US and Russia to put the squeeze on Rothschild controlled France and Germany

US and Russia to put the squeeze on Rothschild controlled France and Germany

Posted by benjamin

May 30, 2017

The split in the Western power structure between the meritocratic gnostic illuminati and the Khazarian bloodline families was put out for all to see during last weekend’s G7 meeting. For those who follow normal diplomatic protocol, the war of words at and after the meeting, between the Germans and the French on the one side and the British and the Americans on the other, was unprecedented in the post war era. US President Donald Trump, for example, called the Germans “very, very bad,” and threatened to stop importing German cars to the US.

He also failed to mention Article 5, the collective defense clause, in his speech to NATO, implying basically that Russia could just go ahead and march into France and Germany without worrying about the US. Without US help, Germany and France would fall to Russia in a matter of weeks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her part, said “Europe must take its fate into its own hands,” after the summit and noted that Britain, with Brexit and the US, with Trump, were no longer reliable partners. The German slave, French President Emmanuel Macron, followed his masters’ orders by deliberately snubbing Trump and trying to hurt his hand during a handshake.

These sorts of shenanigans, as well as the civil war raging in Washington DC, prompted Chinese official media to comment that Western democracy “is crumbling.”

The overall tone of the article also lends support to NSA allegations that Chinese President Xi Jinping works for the Rothschilds because it adheres closely to the US corporate media lies about Trump and seems to predict Trump will be impeached over “Russia.” The Chinese, of course, are bitter about Trump because they invested heavily in Hillary Clinton and were promised Japan as a reward if she won.

What is really going on here in fact, is a split between countries still under Khazarian bloodline mafia rule and those who are moving towards meritocracy. In other words Merkel, who as Hitler’s daughter is a member of the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild family, is circling the wagons for Khazarian bloodline rule in Europe even as the US shakes it off. The UK and Canada, of course, retain symbolic bloodline rule but it is publicly supported there plus it is in the open for all to see; not hidden behind lies and murders as is the case in Germany, France, Italy and elsewhere.

Inside the US, meanwhile, the battle against the Khazarian rear-guard still holding out in Washingtion DC is nearing its final stages, Pentagon and agency sources agree. Zbigniew “it’s easier to kill a million than convince a million” Brzezinski “was sent to meet his master rocky [David Rockefeller],” the sources note. Brzezinski’s death means that



From Corey Goode and Jimmy Church, regarding that “Another (apparent) ‘Attempt to Compromise’ Gaia, Corey Goode, David Wilcock” post (aka, “It’s the ENERGIES, baby!!)

Kauilapele's Blog

This is related to the earlier Kp blog post. Kind of sheds some more Light on this whole deal. What Corey and Jimmy wrote below certainly aligns with what I “got” about this.

As someone may (or may not) have said, “It’s the ENERGIES, baby!”

Found at SBA FB.

[CG] “Every since the disclosure of the “Antarctic Area 51”, we have seen more push back from TPTB than from any other info I have released… I was… told that nearly every [TPTB] asset in the UFO Community has been activated. They are mostly self-identifying currently.

“I was told the CIA’s “Fake News” model has been so successful, they are now using the “big lie” method to divide this community more than it already was. These people are out of control… They are now attacking fans… viciously. They behave exactly like Troll’s…These energetic changes are causing…

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Crowd Goes Silent As Actor Kurt Russell Shares His UFO Experience From Phoenix In 1997 – Collective Evolution

Everybody always says, “if they’re here then why don’t they just show up.” “They” is referring to extraterrestrials of course, and there are probably a million reasons as to why a more intelligent race from the “outside” looking in would not want to interact with us on such an open level just yet. To an outsider, we might not look the most attractive. The planet is plagued with war, poverty, diseases, greed, and secrecy. Environmentally it’s a disaster, and despite the fact that our potential is literally limitless, we choose to live in a way that is not really harmonious with the planet and all life on it. These are just a few of many reasons. Not to mention the fact that full blown contact might be a little more than our minds can handle, but perhaps not?…

Source: Crowd Goes Silent As Actor Kurt Russell Shares His UFO Experience From Phoenix In 1997 – Collective Evolution

Kp (extremely limited) notes on David Wilcock 5-22-17 Intensive

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Well, “extremely limited” means “hardly any” (hey, I was photo-ing his slides so it was tough to switch between notes and camera), but maybe these will spark an Inner Point for further research.

And may or may not add to what Joan’s notes include.

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Dna absorbs photons.

Veggies organic have photons more per sq in. Than human skin.

Vegan not so good. Still need sone animal products. Ghee is good.

There’s protein (gleadin) added to wheat. ADM scientists directed to weaponise food.

gleadin = excitotoxin

Movie “Fed Up” Katie Couric

Get rid of wheat and sugar.

Eggs good, ethically grown meats, bison are required to be raised ethically

Touchdown ascension… Individual goes to rainbow body.
Field goal ascension… Dragnet that scoops everyone up

Jesuits have 25% alien DNA

Golden Race = We all get Light bodies

Halo = Stargate

Roman Empire…

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Denny Hunt 5-21-17… “CITD SUNDAY Live Stream Finale!” (with a bit of Kp)

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Kp note: I was not inclined to post anything this last night I was there, but I feel this is a general good summary of what some of our experiences were. I come it at about 5:47 (and I last for about 25 minutes).

Streamed live on May 21, 2017
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Kp Message 5-25-17

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The body is exceedingly “zonked” today. I’m still feeling the effects of a long high energy week, plus the effects of all the variety of beings that I met at the CITD.

And then there were indeed “Energy missions” all along the way. Although David and Corey are primarily “data based” type people (from what I can tell), I am not. I do what I sense I need to do, without any need or desire for what’s called “data”. To me, data is all very 3D, and it does not fit into what I do.

There is no mistake that David made the major announcement that “P-gate was about to “blow the F Up“, the same day I (we) performed two ceremonies in the hot desert of Joshua Tree. The ceremonies’ messages involved a clearing and refinement of “dark things”, old energies, in the “fire heat” of the…

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