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Retired history teacher Yen Zhihua authored a book that disclosed facts about the Great Famine that occurred in Fuling District, Sichuan province from 1959 to 1962. The book was seen by media outside China. Recently, the CCP retaliated by having the Chongqing government suspend Yen Zhihua’s retirement pension and falsely accusing him of being a wanted fugitive.

Yen Zhihua, who retired from Chongqing Fuling Vocational Education Center, is also an independent scholar. He spent 30 years researching the Great Famine and wrote an 800,000-word monograph titled ‚ÄúThe 1.4 million folks who were starved to death in the cage of the People‚Äôs Commune‚Äďdocumentary on the rural communist movement in Fuling region of Sichuan Province.‚ÄĚ

During the process of writing the treatise, he visited nearly 20 counties in two regions in Sichuan Province and interviewed more than 100 witnesses and people who were involved, including local district secretary and production team leaders and members of the People’s Commune.

After his investigation, Yen Zhihua discovered that the Great Famine didn‚Äôt last for the government-stated three years, it lasted for four and a half years. The Great Famine started in early 1959 and ended in the first half of 1963. Yen said: ‚ÄúAccording to the historic documents and information I have read, and based on investigating a large number of people involved, the number of people who died of starvation throughout China is between 75 million and 125 million.‚ÄĚ

Because he exposed the truth, and his findings were seen by people outside China, the Chinese Communist Party suspended his pension in August this year.

He indicated that he used to be concerned about what he would say when exposing the CCP in the past and would only say 80 percent of what he knows. But now that his pension is suspended, he will say whatever he has to say in the future.

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