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This is a visualization of what it might be like if a huge UFO was spotted in the clouds from airplane window over Pacific Ocean… This video is CGI, this is for entertainment only.

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XRP IS The number 1 Cryptocurrency: David Schwartz


Ripple CTO David Schwartz talks about XRP and its use cases

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David Schwartz interview

XRP Was Created Before Use Case For Crypto Asset Was Discovered, Says Ripple Chief Technology Officer

XRP Was Created Before Use Case For Crypto Asset Was Discovered, Says Ripple Chief Technology Officer


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*I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.*

The XRP Bully Consulting Service
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Warren Buffett Increased Ripple/XRP Connection With MASSIVE $813 Million Bank Of America Investment


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Trump Throws China Out Of America After Beijing Practices Airstrikes On US Warships

An informative new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the just completed “Show of Strength” snap combat readiness drill involving 150,000 troops400 aircraft and 100 ships, notes that even though “this surprise combat readiness check is a training measure and is not aimed against other countries”, it would be naïve not to understand it when placed into the greater context of the United States and Communist China moving closer to war by the hour—a conflict greatly escalated over the past few hours when two US Navy nuclear armed aircraft carrier battle groups operating in the South China Sea “were forced to take countermeasures”  after Communist Chinese warplanes began practicing airstrikes on these US warships—that caused President Donald Trump to retaliate and order Communist China to close its consulate in Houston-Texas within 72-hours and threw its diplomats out of America—that caused Communist China to “vow retaliation” and officially state: “China urges the US to immediately revoke this wrong decision…Otherwise, China will make proper and necessary response”—a countermeasure response that now sees Communist China preparing to order the Americans to leave their US consulate in Wuhan-China, while at the same time, the Communist China consulate in Houston-Texas has begun burning all of their secret documents as they prepare to flee—all of which is occurring at the same time the radical socialist Black Lives Matter in America has joined with Communist China in destroying statues and images of Jesus—who’ve now been joined by leftist tech giant Twitter banning the Jewish Star of David because they’ve deemed it “hateful imagery—thus proving that at its very core, this looming conflict is, in fact and reality, a war against God

NATO Death Nears After Egypt Joins March To World War III And China Crucifies Jesus Again

An alarming new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today one can’t be blamed for assuming is based on the chapters written by Australian historian Christopher Clark in his seminal work “The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914”—that traces the paths to World War I based on the key decisions made  in Vienna, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Paris, London, and Belgrade, while examining the decades of history that informed the events of 1914 and details the mutual misunderstandings and unintended signals that drove the crisis forward in a few short weeks—shows that our world is, once again, sleepwalking towards a global conflagration most people don’t even know is fast looming on the horizon—a global conflict that’s now been joined by Egyptwhose parliament just approved a troop deployment to Libya a few hours agoEgyptian military forces who are supporting General Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan National Army (LNA), that’s also being supported by Russia and NATO member France—are fighting against the Tripoli-Libya-based Government of National Accord (GNA), that’s being supported by NATO members Turkey and Italy—and now sees it being warned that “Turkey will be the death of NATO” after it clashed with fellow member France off the coast of Libya—all occurring at the same time war tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to build—conflict that would draw in Russian and United States military forces to protect Armenia, while Turkish and Communist Chinese military forces would be defending their ally Azerbaijan—while at the same time, the United States and Communist China are rapidly escalating their war moves against each other in the South China Sea—an escalation that’s now passed the point of no return after Communist China shocked the world yesterday by ordering its Christians to remove from their homes all images of Jesus—thus meaning that if any of the socialist-globalist elites in America even dare to voice their support for Communist China, they will incur the full wrath of their nation’s Christians…

Mafia Hitman Strikes Family Of US Federal Judge Due To Testify Before Ghislaine Maxwell Grand Jury

A heavily-redacted and highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today reveals that just hours before United States District Judge Esther Salas was scheduled to testify before a grand jury overseen by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), an assassin dressed as a delivery driver went to her North Brunswick Township-New Jersey home where he shot and killed her 20-year-old son and critically wounded her husband

“Weather War” Plot To Destroy Wuhan Virus Causes Red Alert And China To Warn “Worst Is Yet To Come”

