowledge to light through his website, videos, presentations, and weekly radio show which can be found at

He’s a passionate advocate of natural law, a committed de-occultist deconstructing the spells of slavery, and the truth-telling torcher of sacred cows – long time coming, Mark Passio.
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Jason Louv | John Dee, Enochian Magick, & The Empire Of Angels

Alright Higherside Chatters, the further down we go, the more convinced I am that magic remains the missing spoke in the wheel of not only history, but life itself. Because you can’t properly assess the Elizabethan Era, the Founding of America, the Rocketry program, the tech revolution, or many of the other aspects of what got us here today – without understanding that magic played a major roll. Not to mention the important roll of magic in the East, and well as the cultures that weren’t trampled by the Cross. Because we still see magical thinking and believe systems in the most hard to reach corners of this island Earth.

All of this speaks of a body of knowledge and thought that I’d like to better understand- as well as the people who explored it to it’s deepest, sometimes darkest, depths. Of these figures, there are few, if any, that have been more impactful than Queen Elizabeth I’s court adviser and astrologer – John Dee; as most of the magical characters and secret orders we know today- have all been heavily influenced by the Enochian system that Dee and Ed Kelley were handed down from on High.

Luckily today’s guest Jason Louv knows quite a bit about the situation as he’s just released a massive book entitled John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochain Magic and the Occult Roots of the Modern World which clocks in at just over 500 pages when it’s all said and done. It’s a wonder Jason hasn’t been here before, as he definitely been a popular guy in the magical resurgence for quite some time- having written several other books with titles like: Generation Hex, Hyperworlds, Underworlds, and Monsanto vs. the World

He also runs the popular website and also teaches classes on magic and spirituality at A modern magus of the Great Work, an esoteric adventurer extraordinaire’, and the glass pyramid of podcast guests – Jason Louv
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Duncan Lunan | The Green Children Of Woolpit, Medieval Abductions, & Elite Families

Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:
Alright Higherside Chatters, if one digs through the vast fortian archives of this weird world you’ll find all sorts of unexplained stories: From encounters with spirits, fairies, strange crafts in the sky, missing time, foreign beings, odd disappearances, and everything in between

But there are few, if any, stories that your humble host enjoys more than the classic tale, of the Green Children of Woolpit.

The story goes that in the late 12th century, 2 very strange children emerged in the village of Woolpit, England. Their skin was green, they spoke an unknown language and wore clothes of a color and material the locals had never seen. Weak from their journey from some mysterious place, and uneasy about any of the unknown food items presented to them, the young boy died- leaving only the older sister – who is said to have been taken in by a local, and eventually grew up to learn English, lose her green coloring, and speak of a mysterious land of perpetual twilight, on the other side of the long and mysterious tunnel she says that her and her bother traveled through.

A provocative tail that leaves one with all sorts of questions, and of course uncertainty about the verficationality of the whole ordeal.

Well, today’s guest, Duncan Lunan, is not one to leave something like this so open-ended, and he investigated the story more deeply than any other person on the planet: he traced back the origins of the tale to it’s sources, factored in the political climate at the time, examined the elite-class characters involved, noted some reports of extremely odd events in the sky that might be connected, and has drawn some different conclusions about what might be at the heart of this strange saga

A seriously impressive undertaking that is laid out in his 2012 book, Children From The Sky, which clocks in at just over 600 pages.

To tell you a bit more about the man- Duncan has been an active author, researcher, broadcaster, editor, critic, tutor, and more since 1970, with many contributions to fiction and non-fiction as well as 9 published books with interesting titles such as:

“Man & the Stars, Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence”

“Man & the Planets, The Resources of the Solar System”

& “The Stones and the Stars: Building Scotland’s Newest Megalith,” just to name a few.

A bonafide expert in Astronomy, Journalism, and the strange going on of Woolpit in the 12th century- gracing us with his presence all the way from Scotland, Duncan Lunan
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Michael Wann | Susquehanna Alchemy, River Goddess Worship, & The Big Ritual

Today on everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast:
Alright Higherside Chatters, today is not the first time we’ve examined the prospect of reality warping rituals carried out by the cabal behind the curtain, transmuting the timeline and transcending time and space, nor will it be the last.

