Great day! Peaceful rally! Great speakers! Great info! Awesome catching up with all our tribe!!I had my mobile charging station helping our tribe with their diminished phones and my sound healing device helping our tribe with their diminished bodies! What a great day of support our tribe!!

5G HAS BEEN MADE SAFE! It Will Now Feed 432Hz Healing Energy to our Cells!! aND mEDbEDS!


Imagine a world surrounded in 432hz. We would all vibrate with the healing energy directly to our cells. 432 Hz is able to filter and harmonise the 5G radiation coming out of the towers and make the energy beneficial to our cells!

The ventilators that Trump talks about manufacturing are actually the 432hz 5G boards that he is sending out to the world. We are seeing more and more of them being installed on the 5G towers here in Perth, Australia.

These harmonious sounds are starting to appear in the background around my house where the frequency patterns interact and become audible, instead of the high pitched ringing in the back of my ears.

This could be a physical component of the ascension process..


The flights coming into Melbourne are bringing the covfefe magnets for the 5G Tesla towers. Australia and New Zealand will be the first countries outside of America to implement them. Harmful 5G will be ended soon! intel from Charlie Freak.

USA has technologies like i have been saying that have been suppressed for years this includes Age Reversal technology. Think Med Beds. The older you are the more years are reduced. Up to 30 years. These People in the Federal Witness Protection Program have had access.I have been showing you this group with Nikola Tesla & Howard Hughes with the Time Machine. Jesse D Presley aka John G Trump. Patrick also told you and confirmed this.

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The new global financial system is being built right in front of our eyes over the last couple of weeks! We are about to see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen!

This is a financial paradigm shift of epic proportions! We are about to see a wealth transfer unlike anything we have ever seen before! You are positioned on the right side of history! Massive surprise coming in the next few weeks!!


XRP is expected to go to 4 digits on or around the 13th Nov.

Quantum Financial System has been turned on at ~2:30am 7OCT20 Perth Time

Apple announced partnership with Ripple!

Ripple got the Patent for Smart Contracts using Ethereum and Flare!

MASTERCARD have now come onboard the XRP network!

The rockets are launching the Quantum Internet and Quantum Financial System infrastrcuture.

Massive amount of banks closing due to “COVID”

In August 2020 there were 6088 Cryptocurrencies. It has been said that only 1% or maybe even less will survive. The key to them is regulation. ISO20022 is the main regulation. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS ORGANISATION. Everything will need to be ISO Compliant. = $XRP $XLM $XDC $ALGO (FLARE TNG TURING), IOTA (QFS also backed by precious metals)Others are TC 68, TC 307 & TR 23455.

China will be huge for us, 1 billion digital currency users! India has a billion digital currency users signing onto XRP too. Latin America and now Africa have just announced that they are signing on too!

The new BASEL IV banking rules require ISO22002. XRP is the only cypto currency that has conformed to this standard. What is unique about XRP is that it allows for a comment field to be atteched to every transaction and that it has end point verification on the transfer before it is sent. Meaning, it verifies how much will be received at the end point before it sends the XRP. This prevents any transaction from being stolen or rerouted in transit.

Rocket launch for the controller sattelite for the new Quantum Financial Sytem has been delayed.

XRP is like the new bitcoin except it has enormous utility value and massive client adoption. China, india and latin america, visa, american express, applepay, googlepay, samsungpay, ethereum all banks and 196 currencies have all signed on to the XRP network! the value of xrp is based on the number of transactions running through the network, so the only way for it to go down is for us to stop using our credit cards or world trade to crease. china and india have 1 billion digital currency users who will be linked into the XRP system! This is advanced computer technology that can take us through the next 1000 years of peace!

This is fabulous computer technology for our star trek future!

Nothing in history has ever or will ever come close to the profits that will be made from XRP!! ..and it is honest money, not criminal or exploitative money! It has integrity and self empowerment!

The NESARA/GESARA money and the $Trillion American stimulus money running through the XRP network will so increase the transaction rate through the network to such an extent that we might see a $10,000 XRP coin in as little as 2 years!!

There is no other competitor for XRP. XRP is the only crypto that conforms to the new Banking Standard ISO22002, which is requirement of the new international banking rules. It is the only crypto able to include a comment field with every transaction and does start point to end point verification before of the amount before the transaction is sent! You can know how much is ending up at the end point of the transaction before you send it. This verifies the transaction before it is sent! It is transparent and reliable banking

The price of XRP has gone down due to the testing being finalised. They are preparing for the next move, which is that all of the $5T of SWIFT transactions to be routed through the XRP network on1st sept. That is when we will see the price rise dramatically!