An at first seemingly ordinary new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the gravity of Taiwan aiming its US missiles at Beijing after a a strong ally of Communist Chinese leader President Xi warned that he would invade US-backed Taiwan “early next year, becomes mind-bendingly surreal after this transcript uses the phrase “вызывает недоумение тот факт” to describe a highly-classified “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB)—a Russian phrase whose very rough English translation is “perplexing fact”, but most critical to note about is a unique Russian phrase using the verb “perplex” as it only pertains to “humanitarian emergencies related to natural disasters”—in this FSB document sees its context usage pertaining to the “Red Alert” issued by Communist China as it frantically attempts to deal with “the highest floodwaters in their recorded history” so catastrophic they now threaten to destroy the city of Wuhan where the COVID-19 virus originated from, with it now being warned “the worst is yet come”—and then sees this FSB document linking these catastrophic floods with the American military arrest of US Navy Chief Petty Officer Charles T. Briggs for sending top-secret information to a Russian national—the FSB arrest of Russian space official Ivan Safronov for treason because he communicated with an unnamed NATO country—…

Putin Orders Snap Alert Of 150,000 Russian Troops As “Night Of Broken Glass” Fears Explode

A fearful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today explaining why President Putin ordered a surprise snap combat alert of over 150,000  troops of the Southern and Western Military Districts, Marine Infantry of the Northern and Pacific Fleets, some units of the Central Command and also for the Airborne Force, says this needed war action was in direct response to socialist arsonists attacking and causing a major fire in the historic 15th Century gothic cathedral Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul in Nantes-France—that when added to the beheading of a Jesus statue and other socialist attacks against Christian churches in America,..

United States Issues “Dire Warning” As Fierce America Eagle Sails Into Chinese Dragon Lair

A grimly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the assessment just made by former United Kingdom National Security Adviser Lord Peter Ricketts that “the danger of a catastrophic conflict being triggered by a misunderstanding between the United States and Communist Chinese forces is all too real”, says this fear has now been heightened after the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense warned that its forces could carry out a precision strike on the Metzamur nuclear power station in western Armenia—an Azerbaijan that’s an economic puppet state of Communist China, as opposed to an Armenia whose military forces are trained by the USboth of whom now stand on the precipice of war—is a great state proxy war conflict coming just days after the United States officially rejected Communist China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea—…

Trump Declares National Emergency—China Calls Move “Mentally Retarded Gangster Logic”

An engaging new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the US Navy commissioning the all-new America-class amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli into service yesterday as fire crews were evacuated from the still burning totally destroyed amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard that’s near sinking, says that as expected, President Donald Trump isn’t going to allow the destruction of any warship to change the war course he’s set for Communist China—a course towards war President Trump accelerated this week by signing into a law powerful sanctions against Communist China, that he quickly followed by signing the document titled…

Trump Forces Decapitate European Socialists As Australia Bunkers Up For World War III

An intriguing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing therecord purchases of Russian oil by the United States so they can keep their Gulf Coast refineries running, says the Ministry of Defence (MoD) assessment that the Atlantic Ocean sea routes for oil tanker shipments to reach the American Gulf Coast waters at this time remain secure, the same cannot be said about sea routes in the South China Sea—are sea routes through the South China Sea that annually carry over $5-trillion of global trade goods—and in what is being called a “Major Reversal Of Obama-Era Appeasement”, yesterday saw the United States officially declaring that the Communist Chinese claim to the South China Sea is “completely unlawful”—a declaration Communist China immediately responded to by warning the United States it was “inciting confrontation”—a warning then followed by Qantas Airways Limited, the flag carrier of Australia, whose vast majority flights traverse the skies over the South China Seaimmediately canceling all of its international flights until March-2021, and them saying this cancellation may extend to July-2021—a cancellation of these flights by Qantas not based war fears in the South China Sea alone, but what had also occurred in the European nation of the Republic of Poland the day prior—a Poland that held the first Western nation presidential election of the Covid-19 era that globalist-socialist forces had convinced themselves were to their advantage—though in what is being called a “bitter blow” to these globalist-socialist forces, saw pro-Trump national populist leader President Andrzej Duda winning a second term.

