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Hurricane Harvey Puts Out The Fires Of Race War

Millie Weaver and Owen Shroyer break down how Hurricane Harvey has completely extinguished the wannabe race war encouraged by the political left across the country.

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Claim Your Name and Estate — the EZ Way By Anna Von Reitz 8/31/2017WIN 20170831 16 28 04 Pro

Imagine the situation — 

You are the heir of a vast fortune, but suddenly, you “disappear”. 

(For the moment, we won’t delve into how.) 

Your British Cousin, Bubba, says to himself — “What ho! No sense in letting all this property sit idle! I have the keys to the boathouse and the mansion and cars and everything, so I will just move in and make myself at home in Cousin Joe’s absence.” 

So he does. He settles his ample rump in your armchair, props his feet in front of your fire, and begins directing all sorts of business operations using your assets as collateral for his enterprises. 

He rents out your boat for ferrying and boat rides and sight seeing and makes a killing. He buys another boat using your credit, and expands upon this business. The money is rolling in. 

He does the same thing with the mansion — turns it into a B and B, rakes in the dough, then uses it as collateral for a loan to start a hotel chain. Things are going great guns. 

Cousin Bubba is rolling in it, wearing custom-tailored suits, sipping the very best Hair of the Dog, and having the time of his life—- but as time goes on, it all seems rather empty. Boring. So, he decides to have a little “fun” and up his profits some more. 

He starts running guns and drugs and other smuggled contraband using your boats. Pretty soon he is in bed with a host of unsavory underworld characters doing all sorts of bad things, in your name, of course. 

Bit by bit, Bubba picks up some bad habits of his own. He’s not only running drugs, he is taking drugs. He isn’t just supplying arms, he is causing wars so he can sell and smuggle more. He has become a soul-less, addicted, dissolute rake, all based on his use and often, misuse, of your assets. 

Finally, it all catches up with Cousin Bubba. The police catch on. The soldiers catch on. The other relatives wake up and begin questioning—- “What’s Bubba up to? Why is he claiming that Cousin Joe’s stuff is his?” 

His creditors and all the people Bubba has harmed with his nefarious dealings come forward and sue him. He is forced into bankruptcy, and everything that (almost) everyone now assumes is his, is put on the auction block to pay his debts. 

And at that exact moment, you stagger in and say— “What is this? That’s my boat! And my house! And my …….” 

So just substitute “Cousin Bubba” with the “British Government” and missing “Cousin Joe” with the actual “American Government” and you will have a very good idea what is going on here. Substitute all the bewildered “relatives” with the other nations of the world, who basically know what Bubba has done, but don’t know that “Joe” was missing and wasn’t involved in this whole rampage at all. 

And now, what does all this mean for you, and how can you come home? 

Many of us already have. We are operating the actual American Government — the unincorporated United States of America, not USA, Inc. 

It basically comes down to this: the copyright to your Trade Name has not been recorded, it has only been registered (as chattel belonging to Bubba, which he borrowed against). 

To reclaim your Good Name, you need to go back and acknowledge, accept, and re-convey your Trade Name to the land jurisdiction of your birth (Deed of Re-conveyance), then your Common Law Copyright to your own name/NAMES and variations thereof, effective with the day you were born, and permanently domiciling your Name/Name on the land and soil of the state where you were born.

These two easily recorded documents correct your public records, so that you can be identified as Cousin Joe, and your assets can be held harmless and returned to you from the bankruptcy Slush Pile that Cousin Bubba is offering his creditors. 

The Deed of Re-Conveyance is just a simple statement to the effect: “I acknowledge, accept, and permanently re-convey my lawful given Trade Name, (for example) John Michael Doe, to the land and soil of Florida, where I was born, effective (for example) January 3, 1965.” that you sign in front of a Notary Witness. Attach the Common Law Copyright (example provided) as a separate “Extension” to the Deed of Re-Conveyance. And you are done. 

If you want to be extremely explicit, you can additionally attach an Act of Expatriation as another “Extension” to the Deed of Re-Conveyance. 

“You” are now officially established and standing on the land jurisdiction of the sovereign State — in the above case, — Florida, and so are your various Names/NAMES which derive from your given Trade Name. 

As such, you are now recognizable as a Protected Person and as Cousin Joe, the Priority Creditor of Cousin Bubba, not just some unknown strange guy called Joe who looks kinda familiar…..
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Very Interesting Anna Von Reitz in Simple Terms Update on Important Inside Information 8/31/17

We are keeping ahead of the costs and curve—just barely. Please help if you can. We are in the final lap here, gasping for air with the Finish Line in sight.
The level of dis-info out here is reaching pandemic levels, and I have to say I have never in my life imagined such a vast amount of hysteria:
“It’s the “End of the World” — for sure — and so-and-so has the exact time table…. the planet is doomed!” We all have to be “evacuated” to Fifth Dimensional reality (killed, that is, because we could never survive in 5D with or without “crystalline” DNA being “activated”). There are slimy “reptoid” non-people and insectoid creatures, all masquerading as men and women. There are ET’s everywhere and long-lost cousins called “Agarthans” who live in a vast, Shambala-like inner planetary world….. and every other kind of claim you can think of. The poles are shifting. (Well, damn, they have shifted before. We know that. The Earth is still here.) The Earth is Flat, really. Yeah, Archimedes and Aristophanes were both wrong. There is a vast war going on between Off-World Defense Forces (think Star Trek) and ETs nested like parasitic insects under things like airports, naval yards and ports. There is an Islamic conspiracy to “rupture time” and open up a “worm hole” where no doubt all the Graboids from the movie “Tremors” are waiting to eat us. And last but not least, the Planet Nbiru is going to rear its ugly sun-dogged head above the plane of our flat horizon and the backwash of its gravity wave is going to cause another catastrophic Flood, like in the days of Noah, and then, the ancient gods, Enki and Enli and their sons Vishnu, Shiva, and Lord Krishna, are all going to meet in mid-air battle with the Greek Titans, Cronos, et alia, in a Grudge Match Winner Take All…..but at the last minute, Godzilla is going to intervene and save the day…..
Holy crap. And I am living on the same planet with people who— apparently— believe all this? And more?
Compared to that, what’s a gigantic multi-generational fraud scheme?

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Armstrong’s Cycle Analysis Predicts A Major Event This Fall – Episode 1368b

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Report date: 08.31.2017

DHS warned Charlottesville ahead of time and the mayor did not heed this warnings. US release 500,000 gallons of oil from its reserves because of the hurricane. The Pentagon is changing the troop count in and now we are going to find out there are a lot more troops overseas. US bombed on the border of NK to provoke them further. Iraq restores flights with Russia. The Syrian now has control over the routes to Deir-Ezor and Assad says the funding to the paid mercenaries is drying up. Martin Armstrong is predicting a major event this fall.

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