The SWIFT system will be turned off in 2020 and all $5T of daily transactions will be routed through the Ripple(XRP) system in 2020 sending the price of XRP to USD$50 in 24 hours! XRP is the new Quantum Financial System for global finance!

Ripples own digital wallet is called XUMM. It is very security intensive to set up by would be the safest digital wallet to store your XRP in if you done have 2 factor authenication with your trader.

XRP Timeline

XRP is 57,000 times more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XRP went live on 2nd of August and pinged every bank in the world! It will run parrallel with the current system until it is officailly launched!

XRP is a sustainable currency, a green alternative to Bitcoin. XRP is bridging digital divides, mobilising private capital and connecting Asia to the rest of the world.

These price swings are nothing! The recent market volatility was expected as the announcement gets nearer and the repo stimulus ends. We are pivoting from the old system to the new gold backed system. We just have to ride it out as the market changes over to the new Quantum Financial System (Ripple(XRP)) and then reap the rewards!!

A new asset class is being created around the world allowing crypto currencies to be held by the banks as an asset. This means that you can store your coins as an asset like a house and borrow against them without ever having to sell them! They would continue to appreciate as more and more transactions go through the Ripple(XRP) system daily!

It is looking like some financial event will happen on Sunday 2nd August 2020! Full Moon too!

ApplePay, GooglePay and VISA have announced that they have signed onto Ripple(XRP).

Ripple will get to $10k per coin when the daily transactions reach $1T by transacting “All the Money in the World!” once it is adopted by the global banking system!

There are currently no projections that Ripple(XRP) will fail, only contention is how much it will rise! The minimum projection is that it will be $1.60 by the end of the year! $10K in 5-10 years or sooner!

Your ripple account is like a bank account in that you can take money in and out with only a small fee of 1%, but the profits could be enormous!

Ripple allows On Demand Liquidity which saves the banks a fortune and eliminates their exposure to currency price risks! It means that the banks don’t have to hold every currency, they just have to use XRP!

Treasury shutdown on 25th July to implement Ripple (XRP)? “It can be done in a day”

Judy Shelton is being approved as the new FED board member by the Senate Banking Committee! She is a staunch supporter of the Sound Money Principle (Gold Backed) and has talked about the a crypto- currency being a part of that principle. She is the architect of the FED restructure into the treasury and will be the new chairman when Powell goes.

Paypal to use Etherium for it’s 325 million users. Etherium is a plugin to Ripple!

Gold-backed currencies are coming!

The paper contracts are running out and are not being renewed. Gold and silver will move to their historical values or more. Gold is traditionally priced at $10k-12k and silver to gold ratio is traditionally 47:1. The ratio of gold to silver now is close to 100:1. This will balance itself and generate a profit from gold of ~5x and from silver ~10x.

You can guarantee your profits by buying silver as well. Silver will go from $23 per oz to $3-4k per oz as soon as the gold backed currencies are declared.

Silver is used in everything, electronics, phones, cars, water purifiers… It is very hard to mine and there is no reason it should be so cheap and undervalued. It is starting to break out now. As soon as the gold backed currencies are announced, it will go to its traditional price.

It has been announced that Ripple(XRP) will be the new method for transferring money between countries by the 196 central banks worldwide and will be gold backed. It has all the latest tech built into it and will be used when SWIFT is discontinued because of it’s criminality, dishonesty and it is archaic technology! It should be announced any day now and go up to $50 per coin overnight.

Bitcoin was invented by the Queen to run her Pedo operations worldwide. This pedo coin will disappear when the public finds out along with all the other coins that are backed by nothing as they are in the simplest of terms, just a computer game compared to a gold backed solution. Putin has rejected Ethereum, so that will not be used by the central banking countries. The Chinese have shown themselves to be a corrupt killing machine, so nobody will use their solution. Ripple is the only viable solution for transfers between countries that is available now.

I believe that Ripple will end up linking directly to our credit cards to replace the banking systems entirely. ..and it is!

Qanons are being told something with these numbers (17 and 1776) that only we would recognise. I believe that Q+ is rewarding our support.

I have taken holdings in gold, silver and Ripple (XRP). The profits from gold and silver are guaranteed and will easily cover the loses from Ripple if it fails to go off.. But, if Ripple(XRP) does go off, the profits from it could make the gold and silver profits seem very small!

The 2nd stimulus is going to be rolled out in America via XRP!

This link will get you an extra 10 worth of bitcoin to swap to ripple in Australia or app in other countries.

Silver can still be ordered here in Australia.

