Nemesis, Brown Dwarf Star Discovered in our Solar System, 60AU, Latest

Astronomers Discover Brown Dwarf Star “Nemesis 60 AU from the Sun. Close to Pluto.

Planet X & Planet 9 Evidence for Mars sized Planet in Our Solar System, about 50 AU

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Bases 2017 Ireland Awakens Mirjam Janse

The Bases Lecture Series continues with Mirjam Janse, at the Bases 2017 “Ireland Awakens” international conference, in Dublin, held Sept 15th-17th 2017.
Mirjam is an Accredited Healer, Clairvoyant, Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Visual Artist. She studied Systemic Work, Personal and Space Clearing and Transformational Coaching. She has the talent to combine her gifts which results in fast and powerful way of working. Time and Space are no limit to her observations. Those who intent to change their lives profoundly or seek to identify Karmic and Past Lives Causes find her to be an inspirational guide. The healing powers of the human body and the sagacity in nature have fascinated her since childhood. In her lectures she courageously connects Aliens to frequencies in our human bodies, our thoughts to our healing powers. Videos of her lectures can be found on YouTube, The Bases Project and her website. Mirjam works with individuals and groups in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. She lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Talk: Own Your Healing


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Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency Brought to Venezuela by the Russians

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Freeing America One Enslaved Mind At A Time

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War In Yemen And Geopolitical Standoff In Middle East

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The Second American Revolution Is Happening Now! What Are You Going To Do?

Alex Jones breaks down why now, more than any other time in American history, the circumstances surrounding our nation are conducive to and have contributed to a second liberty revolution.

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