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Bilderberg Founder Ex-Queen Beatrix Offers Vladimir Putin Huge Bribe to Steal Global Wealth

The battle to liberate Planet Earth has reached a key juncture: the choice between freedom or techno-slavery.  The faction that wants to kill 90% of humanity, then microchip and enslave the rest, is now making a big push to steal global wealth…


Protest Over Forced Demolition Escalates in Beijing |CCP Virus |COVID-19 |Coronavirus |Epoch News

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In the Changping District of Beijing, property owners at Wayao Villa prepared bricks and fire extinguishers, and gathered at the villa’s entrance at 1 a.m. on June 29. They were trying to defend their homes against the armed police and the demolition team, who usually assault the villa during the early morning hours to forcibly tear down their homes.

Chinese authorities have recently been targeting these types of houses by labeling them as illegal construction. Under this accusation, property owners won’t get any compensation if they lose their homes to forced demolition.

Chinese netizens praised the residents for their bravery, and pointed out this is probably the first Hong Kong-style protest taking place in mainland China.

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“Why Is This Happening?” Scream From Ghislaine Maxwell Meets General Michael Flynn QAnon Oath

An engrossing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the stunning revelations made yesterday by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) about the CIA’s involvement in the Ghislaine Maxwell made-up arrest fable, says that the word surreal (means marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream) is the only one able to be used to describe what is now happening in the United States—as at the same time socialist mobs are tearing down every statue they can throughout America, in Albuquerque-New Mexico a new statue has just been erected to honor the memory of murdered child sex slaver Jeffery Epstein so his crimes will never be forgotten—vile sex crimes committed by Epstein against defenseless children fully known about by America’s elite—as just further confirmed by the former CEO of the social messaging site Reddit named Ellen K. Pao, who before locking out her Twitter account, sent out a final message about Epstein “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell saying: “She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her…We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the “cool” people who managed the tightly controlled guest list”—“cool people” associated with the powerful American venture capital firm Kleiner-Perkins, whose client list includes the most powerful leftist tech giants in Silicon Valley, as well as the socialist Democrat Party leaders who enable their crimes of censorship.

All of whom, without doubt, are trembling in fear after Ghislaine Maxwell was quietly transferred yesterday to the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York City, where she’s under 24-hour armed guard by US Marshals—a prison transfer from New Hampshire to New York ordered by a US Federal Judge during a court hearing for Maxwell held this past Friday—a hearing observed by Epstein-Maxwell child sex victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who reported that during this hearing, Maxwell broke down in tears and wailed “Why is this happening? How is this happening? How could this happen?”—the answers to which are because Maxwell has an “insurance policy” secret stash of Epstein’s sex tapes—and because of sees Epstein’s former ponzi scheme partner Steven Hoffenberg now saying that Maxwell “will crack in two seconds and cooperate with the feds”—which explains why Maxwell has just hired to represent her Christian Everdellthe former powerful Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York who brought down the world’s most feared kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmanthe same El Chapo who once lived three prison cells away from the now murdered Epstein.

A level of surrealism quickly met by General Michael Flynn—the illegally persecuted former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump—who at the exact same time this past week while Maxwell was undergoing her trails and tribulations, posted on social media a video himself and his friends taking what’s called the “digital soldiers oath” and a picture of himself holding memorabilia presented to him by famed American country music icon Charlie Daniels—that was near immediately followed by Charlie Daniels dying at 83-years-old after suffering a stroke, and a German video post appearing of General Flynn taking his oath titled “US General Flynn legt den Eid ab – endend mit: “Where We Go One We Go All” #Q 100% Bestätigung!”—that in English says “US General Flynn takes the oath – ending with: “Where We Go One We Go All” #Q 100% confirmation!”—which caused the leftist search giant Google to order its YouTube video service to slap an English language warning on this German video saying: “QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters”—but if this “deep state” is truly just an allegation, it fails to explain why the powerful President pro tempore of the United States Senate Chuck Grassley just posted a warning message to the American people saying: “The Deep State Is So Deep Its People Get Away With Political Crimes”…