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Thursday, July 21, 2016

(Stillness in the Storm Editor)The following is a brief discussion about the controversial topic of Flat Earth. According to Google Trends, google searches for Flat Earth have skyrocketed in 2016, possibly due to a somewhat popular rapper named B.O.B. who tweeted about the issue earlier this year.

While I remain open minded about all things, in my research of Flat Earth I concluded that there was no convincing evidence to support a 2D model.As was mentioned before, in order to prove something exists with specificity one needs to provide evidence and a positive argument—a theory of what a thing is. In order to prove what something is not, we need to know with precision what it actually is—and this is where most of the Flat Earth theories I have seen fall short.

Flat Earth proponents usually rightly say that NASA fabricates and manipulates images, and may even provide some well thought out arguments for why the Earth is the center of the solar system, but beyond that, a truly cohesive model is usually never provided. Now admittedly I haven’t seen every Flat Earth article, paper, presentation or video online—although I have invested several weeks worth of research into the field over the past year or so.

In nearly all cases, the totality of observed phenomenon is not taken into consideration and explained by theorists. For example, I have yet to see a Flat Earth theorem that explains the Schuman Resonances and how they are harmonically inclusive of all life forms on the planet, in addition, seismology, geomagnetism, and scalar or gravity wave interactions that make covert technology like H.A.A.R.P. possible are also not explained. Despite this, I remain open minded.

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It is important to keep these inconsistencies in mind because science is the art of providing objective evidence to lend credence to a conceptual theory. The theory, like logic, must be holistically integrated; by this I mean, all observable phenomenon that falls within the scope of the observation must be explained by the theory, else it fails verification. For example, let’s consider a police officer investigating a suspect of a crime. The suspect has no alibi and as a result, the police officer theorizes that they committed the crime and has even gathered some circumstantial evidence to prove it. But one day a witness comes forward saying that they were with the suspect during the time the crime took place. This new evidence is enough to throw the whole theory into doubt, and even invalidate the conclusions suggested by the circumstantial evidence. In the face of a greater truth, an honest investigator needs to re-evaluate their theory.

Scientific processes work the same way—although mainstream science has forgotten this to a large degree. Ideally, a theory explains observations, and when an observation causes a conflict, even if it is only one data point amid dozens of others in support, it is enough to cause doubt. What the vast majority of Flat Earth theories lack is a hypothesis that explains all the observations that apply to the scope of the phenomenon in question. Without an all-inclusive theorem, we simply have an interesting set of conclusions that are only true some of the time. 

And I think this is the greater issue with the Flat Earth topic. As much as I would like to say I know with absolute certainty that the Earth is not flat, I just don’t know. I haven’t traveled in space. I don’t have first-hand observations of what our planet looks like beyond standing at the surface; and as a result, if I want to be honest with myself, I have to honor what I don’t know.

As someone who’s interacted with Flat Earth proponents before, one of the biggest problems in speaking with Flat Earthers is their level of polarization. Most—but hardly all—Flat Earth supporters tend to be very dogmatic and zealot-like in how they interact with others. If you don’t immediately accept what a Flat Earther is saying, it often leads to violent and aggressive attacks.

In the Stillness in the Storm Facebook Group, I’ve seen Flat Earth’s troll completely unrelated posts saying things like: “This post about water found on Mars is disinfo because the Earth is flat and you are a Cabal agent because you’re pushing disinformation.” Again not all proponents of the theory are so aggressive but most of my interactions tend to be very intolerant. But is this really necessary? 

Considering almost everyone has no first-hand observation to work with, why take such a polarized perspective either for or against Flat Earth theory? Is it really too much to ask to sit down as one people and simply present our ideas without it turning into an argument?

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” — Aristotle

Whether or not the Earth is flat, spherical, or shaped like a hula-hoop isn’t a justification to badger or berate others. And in doing so we play right into the Cabal’s hands who would like nothing more than to watch the masses bicker about minor details.
I say the shape of the Earth is a minor detail when considering the fact that we’re living in a world of abject slavery and oppression, largely made possible by ignorance and infighting (divide and conquer), therefore, whether or not the Earth is flat doesn’t matter insofar as working together to liberate ourselves and stop oppression. In other words, while we may not be able to unite on all fronts, surely we can agree that freedom and the pursuit of truth is a goal everyone can stand behind.

At the end of the day, no topic of discussion, no matter how seemingly important, warrants dividing the human family so it can be enslaved by despotic elites. Surely we can agree to disagree on this one issue and work together to end the madness of this place we call home.

