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Prostate Cancer BREAKTHROUGH: Three natural substances destroy cancer cells

View on YouTube Prostate Cancer BREAKTHROUGH: Three natural substances destroy cancer cells
Breakthrough research finds that prostate cancer cells are destroyed by a combination of three natural compounds found in a fruit peel, a berry skin and a root tuber. These three anti-cancer nutrients are safe, affordable and readily available to everyone. So why isn’t the entire medical industry talking about this prostate cancer breakthrough? Because there’s NO MONEY to be made from making people well using low-cost anti-cancer foods and plants. Stay informed at AntiCancer.news

Breaking News , President Trump Joint Press Conference with President Moon 6/30/17

View on YouTubeBreaking News , President Trump Joint Press Conference with President Moon 6/30/17
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Breaking News , President Trump Joint Press Conference with President Moon 6/30/17

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President Trump’s Personal Bodyguard Now The Focus Of Disgusting Investigation – Here’s Why

View on YouTube President Trump’s Personal Bodyguard Now The Focus Of Disgusting Investigation – Here’s Why
President Trump’s Personal Bodyguard Now The Focus Of Disgusting Investigation – Here’s Why

President Donald Trump is surrounded by an army of Secret Service and bodyguards who are more necessary than ever before considering the incensed left is on a violent mission to bring him down. When he took office, he brought with him one of his most trusted people to protect him as the president, since he had been Trump’s dedicated bodyguard for years before making it to Washington, D.C. Now, it seems that Democrats and shifty liberals have gotten to this man who is the closest point of protection to the president.

Trump literally has to trust his security detail with his life which is always at the mercy of what neurotic liberals could do at any moment to attempt an assassination. The threat of this became increasingly clear with the shooting ambush that took place in Alexandria, Virgina just a couple of weeks ago where a GOP Congressman wounded from a gunshot to the hip. The attack continues and has now gotten closer to the president, making a victim out of the man who has done nothing to liberals who targeted him, other than simply protecting the president as he was hired to do.

Democrats will stop at nothing to get to their goal of impeaching Trump despite having no grounds to do so. Instead, they create them and will stick to these claims until the steam has fully run out. We’re seeing this with the tired Russia conspiracy story that the mainstream media has completely discredited itself by running the constant coverage of it and reporting these theories as facts.

Since there’s nothing left to say that holds any ounce of merit that Trump colluded with Russia, liberals in Washington have just devised their new plan of attack by going after Trump’s longtime bodyguard with an unbelievable call for an investigation.

ABC News reports:

Congressional investigators now want to interview Keith Schiller, President Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguard-turned-White House aide, as part of their investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the investigation told ABC News.

Schiller, the former head of security for the Trump Organization who now serves as the White House director of Oval Office operations, is one of several Trump associates on the House Intelligence Committee’s witness list in its ongoing investigation into Russian election interference.
The committee’s focus on Schiller and other Trump campaign officials and associates marks a new phase in the investigation — which is examining how Russia attempted to influence the election, the Obama administration’s response and allegations of collusion between Trump associates and Russian officials.

There was far more evidence of collusion with Barack Obama’s administration than there ever has been with Trump since the start of this claim, in that there is not any with our current administration. Democrats are deflecting their own dishonest dealings by putting their crooked crimes on our current president. Republicans never looked into this with the last administration and liberals are now wasting an exorbitant amount of time and resources by relentlessly chasing after this completely made up claim which they recently admitted to.

Downtrend reports:

The great Trump-Russia conspiracy is running on fumes with the media having thoroughly discredited itself, the Democrats in disarray and still no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump associates.

But the lack of proof isn’t going to stop the ongoing congressional inquisitions and it sure as hell isn’t going to stop Democrat Adam Schiff who is grasping at straws in his obsession to bring down Trump.

The shifty Schiff is now targeting President Trump’s longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller to be brought before his House tribunal.

The media is breathlessly hyping this news as if it is the long anticipated missing link that will finally connect every dot leading from Trump Tower all the way to Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin office.

This conspiracy circus has gotten so out of hand that the Democratic party is losing a mass amount of credibility even from people in their own party. They’ll run with this next step until it’s worn out and waste everyone’s time, especially this top security person’s who has an exceptionally important job to do that he’ll now be distracted from. Perhaps even that is part of the left’s sinister’s plan. After Democrats run their course with this nonsense investigation, the only person left for them to dig into will be first son Barron Trump for his potential love of Russian salad dressing.

Huge Scandal Rocks American Prison Systems After Finding Out What They’re Using Muslim Terrorists Fo

View on YouTube Huge Scandal Rocks American Prison Systems After Finding Out What They’re Using Muslim Terrorists Fo
Huge Scandal Rocks American Prison Systems After Finding Out What They’re Using Muslim Terrorists For

The United States continuing War on Terror has taken on many forms, but it’s still not won. There is still an enemy that must be fought, and unfortunately, we are dealing with the possibility of it growing within our own borders as the religion of Islam continues to grow. The middle east is becoming less and less inhabitable as the affects of this horrible religion spread and degrades the area like a parasite, determined to suck it’s host dry.

The backward lifestyle that this pervasive religion requires has crippled, and in some cases, destroyed most of the middle eastern countries and now they’re going to have to find other places to ravage in order to keep the monster alive. The takeover of Europ is well under way, and many Muslims have their sights set on the white whale of countries; the United States. I can only guess that’s because we have stood both for personal freedoms and for the freedom of Isreal, and that’s never set well with Muslims.
At this point in our history, it would be a terrible idea to let the ideology of hate take hold in any of the places where the impressionable or less than savory gather, but that’s just what we’re doing. It’s coming to light that the prisons are being taken over by Muslims, and not because we’relocking them up. Because they’re converting the inmates, convincing them to be nice enough to get paroled, and then we release them into the wild to go join ISIS and try to take over the country. The plan is both brilliant and deviant at the same time.

From the Investigative Project:

“Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, also known as Asad al Salaam, is an employee of the Muslim Chaplain Services of Virginia. He is licensed in the state as an Islamic clergyman authorized to perform marriages and other religious ceremonies. He has been issued a statewide pass to enter any VADOC [Virginia Department of Corrections] facility and speak with inmates. He is currently teaching a class in Arabic for inmates. He is also an ex-offender. While that in itself is not unusual, many ex-offenders, in a desire to give back and help others in similar situations, have successfully done so. This particular ex-offender, Edwin Lorenzo Lemmons, (FBI # 939113RA3), is quite unique.

Mosul in ruins: Bird’s-eye view of old city & landmark mosque blown up by ISIS

View on YouTubeMosul in ruins: Bird’s-eye view of old city & landmark mosque blown up by ISIS
Bird’s-eye view of old city & landmark mosque blown up by ISIS

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Friday, 06/30/2017 False Flag Weekly News

View on YouTube Friday, 06/30/2017 False Flag Weekly News
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