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Chinese Poet and Wife Were Arrested for Criticizing the Chinese Communist Party | Epoch Times

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The CCP plans to launch “National Security Promotion Education” in Hong Kong as part of the security law, the goal is to brainwash students starting at kindergarten age to have a pro-CCP stance. Teachers from the mainland who are CCP members are sent to Hong Kong to infiltrate and monitor Hong Kong’s education system.
00:37 Chinese Poet and Wife Arrested for ‘Inciting Subversion’

04:40 Chinese Photojournalist Silenced by CCP

06:48 Trump Signs Executive Order to Stop CCP Propaganda on Social Media

08:48 6.5 Million People Tested for the CCP Virus in 10 Days in Wuhan

15:10 Stranded Overseas Chinese Feel Abandoned by the Regime

18:29 The CCP’s Involvement in Recent US Riots
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21:20 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

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