“XRP will be on the center of all of this as they have laid the foundation of talking to banks and marketing the wonders of XRP for quite sometime now. In fact they have already gone past the testing phase of the technology and have successfully shown how fast, and cost effective using XRP is without compromising scalability.”

“$10,000 is not impossible now because Bitcoin reached $20,000. When $20,000 was hit by Bitcoin this sort of gave us a subliminal message on how high a crypto can go, and so now people have this notion that $10,000 is possible.”

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When it is announced officially, we will hear about it on mainstream media. That is when the big institutional groups are allowed to buy in. At the moment, they are restrained from purchasing due to NDA’s and the threat that they will be excluded from the entire new financial system if they do the wrong thing (IMHO). That is why and when it will go to $50 per coin.

The value of the coin is based on the number of transactions going through the system. At $51 per coin, the system changes in a way that won’t be allowed initially, something to do with market cap. So it will cap at $50 for a short time until the system has stabilised and the predatory investors have been removed from the market, then it will be allowed to go up to the moon or higher(IMO)!

It is an amazing feeling to have a physical metal asset, rather than digital or paper money. It did something to me! I felt very different after i laid on my bed with a bar of silver in each hand. Something of an electrical nature happened in my core and I could feel it changing me inside. Silver is a highly spiritual, feminine metal and is well worth the experience of owning it. Gold is a masculine metal.



Australia was targeted by China using a massive coordinated botnet attack the likes of which I have never seen before. 5 botnet networks where detected operating at 9:28:29 PM (AWST) Perth time that targeted all levels of government, including industry, political organisations, education, health and essential service providers.

China threated Australia for supporting the investigation into the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

These cyber attacks are ongoing and involve many countries. The countries involved so far are China, USA, India, Netherlands, South Africa and Malaysia.


‎Wednesday, ‎19 ‎August ‎2020, ‏‎3:21:09 PM AUSTRALIA joins in!
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UPDATED: SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP!! What they don’t Want us to Know and how they Operate!!!


It started with this post that my friend got banned from facebook for 7 days for posting. He got facebook jailed! So I posted it because facebook is not allowed to edit my work and act as a publisher and still have immunity under section 230.

I had 87 shares on this post last night. I am getting lots of reports back from people saying that they have been facebook jailed for sharing this post. What kind of Nazi BS is this!

President Trump and AG Barr, please prosecute these Nazi’s and free us all from their tyranny. I will submit all of this to the censorship website that Trump has set up so that it can be actioned.

This post ties together the invisible arms of their main agenda!

I will be sharing all of our bannings with Trumps Censorship Team.

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UPDATED: LIST OF INDICTMENTS, ARRESTS AND EXECUTIONS!! Dismantling the Deepstate Operatives and Doubles!!


There is a new and updated lists that has been confirmed with many more added to it.

The deal that they got was that if they gave information that was useful, they could have a better death or a jail cell for life. Obama gave up Michelle, then breached his warrant, so he got one in the back of the head. Michelle chose lethal injection. Others were just executed.

The doubles and AI clones were activated and the deepstate now work for Trump. We have won with DECLAS, the show is just for the sleepers and to reveal the hidden players!


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Adrenochrome is made with the blood extracted from the brain (Pineal?) of children that have been terrified and murdered. It is the most expensive drug on the planet and gives youth to the user. How many of our children had to die so that these monsters could look good for a photo!! Many have been executed, many will die from the synthetic tainted batch that they bought from Wuhan, withdrawals and executions should take care of the rest of them!

I will update this as more are revealed..

They have severe withdrawals and age quickly. If they are not human like many of them aren’t, they need their Adrenochrome or they won’t survive.

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This is an ensemble of the COVID deception that I have gathered! I will keep updating it as the truth is revealed!

Coronavirus is just a mild flu or a bacterial infection that can be neutralised by MMS, HCQ or my sound frequencies played through your phone speaker (CLICK).

5 million kids are being rescued from underground under the cover of Operation COVID-19. That is what is really going on with the lockdowns. They are to keep our kids inside and safe while the monsters are rounded up and executed. None will escape!

Some of the kids have been underground for 5 generations and would die if exposed to 1 minute of sunshine! That is what the ventilators are actually for, they suffocate a coronavirus patient, but they are really useful for the kids coming up out of the tunnels.

The cruise ships in every port during the first lockdown were used to triage the kids coming out of the tunnels that were in every port. They were then taken to a location in America where they are getting the love and support that they so badly needed and are doing really well now.




The Australian and New Zealand government documents reveal that we are going to be locked down again. The potential dates I have are; SOON

The shutdown of the internet and phones and TV is to remove the spyware and the mockingbird programs from the internet and media. The legal framework for this move is being built and released to the public. Backup your online data just in case.

