Thursday, October 6, 2016



We were going to talk about the Guided Hurricane Mathew and it’s destruction of the Gulf Coast and Florida

How the “Cloud Seeding” – how hurricanes – are created by antennas on the ground

How the Hurricane has a scull face and how Evergreen Aviation was seized (Bankrupted) by the US Department of Defense to create and guide hurricanes

But the Russian Announcement today authorizing the sinking of US ships just seems to overshadow everything else.

Apparently yesterday evening the Army Chief General Mark Milley warned that the United States is ready for war with anyone, including Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

General Milley is – well – an Insane human sacrificing followed of Lucifer

Let him lead the troops into battle.




DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Breaking! October Surprise Exposed By Captured Spy

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Video: October Surprise Exposed By Captured Spy – YouTube

Apparently a spy captured in Britain and then brought to the US was wearing a special Cuff Link that was actually a Zip Drive outlining when and where the US October Surprises were to be.

As if a Hurricane guided by a US Submarine was not enough.

The entire story reads like a spy novel and centers around the last Secretary Of State and the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens – so here goes…

The CIA has been using Terror Attacks across the globe to do what they were set up to do: gather intelligence and support the US Corporation at all costs.

1) Here we have a CIA Agent openly stating that every single terrorist attack in the US was a false flag.

2) A second CIA Agent openly states that they create terrorist attacks in America

So what you are about to hear is real and we can personally confirm about half of it as an Ambassador and the other half can be confirmed by emails now released and posted on Wikileaks.com

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: US Makes Deal With The Devil

Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Tens of millions of Russians are now heading to Nuclear Bunkers????

As the United States Corporation:

1) Breaks off Diplomatic Relations with Russia

2) Attacks Russian Embassy in Syria – Damascus – attack was conducted by ISIS – which was created by H.E.L.L.R.Y.

3) Threatens Nuclear war

4) Is sending Victoria Nuland – the Death Angel – Now back in the Good Graces of Obama – to Russia to issue a final warning – Bow To Lucifer or Prepare for Nuclear War

The White House Handlers have gone absolutely insane.


A…..These FASCISTS cannot win an election

B…..The BRICS are telling Obama he  needs to step down and return our Republic immediately

C…..The SDR Currencies are now being led by Red China, not the United States Corporation

So the only option these FASCIST in the White House have  is to start an all out Nuclear War.

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GaiaPortal 10-10-16… “Freeing vibrations seed the new GaiaPortals”

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gaiaportal_logo264There seems to be quite a few uplifting points in this one.

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going to Rosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Freeing vibrations seed the new GaiaPortals

Freeing vibrations seed the new GaiaPortals.

Fairwinds are sensed by all hu-beings.

Farms of Light are planted.

Elements of Love are activated.

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Cobra Update 10-9-16… “A Major Situation Update”

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portal2012_logo_vertical187This is quite the major comprehensive update from Cobra. Among other things, he presents another reason to reject vaccinations, as Cobra writes, “the new vaccines since 2009 have a newer, more powerful version of the biochips inserted into them”.

“Clearing of the Chimera group continues. After the Chimera has opened the war front inside our Solar System, the Light forces have lost a lot of territory on the plasma plane throughout the Solar System and the Pleiadian fleet had to retreat almost completely. Some of that territory has been regained in the last few days and the Pleiadians are returning.

“What has not been known previously to the Resistance is the fact that the physical biochips have not been cleared completely. There is a certain part of the biochips that has escaped all advanced detection and removal… The frontal lobe biochips are attached to the optical nerve of both…

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Office of Poofness 10-9-16… “Still Breathing”

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poofness_office_of_293A new Poofness / Susan / Zap report. Music lyrics and video link are at the end.

[Kp note: I always take these “Poofnesses” as potential data. Bottom line, how does it hit my Higher Innards”? Does it “ring” true within (if it “rings” at all)?]

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[Poof] “Those who are in charge are forever befitting themselves and that type of world can’t hang with the reality of universal laws that long; it is the making of a broken society and the way to an outright downfall of a kingdom of sorts… And the beat continues, the band plays, the folks are all gathered at the station awaiting the long overdue arrival of the gravy train that is just creeping along. That is causing a…

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Gordon Duff VT 10-8-16… “NEO – Assange and Russia’s Dance with the Devil”

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veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_62This rather “caps off” the collection of material about Wikileaks presented in the last post. For myself, a very important part of this article was an explanation of the term “pointed material”.

“The use of the term, “pointed” is key. This indicates two classes of information and also begins building a hypothesis to support “intent.” If there is “intent” in the leaks, then they are an intelligence operation, not a leak.”

So take a look at this one, and see how it “hits the Innards”.

[Jim Dean] “While Assange the great manipulator thought he was going to piggy back is [his] world fame on the US election, he forgot about VT… So Gordon was able rip Julian a new one, using the ADL and Haaretz quotes as lubricant. Juli can try to ignore our silver bullet all he wants about how the Israelis, the ADL, Shelly Adelson and the…

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