And even though we poor “profane masses” haven’t been initiated into the secret religion- and we’ve been told there’s nothing to the not-so-subtle art of manifesting one’s will. We’ve heard too many lies and seen too many examples of the contrary at this point to be fooled anymore:

-The collapsing of the Twin Pillars on 9/11.

– The methodically planned, named, and timed ritual missions of NASA.

-The esoterically drenched dollar bill.

-The extremely particular layout of Washington DC

-And the strange overemphasis on Obelisks, as well as thinly veiled tributes to gods and goddesses all across our so called modern world.

They do this stuff for a reason people, and while the purpose and players might not be 100% clear- it’s easy to see that something’s up.

Well today, we are going to be looking at just such an example in the ritual-revealing work of today’s guest Michael Wann.

Michael is the man behind the body of work and website known as Susquehanna Alchemy, which revolves mainly around the Susquehanna River – one of the oldest existing rivers in the world, which runs largely through the state of Pennsylvania and empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

Folks we know there was an emphasis on alchemy, geomancy, and magic by the early founders of America- but the impressive work that Michael has done- shows that this River is ground zero for an on-going Rosicrucian Ran – Druidic ritual of River Goddess Worship – complete with secret locations, methodically mapped reverence points, ritual offerings, and several yearly traditional celebrations we take for granted- all strategically placed at the ends and intersections of the Susquehanna River to prop up the potency of this “behind the scenes” magic.

In the vein of Chris Knowles and Cort Lindahl- this has quickly become one of the freshest and most fascinating things to cross my cluttered desk in quite some time and I can’t wait for you to hear about it.

The great River-Goddess Worship Revealer and Alchemy Exposer- Michael Wann
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Tolec | The Andromeda Council, Underground Reptilians, & The Big Conspiracy

Alright Higherside Chatters, we’ve been around long enough to realize that the political circus we see on the surface of our society is merely a show for the masses- and the real game, the real deal-making, and the true players and agendas that drive the direction of the S.S. Earth – are all deeply hidden from the view of the unsuspecting public. The real question though, is how deep does this actually go?

We’ve heard many bold claims over the years that try to make sense of our “position in the dark” but there are some persistent themes that seem to re-emerge regularly:

-The reoccurring notion of non-human elements in play, even pulling the strings of our own puppet masters from backstage.

-That a “slave system” was covertly crafted to suppress our spiritual evolution and contain our consciousness. Leaving man to be not much more than the ignorant cattle in a sophisticated human slaughterhouse.

– That humanity itself could very well have been built from the ground up, under a hierarchy of intelligent beings we aren’t even aware exist.

Of course, we know the planet has a long history of strange sightings and encounters- both craft and beings that are not to be talked about outside of conspiracy circles; and our history, sciences, and political spheres are so full of misinformation- that we find ourselves going to some pretty exotic places on our search for truth.

Well today we’re going to just such an exotic place seeking the insights of today’s guest: Tolec.

Interestingly enough: Tolec is an Earth human representative of the Andromeda Council, an intergalactic, interstellar and inter-dimensional governance & development body of aligned, benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life for worlds in both the Milky Way & Andromeda galaxies. In deep space, this governance body is known by its Ambassadors & Diplomats as the: “Galactic Council.” He’s been given the name “Tolec” as an Earth based, pubic-persona name by his contacts within the Council. They indicate they’ve been in communication with him by various methods… since age 5. His “spirit essence” first experienced life on the planet Dakote’, in the Taygeta star system, one of the seven major stars of the Pleiades. However, in his Earthly incarnation, he spent 17 years in the health care software industry, a brief stint in venture capital and 12 subsequent years in international banking, before leaving the system and becoming a full time discloser of the mind-to-mind messages he’s been getting personally from the Andromeda Council.
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