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Turmeric and Honey: The Most Powerful Antibiotic That not even Doctors Can Explain

While conventional antibiotics are extremely overused, natural remedies such as honey and turmeric are highly beneficial and improve health in numerous ways. Honey effectively fights infections without causing resistant bacteria, unlike conventional antibiotics…



8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

There are many paths in life. But the longest of them all is the path to the heart. If you resist this path, you will take lifetimes to find it again. If you surrender and embrace it, you’ll be home…


Glyphosate warnings go mainstream as the dangerous truth about this toxic herbicide can no longer be denied

Now, the science is irrefutable: Glyphosate causes cancer. The toxic chemical is also a chelator of trace minerals, causing depletion of crucial minerals like zinc and magnesium…


TEDX: This man is trying to save your life! His audience is 16 million (The Truth About EMFs)

We’ve been talking about EMF’s for awhile now and will continue to because this topic is so, so very important. In the video below, Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards that may result…