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PS: There are three articles included in the below compilation.
– Justin
B.o.B. Just Started a Rap War With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Over His Flat Earth Tweets

by Ashley Feinberg

Late last night, rapper B.o.B. let us all in on the little-known secret that the Earth is, in fact, flat. It was then that prominent astrophysicist and killjoy Neil DeGrasse Tyson decided to rain on his parade with “science” and “facts.” Undeterred, B.o.B. has now responded by dropping a diss track that features none other than Tyson himself.

The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart… where is the curve ? please explain this

After B.o.B. finished his flat-earther rant, which started with the tweet above and went on well into the morning, Neil hit back with the following:

@bobatl Earth’s curve indeed blocks 150 (not 170) ft of Manhattan. But most buildings in midtown are waaay taller than that.

@bobatl Polaris is gone by 1.5 deg S. Latitude. You’ve never been south of Earth’s Equator, or if so, you’ve never looked up.

@bobatl Duude — to be clear: Being five centuries regressed in your reasoning doesn’t mean we all can’t still like your music

Then, about an hour ago, B.o.B. let loose a song called Flatline (get it? because it’s flat… like the Earth) that features both an out-of-context chunk of Tyson discussing the formation of the Earth and some casual Holocaust denial. Since nothing I could say could possibly do the song justice—please, listen for yourselves.

And just to make sure you didn’t miss a thing, here are the lyrics in full, according to Genius.com. (As an added bonus, see how many different conspiracies you can count hiding in the lyrics. I found six.):

Verse 1

Yo, you ain’t seen my best
Checkmate, ain’t a game of chess
Globalists see me as a threat
Free thinking, got the world at my neck
Hah, am I paranoid? Picture Malcolm X
In a room full of pigs, trying not to bust a sweat
Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest
They’ll probably write that man one hell of a check
Aye, I’m over here on this side of town
Come on over, over, over, over here try to clown
Aye, I never pipe down
If they weren’t coming for me then
They definitively coming for me now
I can’t even keep my phone charged up
All this shit I’m talking, I should get my
Rappers get off of my dick, get your own bars up
Now the mirror lizard’s breath got the clones scared cuz
Woo, use your, use your common sense
Why is NASA department of defense?
They divided up the seas into thirty-three degrees
Feeding kids masonry, bruh, be careful what you read

Hook 1

Flat line, flat line
There’s no superior blood line
Flat line, flat line
You got me once but that died, aye

Verse 2 

Voice, voice, do I have a voice?
Do I give a fuck? Do I have a choice?
Joint, joint, I roll up a joint
Keep my shooters in the game like I hate to disappoint
I see only good things on the horizon
That’s probably why the horizon is always rising
Indoctrinated in a cult called science
And graduated to a club full of liars
Heliocentrism, you were the sixth victim
Fuck you and your team, you could sit on the bench with ‘em
But before you try to curve it, do your research on David Irving
Stalin was way worse than Hitler
That’s why the POTUS gotta wear a Kipper
I’m a man first ‘fore an artist
Get a lawyer, look up Doctor Richard [?]

Hook 2

Flat line, flat line
You fooled us for the last time
Flat line, flat line
There’s no superior blood line

Interlude: Neil Tyson

So you want to find farthest point from that center. And it turns out sea level from the equator is farther away from the center of the Earth than sea level at the poles. It has nothing to do with global warming and melting of the ice caps
(Why is that?)

Because we…Earth we know it spins, once uh…a day. Yes thank you. Three people know, uh, how long a day lasts here

(Good for row number two, they’re off to a great start)

So you, you know when you spin pizza dough it kind of flattens out. It gets wider in the middle…so Earth throughout it’s life, Earth, even when it formed, it was spinning. And it got a little wider at the equator that it does at the poles. So it’s not actually a sphere, it’s oblate, it’s officially an oblate spheroid

But not only that, it’s slightly wider below the equator than above the equator

(A little chubbier?)

Little chubbier, chubby’s a good word, it’s like pear-shaped. It turns out the pear-shapedness is a bigger than the height of mount Everest above sea level

Hook 2

Flat line, flat line
You fooled us for the last time
Flat line, flat line
There’s no superior blood line

The lessons here, of course, are to never tweet, never release diss tracks at midnight, and—last but not least—to thank god that the year of the celebrity truther has finally arrived.

Source – We Hunted The Mammoth

“Flat Earth” more popular than MRA, MGTOW and PUA combined, Google Trends suggests

So yesterday I fell into an internet hole watching “flat earth” videos on YouTube.

