This is a simulcast with Alexandra Berg and her From Illusion to Reality Channel on Youtube. Kerry and Alexandra talk about super soldiers, the recent TicTac sighting and military backed disclosure of a secret Pentagon program to study “aerial threats” or ufos and more…


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James Gilliland w/ Astrologer Serena Wright Taylor

Air Date, Dec 30th 2017

Serena is a gifted psychic and Vedic Astrologer with clients all over the country and overseas. She has been learning and practicing spiritual techniques from a very young age. She believes that with a little understanding of what kind of cycle we are in we are more easily able to accomplish our goals, heal the past and make progress, both materially and spiritually.

Serena is also an event producer and is part of the production team of the Conscious Life Expo which takes place each February in Los Angeles. She co-ordinates the UFO and Conspiracy section of the conference. UFOs have always been a great interest to Serena and she has investigated sightings in Puerto Rico and regularly investigates the Crop Circles in her native England.

Serena and her husband Douglas Taylor will be giving a free lecture at the conference. He is a visionary artist, author and UFO contactee. There lecture is entitled Discovering your Cosmic Plan
Serena’s website

Thank you, James!
ECETI Stargate Official YouTube Channel
As You Wish Podcast

Music by Indian in the Machine.
Song title; Wake Up Brothers And Sisters

*Permission to post granted by James & BBS
James pretty much has these videos up now & posts a recording of his show done live at ETCETI. I’m just filling in some gaps here because he’s a great help for a lot of people!

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What Did We Learn from the 8 Major UFO Investigations

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The Best Possible Timeline for Ascension, The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

The Best Possible Timeline for Ascension, The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council
January 2, 2018
via Daniel Scranton

This Article:

Daniel is a Channel and a Reiki Master. He can teach you how to channel messages from the masters and the angels

He also offers Distance Sound Healing

And guided meditation


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Shocking Number of Homeless People in Downtown LA
Trump is tweeting about the condition in Iran. What about the conditions of Americans all over this nation. That are out in this freezing weather tonight. Release this RV now inhumane rats. So we can start to help people become whole. T.

Published on Dec 27, 2017


Los Angeles has an estimate 20,000 homeless people living on the street mainly in Skid Row. Downtown LA.

Many have erected tents and tarps to form shelter.

The area is consired to be one of the most dangerous places in LA.

Amongst the homeless are women and children.

It’s evident after a drive around that many have mental health problems.

The area is home to a number of shelters and rescue missions providing shelter to the lucky few and food.

The US is ranked as one of the wealthiest nations on Earth but also home to some of the poorest.
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1/02/2017 — East Coast Earthquake in Maine as expected — M5.0’s spreading across plates

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