UPDATED: ELVIS IS CONFIRMED ALIVE!!! and he is on Twitter!!


When Elvis was a young man and before fame he had a gap between his front teeth. So when he became famous he had dental work to fix it. So 2 days before “death” he had work undone to have a gap again.At one of the Elvis concerts he had a lady who tryed to rip one of rings off his finger on left hand that ripped his finger/hand open leaving a scar. When Elvis was a young boy he got chicken pox that left a small chicken pox scar above his left eye.So does Pastor Bob

PROOF BOB JOYCE IS ELVIS! ELVIS HAD A “CHICKEN POX MARK” OVER HIS LEFT EYE! NOTICE THAT BOB JOYCE ALSO HAS A CHICKEN POX MARK OVER HIS LEFT EYE! THIS IS WITHOUT A DOUBT ELVIS!!!First of all, Elvis had a “chicken pox mark” over his left eye (see his pictures below). Also Elvis also had two lines over his forehead (see the younger picture of Elvis in the picture below on the right).Now look at the picture of Bob Joyce below, he also has a “chicken pox mark” over his left eye too! Also notice that Bob Joyce also has the same lines over his forehead that Elvis had in his picture below on the right! Bingo! This is our man Elvis!!!On a side note, remember when Priscila said that if Elvis were alive today that he would be a preacher (see her article that I posted below). Well she was right!!!

AS PROMISED, HERE IS INFO ON BOB JOYCE BEING ELVIS! I have been saying all along on this page, there are two pastors at the church in Benton, Arkansas! One being “Robert Wayne Joyce” aged 65 years and the other being “Bob Joyce” aged 82 years. Today I am going to discuss Bob Joyce. 1. BOB JOYCE: I did a search for “Bob Joyce” and he had a different address and telephone number from Robert Joyce (I whited out the address and telephone number, as this is private information)!So this is definately a different individual from Robert Joyce! I also did a Corporation search for the church and it matched the addres for Bob Joyce (however due to confidentiality, I will not post this info)! _________________________________________ Name: Bob W Joyce Current Phone Number: (501) xxx-xxxx Current Address: XXXXXXXX, Benton, AR 72015 ———————— EVIDENCE ——————— 2. HANDS Notice that Robert Joyce has a straight pinkie, while Elvis has both pinkies broken (see the photos below)! These are obviously two separate individuals … one being Robert Joyce aged 65 years and the other being Bob Joyce aged 82 years.3. NECK Alot of people have noticed the chicken pox mark over Elvis’ left eye, however Elvis also has a “chicken pox mark” on his neck and Pastor Bob Joyce has it in the exact same spot as Elvis (see pictures below)! So this is proof that Pastor Bob Joyce is indeed Elvis! 4. TEETHLook at the photos below and notice that Bob Joyce has the same gap in his teeth that Elvis has! More proof that he is Elvis!5. EARS Also look at the ears of Elvis and the ears of Pastor Bob Joyce … they are the same! Again this is proof that Pastor Bob Joyce is Elvis! 6. NOTICE HOW THE DIAMOND RING LOOKS FAMILIAR? Now here’s an unusual one! See the diamond ring that Pastor Bob Joyce has on his hand in the picture below! Look familiar?? Yes, this is our man!! Now you know that there are two Pastors in the church and that I am telling the truth when I say this. Many churches have two Pastors or priests working in the church, so I see nothing wrong with this! On a personal note, I have never seen such anointed men of God! Both are bringing many souls to Christ and this is all that matters! I highly recommend this spirit filled church!NOTE: All photos are original and there is no computer generated software used in them. Thank you.

“Tip of the Spear!”..

Elvis and Son in 2011..

72 Seconds refers to the WOW Signal..



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