DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Alert!!! Final Social Cataclysm Begins Today

Sunday, October 2, 2016


The last day of the last year of the Jewish Jubilee ended about 2 hours ago.

This now opens the door for this Massive War to accelerate to the point where it is going to effect every person on this planet – no one will remain unscathed.

We can see from recent reports that today it was announced in Russia that they are sending in huge numbers of Fighter Jets, Missiles and soldiers to “Free” the remaining 50,000 inhabitants of the once thriving city of Aleppo Syria – 10 years ago consisting of over 2,5 million people.

Russia has announced that a FULL SCALE WAR is imminent as the Western Banking System begins to fall apart.

Russia also announced today that they are preparing for Nuclear War as Chinese and Russian Troops flood into the “Levant War Zone”

This was announced following the US State Department announcing that US Troops will send Russians home in Body Bags and begin destroying cities in Russia.
It was further announced that the Fall of Deutsche Bank is imminent and it may take down the Euro, which is pegged to the Dollar. So when the Euro Falls the dollar will follow 2 weeks later according to an Intel Brief about 2 years ago.

As we watch Russia and the Insane US Corporation banter back and forth we begin to realize that maybe this was all planned – even to the day???



Russia Issues Full-Scale War Alert As West Faces Financial Armageddon

what does it mean

October 2, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the first squadrons of Sukhoi Su-24, Sukhoi Su-34 and Sukhoi Su-25 ground support fighter aircraft ordered to Syria by President Putin to take part in the freeing of Aleppo from Obama regime backed Islamic terrorists have begun to arrive in the Levant War Zone at the same time that the Ministery of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is warning that “full-scale war may be imminent” and as the West “is nearing financial Armageddon”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


According to this report, President Putin’s ordering these fighter aircraft to support the freeing of Aleppo from the grip of “Obama’s terrorists” is in “direct retaliation” to these “modern day barbarians” ceaseless attacks upon the innocent civilians of this city—and that the US shockingly this week stated they were preparing for nuclear war with Russia in order to let this “senseless slaughter of innocents” continue.

To how grave the situation in Aleppo has become, this report continues, Syrian supreme commander Major-General Zaid Saleh outlined this week by stating: “The terrorist groups are using civilians as human shields to prevent the Army from targeting them. They heavily depend on US and Turkey to supply them with weapons. But we won’t allow this to happen”.

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You Are Being “Played” – Prepare for Change

The RV will happen when the “Working Out” Vibration is strong enough that it reaches the Tipping Point and goes.

Even though we in Dinarland think we are helping the RV go, we are being Played by CABAL tricks to keep it from going. You are being used and you don’t even know it. Here is how they are “Playing You” to keep the RV from happening. There are two main groups that are being manipulated, the Un-Aware General Public, and the Aware Dinarland.

How Negative or Positive Vibration Influence Events

The whole point is that there has to be a high Vibration of Working Out, to support and Cause the High Vibration Working Out RV Event. Simply stated: High Working Out Vibrations Create Working Out Events. On the other hand, increased NOT Working Out Vibrations prevent good things from happening (Not Supported) and instead create/cause bad (not working out) things to happen.

How “They” Play The Un-Aware General Public

Of course, the General Public has no Idea about the RV/NESARA that will change their lives for the better. This is a GREAT (Working Out) event that is “Pending” in their future. When will it happen for them? Simple, when the vibration of working out is strong enough to tip the scales toward starting the (Working Out) RV/NESARA event.

So, what do the CABAL do to keep the General Public’s Vibrations low? They have shootings which scare people into worrying. They bring in immigrants to take their jobs so that the general public stress over that issue. They put lead in their water, pollute the environment, threaten Martial Law, offer unsuitable candidates for president. They do everything they can to scare people into worry and fear to keep the vibration low preventing “Good – Working Out” things from happening.


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Steve Beckow GAoG 10-1-16… “Archangel Michael on “Terminating” the Cabal, Dunford, Hillary, etc.”

Kauilapele's Blog

golden_age_of_gaia_banner20This is an alternative view of “stories that are being put out there” about “cabal members being ‘terminated'”, “Hillary is gone”, “Gen. Dunford is in charge”, and so on. Yes, I’ve read them all (well, a few, at least), and I’m really not getting into any of those “details”. But I feel this article sheds some Light on what may really be important at this time… that all is proceeding from Love.

I do recall hearing this type of message a few years ago, and sensed it was right on the mark. So even though there are ones who have played “on the dark side”, many are being shifted to working for the Light. All I will add is, I do not know all the things that are happening with everyone “out there”, and perhaps never will. As Cobra often writes, “Victory to the Light”.

See how this one “strikes”…

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Prepare for Change 9-30-16… “Cobra Interview with Patrick from PFC Taiwan – 28th Sept 2016”

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prepareforchange_header_8portal2012_logo_vertical186This came out recently, and many may feel drawn to read this transcript. I’ve highlighted below a few of the points that “stood out” to me as I read this.

“Have we successfully closed the negative plasma portal in Congo during Ascension meditations? C : Ok this was one assistance but there were also many other actions of the Light forces, that have managed to stabilize the situation there so the attempts of the chimera group to reactivate the portal was not successful.

[“Attacks” vs. “Ascension symptoms”] “C : Usually the scalar attacks are very unpleasant, the ascension symptoms or shall we say frequency adjustment symptoms are different, they are not so negative, they are not pressuring you down they are just adjustment. But scalar are usually very unpleasant… They can influence your body functions, heart rate, they can trigger strange sensations in the body, they can trigger…

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More exposure of the Khazarian Mafia… RT 10-1-16… “‘I stopped Netanyahu from catastrophic attack on Iran’ – [former Israel PM Shimon] Peres’ statement concealed ‘til death”

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rt_cube_logo_150_28Certainly some major exposure of the KM here. Cannot tell what the “backlash” will be, but the world is discovering many new dark secrets of the KM at this time. Here is a page about Shimon Peres.

“…the former Israeli President told Jerusalem Post he stopped PM Benjamin Netanyahu from a “catastrophic” military strike against Iran, at the time the world leaders were engaged in nuclear deal talks… Up until P5+1 (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, plus Germany) announced the agreement with Iran in July 2015, to limit the country’s nuclear development in exchange for sanction relief, Israel was threatening to take unilateral action against Tehran.

“A day after the funeral of Shimon Peres, Jerusalem Post published the former president’s revelation which was shared with the publication two years ago, revealing that he was solemnly [solely(?)] responsible for stopping Netanyahu’s plan.

[Peres] ““I don’t want…

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Message from Mike Quinsey 9-30-16…

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mike_quinsey_new_39As with the Sheldan messages, I suggest using Higher Discernment when reading these, to see how it “hits” and applies (or not) to you. If it does not resonate with you, I suggest just passing it by.

Particularly I use caution and discernment regarding all data about “deliveries”, “packages”, “resets”, “RVs”, and all that. I like to remember that everything we need is within ourselves, and whatever we need is supplied as we need it, and intend it.

“Each day events move a stage closer to being announced, and when the situation is positive and the higher Ones are satisfied it is safe to do so they will go ahead without delay. The excitement is growing in the higher dimensions as you are approaching a momentous time that has been long awaited, and it is certain that a great step forward will soon be taken that has the potential…

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