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China Requests Citizens to Return to Work, However Things Didn’t Go as The Citizens Expected

Video #1

Location: Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Woman in background: Hello everyone! I am representing the authorities in Wenzhou City. Those of you who work outside of Wenzhou, if you have not returned (to your hometown in Wenzhou) yet, please do not come back. I really mean it: do not come back during this time. If you return to Wenzhou, you will even have difficulty finding a place to live or moving back to your original place. We have checkpoints set up in many places to check everyone coming in and out.

Video #2

Location: Shanghai City, China

Woman in the background: All of us are workers of Shanghai factories. We were told to go back to work, but the order is just a sham. We wasted face masks and spent all our money, so now we cannot even return home. I’d like to warn all those who work in Shanghai factories: do not come to Shanghai.

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Poles apart: Meet ‘anti-Greta’, ‘climate realism’ activist


Climate change sceptics may have found an answer to the phenomenon of teenage icon Greta Thunberg: meet 19-year-old Naomi Seibt that juxtaposes her self-described ‘climate realism’ against what she calls ‘climate alarmism’, and some media outlets were quick to depict her as the ultimate villain.

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