Psychic Energy Report, January Ancestral Merging of Consciousness

Psychic Energy Report, January Ancestral Merging of Consciousness
January 1, 2017
by Diane Canfield

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Ascension Teacher, Psychic Medium, Star Races Contactee, Wave Expert
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What Is Really Behind the Iranian Protests

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World Uniting Against Israel’s Actions, Is Trump Putting America First?

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh rejoins the program to discuss the world’s reaction to Trump & Israel’s latest actions. Trump has promised to put America first, yet we are funding and fighting endless wars for the Zionist’s world agenda; clearly not in the best interest of Americans. Our media only shows one side of the argument, making it impossible for average American’s to be informed. This interview brings you the other side of the argument. Both sides of any argument must be understood for Americans to be informed enough to make decisions in their best interest. This interview is another important discussion to further our understanding of the decades long conflict in the middle east.

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1.1 – Indictments, GITMO & Airport Weirdness (The Storm Cometh)

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