In case you haven’t heard, the ancient idea that the world we live on is flat, stationary, and perhaps the center of the universe has been having a bizarre revival lately.

The topic jumped off the internet and into the mainstream media last month whenrapper/producer B.O.B. started Tweeting about his newfound faith in flatness, ultimately getting into a sort of rap battle with everyone’s favorite astrophysicist Neal deGrasse Tyson.

It turns out it’s not only B.O.B. who has decided that the globe is a lie. Over the past year, a sort of flat-earth counterculture has blown up online. On Youtube, a small battalion of flat earth “truthers” spread the new gospel to hundreds of thousands of fans in videos that range from the charmingly amateurish to the surprisingly slick.

The new flat earthers don’t just reject the idea of the earth as a spinning ball; they reject the concept of gravity itself (suggesting that things fall to earth simply because they’re denser than air, which, what?), not to mention evolution and pretty much most of modern science.

Many of them see the Bible as a better source of information about the earth than science, and rail against what they see as a vast conspiracy to keep the supposed truth about the flat earth from the public. Naturally, it’s all the fault of the freemasons and the Jews. (It’s telling that B.O.B. is not only a flat earther but also, apparently, a Holocaust denier who referenced the discredited historian David Irving in a dis track aimed at Tyson.)

One of the reasons I’ve been so obsessed with MRAs and other misogynists over the past five years or so is that I think they offer an instructive case study in the cultural and intellectual history of bad ideas, and the subcultures that nurture them. Obviously the flat earthers do as well.

The similarities between the “manosphere” and the flat earthers are considerable, and not just because both groups have found their ideal audiences on Youtube; like their MRA and MGTOW counterparts, popular flat earth Youtubers have tens of thousands of subscribers, and their most popular videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

Members of both subcultures not only have their own interpretations of the world but an array of shared “facts” as well, which they cling to with the misguided arrogance of the fanatical autodidacts they are: MRAs insist that domestic violence “isn’t gendered”; flat earthers insist that there are no direct flights from Australia to South America. (No, really.)

I may return to this topic in more detail later but I thought you’d find the following charts from Google Trends to be of some interest, since they show that the public’s newfound interest in flat earthery has evidently eclipsed its interest in Men’s Rights, MGTOW, and pickup artistry combined.

Not only is “flat earth” way more interesting to people than all that manosphere stuff but interest in Men’s Rights, pickup artistry, and MGTOW has been declining. Have they all peaked?

This isn’t a perfect representation of interest in these topics. People searching for “pua” might actually be interested in retired soccer star Víctor Púa; people searching for MRA might be interested in Magnetic Resonance Angiography. Alternately, people interested in any of these topics may have used different terms — though when I searched for ‘men’s rights” there were almost no searches for that term.

Hey, let’s add feminism to the mix.

D’oh! “Flat Earth” beats feminism, too! But, hey, at least feminism is still doing better than “men’s rights,” and it’s been on an upswing.

Let’s swap out feminism for “gamergate.”

No surprise it’s been on the decline, but I would have expected a lot more interest at its peak.

Now let’s put all this in perspective.


But I am a little puzzled by poop’s declining poopularity.

I’m going to keep watching the flat earthers, and will report any interesting findings. If I find an explanation for the poop conundrum I will share that as well.


Is the Earth Flat and Not Round? The Answer Can Be Found in the Human Body

by Pao Chang

There is a large movement of people who thinks that the Earth is “flat”. Even some well-known researchers and spiritual teachers support the idea that the Earth is flat. This article explores some of the ideas of flat earthers and explains why they are not 100 percent correct. However, they do have pieces of the answer to the big question: What is the Earth?When I first heard of the flat earth theory, I kind of giggle and thought that the supporters of the flat earth theory were being silly. Unlike most people, I have an open mind so I decided to investigate this theory to see if it has strong evidence to back it up. After investigating it, I would have to say that flat earth supporters are not totally wrong. However, their claim that the Earth is flat is not accurate. There is a good possibility that the land of the Earth may be flat-like and exist on a plane, but the overall shape of the Earth is spherical.

From our perspective, the Earth is not flat due to the fact that she has hills, mountains and canyons. To find evidence that the Earth is not flat, you need to look at the definitions of the word flat. The word flat is defined as “horizontally level” or “level, even, or without unevenness of surface, as land or tabletops” or “having a surface that is without marked projections or depressions”. Based on these definitions, the Earth is not flat because she is not horizontally level and her surface is not even.

