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Meditation hailed as important tool for teaching kids to cope with stress and anxiety

It might be a far cry from maths and science, but teaching children to de-stress has become such a valuable tool for some Australian teachers that they are arguing meditation, or mindfulness, should be part of the national curriculum…

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How to Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts

These are the thoughts of a high school student named James. You wouldn’t know it from his thoughts, but James is actually pretty popular and gets decent grades. Unfortunately, in the face of adversity, James makes a common error; he falls into what I like to call “thought holes…


Introverts Aren’t Antisocial, They’re Selectively Social

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when someone is an introvert. In large groups, we “quiet ones” can usually be found just listening and observing. We shun small talk and try to speak only when we feel we have something of real value to say…