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When Hong Kong reverted to Chinese rule in 1997, the regime agreed to grant the city autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed in the mainland under this framework. But now, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plans to impose a national security law on Hong Kong, bypassing the city’s legislature. This would end the Basic Law of Hong Kong. “One country, two systems” may become “one country, one system” at any time.

Recently, some clips and slogans from classic Hong Kong films have been circulating on the Internet. Clips of the Hong Kong Police Force using tear gas to disperse a crowd and brutally beating protesters, and the slogan of “One country, two systems, it’s over” were popular images that Hongkongers feared could come true. But they have already materialized.

In the movie “Ten Years,” one scene showed the protagonist, who supported Hong Kong independence, being pushed to the ground and beaten by anti-riot police as they fired tear gas into the air to disperse the crowd. The movie contains five short stories set in the year 2025, showing a dystopian future of a Hong Kong society losing its rights and freedoms as Chinese authorities exert their influence. That is now happening in Hong Kong.

The director of the film, Zhou Guan Wei, said: “At the time, the photographer asked if it was necessary to portray the policemen as bad guys because there were actually some good policemen, and if it was possible to ask the actors to not hit the people so hard. I was very careful not to go so far as to describe and portray the action of police hitting people on the head. But going into 2019, in just four years, police brutality has become a routine, and I think it’s even worse than the movie.”

While the scenes of the movie played out in real life, the director’s heart felt heavy because the CCP continues to tighten its grip on the city.

Director Zhou said: “At that time, the [Chinese regime] Government intended to pass Article 23, and everyone felt that their freedom was restricted. I felt as if there was something, after the legislation, that I wanted to say but I could not say it…”

One clip from the Hong Kong film “Her Fatal Ways”: “When the old man is upset, you know he is in a bad mood. He will order his disciples to come over. Ha! By that time, the Joint Declaration of the UK and China is over! One country, two systems is over! The Basic Law of Hong Kong is over! The Hong Kong dollar will plummet, the financial sector will plummet, the stock market will plummet, property prices will plummet and everything will plummet!”

The Hong Kong film, “Her fatal Ways” was released in 1990, a year after the June Fourth Tiananmen Square massacre took place in Beijing.

When the CCP announced that it would impose a national security law on Hong Kong, the city’s stocks plunged, with the Hang Seng Index plunging 1349.89 points or 5.56 percent on May 22. The legislation would jeopardize Hong Kong’s status as a global financial hub. All the series of events from the movie accurately predicted what is currently happening in Hong Kong.

Former CCP leader Deng Xiaoping said to Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing in 1990: “One country, two systems will not change. I’ve said this many times in the past, and that is, it will remain the same for 50 years, and it’s not going to change after 50 years.”

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