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Sheldan Nidle Update 4-25-17…

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Another latest Sheldan update.

“Your world continues to slowly unravel. We are finding daily how the dark and its whole host of minions are able to permit an unusual degree of “slowdowns”. This strange procedure is seemingly mitigating the reasons behind the new security prevalent in the entire delivery system.

“…the dark now fully realizes that its continued delays are arriving at their well-deserved conclusion. It is believed by all that some interesting counteracting effects are close to being manifested. We feel that these events are to be able to alter the current, uneasy nature of the process of general payouts. We believe as well that the present situation is coming to a crossroads. All of this is the reason the current holdup is nearing its end.

“The dark in some way understands that their ruse has been discovered. It knows sincerely that their present illegal USA, Inc is close…

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Bundy Ranch: Judge Forced to Declare Mistrial in Bundy Ranch Protest Trial 

Today, the first of the three Bundy Ranch protest trials came to an end. After just over two and a half months of testimony and 6 days of Jury Deliberations, the Jury reached a partial verdict on some charges, but were Hung on all of the other charges.

The most surprising and somber news came when the Jury convicted Todd Engle on 2 of the 10 charges that he faced. The 2 charges that Todd Engle was convicted of were Count 12 Obstruction Of Justice, and count 16 Interstate Travel To Aid Extortion. I am told by council that these charges carry a lesser punishment then the remaining 8 charges, and Todd May even just get probation and time served at sentencing.

As for Greg Burleson, the other defendant that was convicted today, he was convicted on 8 of the 10 charges and will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison…

Video Bundy Ranch: Judge Forced To Declare Mistrial In Bundy Ranch Protest Trial.

Source: Bundy Ranch: Judge Forced to Declare Mistrial in Bundy Ranch Protest Trial (Video) | Alternative

Kp Message 4-24-17… “Why I’m Here… Right Now”

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Sometimes I put a title in that title bar up there, and then get writing something and it has nothing to do with the title. Then I’ll finally change the title to get it so it “fits” the article.

Now since I don’t really exactly know what this one will be about, I will just start writing and see what happens.

I felt I was going to address “Why I’m here… Right now”. And for each of us, I suppose that can be important. But actually, a lot of what I personally “do”, is simply to live one moment at a time. And “do” whatever I’m guided (or “drawn”) to do. Like today, I saw the rain stop, the clouds open up, a wonderfully warm sun came out, and I knew I would be going to Hapuna… Beach, that is. And enjoyed very much the day in the sun, in…

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About “Cobra = Cabal” and all that “Holy Crap”!!

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[Kp note: a short Cobra statement is at the end.]

Cobra posted an update a couple days ago. So I read it, posted it, and then paid no more attention to it. But then another article (henceforth called, “other article”) came out (centered on Cobra’s update), and it’s been zooming around the internet tubes and I’m sure many have run across it, and I’m sure many have an “opinion” about it.

I am not concerned with any of those “opinions”.

In this short bit here, I am simply speaking from what I “get” from my own Higher Inner Discernment (HID) sense. Any time I read something, I pass it through those “Higher Inner Discernment” filters (well, most of the time, at least).

Now, when I read and posted that Cobra update, I could not speak from my own experience with such directed energy weapons. A few others I’ve…

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Lada Ray FT 4-21-17… “The Plot Thickens! Who’ll Win French Presidential Election: Marine Le Pen, Macron, Fillon or Melenchon?”

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This article by Lada Ray goes along with this prior Kp blog post. From Lada’s information (and this InfoWars video) it appears that Macron is the “young and dashing” Rothschild shill, who, perhaps similar to Justin Trudeau, may be “A Whole lot of ugly in a Good Looking wrapper”. And Lada’s quantum calibrations support that (and besides, who would ever want to vote for a diacritical mark?).

Read on…

“According to polls, the winners of the first round are projected to be: 1. Marine Le Pen (National Front), who is against illegal immigration, for strengthening of the French national borders and culture, against EU, for recognition of Crimea as part of Russia and for improving and strengthening relations with Russia; 2. Emmanuel Macron (En Marche!) — pro-EU, represents the Rothschilds and globalists, the darling of Western MSM and neo-liberal establishment. [Kp: and so it was]


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Free Thought Project 4-23-17… “Paradigm Shift: RFK Jr Goes Off on Vaccine Safety Live on TV, No One Attacks Him”

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It does appear the paradigm has changed, at least on this Fox News interview. And people are beoming more and more aware of the dangers and NON-necessity of “having” to get vaccinated… with anything… for any reason whatsoever. All I will say is, stay in the Light, eat as much high vibration food as you can handle, and “Don’t forget to AVOID your flu shot!!”

Video is at the end.

“When Robert F. Kennedy Jr was a guest this week on Tucker Carlson’s show (FoxNews), he said it was only the second show he’d ever been allowed to discuss the topic of vaccination dangers. The reason why, he says, is because shows are paid billions per year by pharmaceutical companies in advertising dollars and they don’t want his message to be discussed.

“RFK Jr., like many others, is sounding the alarm with respect to childhood vaccinations. Many of the vaccines…

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