When we look at the Earth at the origin where she is projected from, she is flat because she is projected from an “image”. The problem with this idea is that we do not live in a 2D image. Instead, we live in a projected hologram that is 3D in form. Unfortunately, Earth’s holographic reality has been hijacked by the Dark Forces. Their version of Earth’s holographic reality is called the Matrix.

The human race has been caged inside the Matrix for thousands and possibly millions of years. The good news is that the Matrix is now having glitches because our consciousness is rising, making it harder for the Matrix to suppress our spiritual powers. The more our consciousness and frequency increase and expand, the harder it is for the Matrix to prevent us from waking up and sensing the true reality of Earth. This is why many of us are seeing unusual things in the sky, such as the sun flashing and changing colors. Sun flashing could be a sign that the Matrix’s hologram is not working properly.

Alaska Sun Flashing

Sun Flashing

What is the Earth?

The Earth is a conscious being that has evolved to the level of what some people refer to as a “goddess”. Mother Earth not only has a physical body but also a spiritual body. She also has ley lines (meridians) and chakras, similar to the human meridian and chakra system. Furthermore, she has consciousness but her consciousness has expanded beyond what we can comprehend in our current state of evolution.

Besides being a conscious being, the Earth is a “womb”. Unlike most planets in the Milky Way, the Earth/womb is caged in the Matrix. As human beings, we have evolved to the point where we need more space and experience, and therefore we feel that we need to go into outer space. This feeling is similar to how a fetus feels after 9 months of growing inside its mother.

When a fetus is in the womb of its mother for roughly 9 months, it gains enough experience and has no more space to grow. In order to have more space to create and gain more experience, it needs to leave its home, which is the womb of its mother.

To connect the dots, the Earth is our “mother” and we are her children getting ready to be born into outer space. This is what many people refer to as ascension. Unfortunately, we are caged inside the Matrix and it is preventing us from ascending. To achieve ascension, we (the people of Earth) need to unite and raise our consciousness and frequency to the required level to transcend the Matrix.

Because the Earth behaves like a woman’s womb, she is 3D, spherical-like and full of water. The atmospheres of the Earth are like the walls of a woman’s womb. Once you comprehend this, you know that human beings have a lot of common features with the Earth. Furthermore, you should know that what the education system has taught us about the Earth is mostly a lie.

If you want to know how planets, galaxies or universes work, study your own body and nature and you will eventually know how they work to a large degree. The macrocosm works similar to the microcosm. As above, so below.

Why the Earth is Spherical

From our perspective, the Earth is a 3D sphere made of water, soil and many different elements and exists on a reality plane. However, if you look at the Earth from a 2D point of view, she is flat or round (2D), depending on your angle of view. For example, if you look at the Earth from a 2D side view, she looks flat, but if you look at the Earth from the top view, she looks like a 2D round object. As human beings, we live in a 3D reality and therefore the Earth is not flat or round (2D); instead she is spherical or 3D round.

What flat earthers do not realize is that the flat earth theory is designed to trick people to support the legal system. This system deals with the 2D world, which is sometimes known as the land of fiction. A fiction is considered a dead entity and therefore the 2D world can be referred to as the land of the DEAD.

The legal system operates in the land of the dead, which is why it deals with legal fictions and records events on paper. A piece of paper is considered a 2D plane. One of the most important events that they record on a 2D paper is a human birth. This paper used for recording a human birth is known as the birth certificate, which is actually a bond used for insurance purposes. This is why they sell people’s birth certificates on the stock market. To learn what the birth certificate is really about, watch this short video.

Why Flat Earthers and Round Earthers Need to Stop Attacking One Another
Flat earthers and round earthers have missing pieces of the answer to what the Earth physically is. What they need to do is combine their pieces of information together and they will solve the big question: What is the Earth? Unfortunately, the people of each group think that their group has the right answers, and therefore are attacking one another instead of working together to solve their common problem.Here are some videos that claim the Earth is “flat”. It is my understanding that the videos are not 100 percent accurate. However, they do contain many truths, so watch them with an open mind and use your critical thinking skills and intuition to discern the information in the videos, so you can separate the truths from the lies.

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball Videobook

Santos Bonacci Flat Earth Presentation
Flat Earth – The Ultimate Litmus Test

Source: Flat Earth Theory Exploding in Popularity — Is the Earth Flat and Not Round? The Answer Can Be Found in the Human Body | Stillness in the Storm


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