Need to have 17 days of food, supplies and cash. Credit cards will not work with phones being offline.

During the shutdown we will be shown the 3 reveal movies on tv while the politicians and the corrupt cops are arrested so that we will all know the truth. From this point onwards we will have truth in media!

Q said that “in the end the only way is the military”. There are 17 elite military groups that have agreed between themselves that they are not going to do any more dying for bankers or politicians!

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These people are still alive and showing up at Trump rallies. Are they protected witnesses against the cabal? A lot of these pictures come from Trump Rallies. This intel has been confirmed, but “not all are accurate”.

Did these people go into witness protection with Trump so that they could testify when the trials came about?


UPDATED: PEDOGATE 2020! The Virus That Infects Our World!!


5 million kids are being rescued from underground under the cover of Operation COVID-19. That is what is really going on with the lockdowns. They are to keep our kids inside and safe while the monsters are rounded up and executed. None will escape!

These images are shocking and disturbing. These networks need to be shut down forever! These perpetrators are being rounded up and executed. This has been going on under our feet!!

Some of the kids have been underground for 5 generations and would die if exposed to 1 minute of sunshine! That is what the ventilators are actually for, they suffocate a coronavirus patient, but they are really useful for the kids coming up out of the tunnels.

The cruise ships in every port during the first lockdown were used to triage the kids coming out of the tunnels. They were then taken to a location in America where they are getting the love and support that they so badly needed and are doing really well now.

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Barry Obama Hitler!

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Barry Obama Hitler
Barry is Hitler’s Grandson, His aunts are Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Dalia Grybauskaite.
The swamp is deep – from a friend on FB
Post of Interesting reveal:
Came from Navy Intel…
We did NOT win WWII. We lost to the N@zi’s. They withdrew to reformulate and infiltrate worldwide. Hitler did NOT die in a bunker in 1944. That was his butler who was also his body double. He escaped to Argentina along with other SS, where he lived a long life dying in 1957 in a car accident. Eva Braun went with him and their daughter Ann who had been born in 1942. While in Argentina Eva and Adolf had 3 more daughters who were taken to Germany to be raised in the “motherland”. Their names are: Angela, Theresa and Dalia. More on this later.
Other N@zi’s fled to Antarctica where they had a base beneath the ice. The N@zi’s had ships (we would label them UFO’s) that could fly from pole to pole in less than 30 minutes.
Many of the N@zi scientists were brought to the US, given fake names and hired by the government to bring their technology to the US. The US figured it was better that they had them than the Russians. This was called Operation Paperclip. (I will do another post on this soon.)
After Hitler died in Argentina in 1957, Eva Braun changed her name to Madelyn Lee Payne took their daughter Ann and moved to the US. She married Stanley Dunham and her name became Madelyn Dunham. Ann became Stanley Ann Dunham. Ann was 19 when she became pregnant by a Kenyan national named Barack Obama. She moved to Kenya and gave birth to her son, Barry. In time she realized that the man she “married” was already married with children and she returned with her son to America. Shortly after her return to America she married Lolo Soetoro and had a second child, a daughter, Maya.
Further Hitler was a Rothschild. His mother was Klara Polzi who was employed as a maid in the Austrian home of Salomon Meyer Rothschild where she became pregnant by him. She returned to Germany to give birth to Adolph and later married Alois Schicklgruber who later changed his name to Hitler. The bloodlines are VERY VERY important to the Illuminati and they farm out their children or have illegitimate children to spread their bloodlines far and wide.
Enter Barry Soetoro. If you have been tracking with me so far your jaw should be on the ground. Let me make it clear for you. Barry Soetoro = Barack Obama II = Hitler’s grandson = Rothschild by blood. This might explain why his aunt Angel Merkel, chancellor of Germany kissed him and looked at him so lovingly on a visit there. His other two aunts are Theresa May, former Prime Minister of the UK and Dalia Grybauskaite, the President of Lithuania.
Hitler’s plan for a 3rd Reich has morphed into today’s 4th Reich and his offspring have been placed into high level positions in strategic countries to further the Illuminati cause of a NWO = N@zi World Order and THIS is what Trump is taking down.
Obama was an illegitimate President on SO many levels. I haven’t even touched on his homosexuality or pedophilia. That is another post. THIS is what is going down. THIS is just a sliver of Obamagate. ARE YOU AWAKE YET?! Knowledge is power!
Thanks David Rosenholm

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @WhipLash347: Needless to say The beast was stunned. Whip-crack went his whoopy tail And the beast was done. He asked us Be you angels? And we said nay We are but men ROCK

a part of the movement to Truth!