These people are still alive and showing up at Trump rallies. Are they protected witnesses against the cabal? A lot of these pictures come from Trump Rallies. This intel has been confirmed, but “not all are accurate”.

Did these people go into witness protection with Trump so that they could testify when the trials came about?

Jim Morrison – Rush Limbaugh?

Michael Jackson!
Elvis and Marilyn had a son together!
Image may contain: 5 people, text
Image may contain: 5 people, text
Image may contain: 7 people, text that says "11:07 ← Tweet 37%฿ WhipLash @WhipLash347 All Alive Austere Deplorable @MisterNikolaT 6h Show this thread KINGNEWS WINKS: YOU'LLIN WHAT CALM BEFORESTORM MEANS 10:36 PM 21 Aug 20 Twitter Web App 2 Retweets Likes Disa @Disa80106658 26m Replying to @WhipLash347 Tweet your reply"

EP = Elvis Presley, Joan Rivers, MJ = Michael Jackson

Jimi Hendrix..


Kurt Cobain? is @vengenceislord

Bruce Willis?

Marilyn Munroe or descendant?

Luke Perry?

Morgan Freeman is Jimi Hendrix..


Carolyn Kennedy.. CONFIRMED

Twitter closed her account today..


Princess Diana.. CONFIRMED

A lot of these pictures are coming from Trump rallies..

This video looks like it is blocked in america. Try searching for it as “American Bandstand LIVE- DICK CLARK, FUNICELLO, M DOUGLAS, FELDMAN, JONES, BOMBECK, S RICH, DINO C.”


  1. I’m wondering about John Denver. Is he still alive? I’ve thought about this for years because there were reasons why they would want him dead. He was a good pilot and It’s hard to believe he would have made the mistake of his plane going down.


  2. Okay you gave me Goose Bumps! Saying prayers that it really is true! I hope All of you can come out of hiding. And share your story. Your fellow patriots would love to hear it.!
    God Bless all of you!🙏🙏🇺🇸🙏🙏🇺🇸💞


    1. Are we supposed to believe this? So all these people who are said to have died some 10 years or more ago; somehow all are in a witness protection program? It’s not believable. Who gave the names of people like River Phoenix, Tupac, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley & others? I’m curious to know. The facial structure should favor these guys. That would be more believable.


  3. Trump is the real MVP! Praise God for him and those Angels helping to find these children being abused and trafficking 😇😇🥰🥰🥰


  4. What’s so special about this?
    The ‘Elite’ always used to fake their deaths…
    only the good boys passed away.
    And here you clapp for the resurrection of satanists…?
    Have Jimmy Hendrix and Curt Corbain become saints now??


    1. That is not an occult hand sign. His hands are pointing downwards, standing for the “Fall of the Cabal.” Do your research


      1. Kennedy is one of the thirteen Illuminate families you need to do your research .You believe whatever propaganda your fed no proof he is not as his family just the opposite all indication tells us differently they never change!!!


  5. I read some were that JFK Jr will
    Be the Presendent for the Nesara law and well that law is to good to be true because I read that that is the platform for which the antichrist comes .. what are your thoughts?.


    1. Please give credit to your source, I believe alot of this is taken from Angel Wallace YT channel..she has worked very hard spreading her information after being inside of the cabal for decades xx #wwg1wga Love from sweden @whoopenedthegatestohell2 on IG


  6. But what I don’t get, is what about the poor guy (a Black doctor, where’s BLM for him??) who got put on the hook for michael jackson’s death? There was a huge long trial in los angeles over it, with this poor patsy doctor as defendant…I think he got convicted of manslaughter or something…& I think he was found civilly liable as well. & he got prison time. So if Jackson is still alive, what about that dr? Just wondering, as that trial was very sensational, & took up a bunch of time and media attention in los angeles…


  7. This seems a real stretch. With everything being so serious, something like this doesn’t help, and makes important matters more open to doubt. The person who may be JFK, Jr. at the Trump rallies seems plausible. I hope it is Kennedy.


  8. I believe President Trump, and the military have drained the swamp! They are heroes!! The White Hats are heroes! The patriots are heroes!! I praise GOD for you all! There are arrest records of many Deep State crooks in CA! Thank you for speaking truth!! GOD bless President Trump, and all those that are MAGA!! GOD bless AMERICA!! WWG1WGA! I saw this on Google Map.. WWG1WGA GARDENS!! Deep States New HOME!! PRAISE YOU LORD!!


  9. All speculation. Some photos are possibly photoshopped. The bad hats are being eliminated and we are entering into the Golden Age. Why do you think all countries signed up for the new Quantum Financial System currently transitioning now?


      1. WOW! This brought me to tears. I always thought some of the “deaths” seemed strange and that at times so many people seemed to die not long after another. So happy for Steve Irwin. His family seems so wonderful. And I LOVED Nirvana when I was in high school and still have their cd. Loved Prince, the Beatles, Janis Joplin, Mama Cass, Patsy Cline and all the others – yes my music taste is a wide range and I’m 41! Wow just wow!!!!!


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