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Presently, CCP high ranking officials are vacationing in the Beidaihe district near Beijing in Hebei province. As a result, petitioners from all over China who left their homes for business or travel to Beijing are all intercepted, repatriated, illegally arrested, and detained by police officers and personnel responsible for maintaining political stability. Beidaihe district even became a forbidden area where no petitioners can enter.

On August 10, petitioner Yang Guang-Mei from Chongqing told NTD that she, along with Tang Dai-Quan, Gu Chun, and Gu Yong-Tian, were intercepted while they were at the high-speed rail station in Xingtai city, Hebei province. The police officers took their ID’s without any explanation.

Yang’s case is not isolated. According to the information posted by Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch on August 9, incidents where petitioners going to Beijing to appeal are intercepted and suppressed have significantly increased recently.

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