A win whose consequences of were noted by Harvard historian Richard Fernandez in his just published article “Will the Coronavirus Unleash an American Version of the Revolutions of 1848?”—wherein he noted that not unlike this present moment in time: “the greatest of all modern conflicts, World War II, began as a comparatively narrow European war initially involving only Poland”—a significant observation as World War II wasn’t just a catastrophic global conflict between nations, it was “a faceoff between two contending historical forces”—and like The Revolutions of 1848 following the potato failure, that “remains the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history”, the American Civil WarWorld War I and the 1939 war against Poland that “expanded into a global crusade against state tyranny”, no one yet knows what this present conflict between President Trump and his national populists against globalist-socialist forces will morph into—which is why historian Fernandez is saying to those listening: “Almost nobody correctly anticipates how long a faceoff between two contending historical forces will last…It can continue for far longer than politicians imagine…The petty disputes of our own time are destined to unfold into the great questions of the future…We just don’t know what they’ll be yet”…

War Drums Beat Louder After American Warship Explodes 3 Months After Explosion Hit Chinese Warship

A very disconcerting new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that on 12 July at 0958hrs GMT -8 (9:58 a.m. local San Diego time) an electronic alert was received from Kosmos 2542 signaling that this military-intelligence satellite had detected multiple blasts exceeding 2760 degrees Centigrade (5000 degrees Fahrenheit) emanating from Naval Base San Diego located in California-United States—the explosive signature of which was cross-checked in the MoD database of munitions, and exactly matched the white phosphorus munitions used by US Marine forces during their offensive in the Iraqi city of Falluja in 2004.

White phosphorus munitions known to be stored aboard the Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) used by US Marine forces, and is presently ported at Naval Base San Diego, which is also the Expeditionary Strike Group THREE (ESG-3) flagship for the US Navy—the commander of which, Rear Admiral Philip E. Sobeck, acknowledged these explosions saying they came from the lower cargo hold of the ship, known as the “Deep V”, that he described as a “huge open area where you store a lot of Marine Corps equipment and everything else”—and further confirmed by witnesses describing “loud booms coming from the ship”—explosions that have injured at least 21, and caused fires to rage through night aboard this warship—and while raging, saw Communist China slamming sanctions against numerous American officials, most notable of whom are the powerful Republican Party US Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Sanctions that, in fact, are a continuation of the war moves being made between the United States and Communist China—that began in February when a Communist Chinese destroyer attacked a US Navy surveillance plane flying near Guam with a laser weapon—that was followed in April by the sudden explosion of Communist China’s first amphibious assault ship while at its port in Shanghai—and this past week has seen American military surveillance aircraft flooding into the airspace of the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines to oppose Communist China in the South China Sea.

While for the first time in 6-years since 2014, the nuclear armed first-in-class aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and her sister ship the USS Ronald Reagan and their respective strike groups are now operating together in the South China Sea that Communist China claims as its sovereign territory—a provocation that caused Communist China to “warn the US Navy about their aircraft carrier killer missiles”—a warning the US Navy responded to by sending Communist China a message saying: “And yet, there they are…Two US Navy aircraft carriers operating in the international waters of the South China Sea…USS Nimitz & USS Ronald Reagan are not intimidated”…

CIA Idaho Plane Crash “Message Murders” Said Target Ghislaine Maxwell Ties To Nike And 9/11

A grimly disturbing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first discussing the shocking findings discovered by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) pointing towards demonic socialist elites in America buying missing children to use as sex slaves through Wayfair furniture advertisements, sees this transcript showing Security Council Members next discussing the SVR findings related to the CIA commando assassin team, who after inventing the capture fable of murdered child sex slaver Jeffery Epstein’s “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell, then exploded a plane in Idaho killing 8 last week—a discussion classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance”—but whose limited portions of permitted to be openly commented on by various ministries, sees the SVR stating that the intended “message murder” victims of the Idaho plane explosion crash were a 15-year-old girl child named Sofie Olsen and her 11-year-old brother Quinn Olsen—and though horrifying, is an acceptable practice of intelligence agency assassins to target children of persons having critical information not able to be elsewhere obtained.

And when looking at who these children’s parents are, begins to place into focus what is occurring—as these now dead children’s parents are Brian Olsen, a top finance executive at global sportswear giant Nike corporate headquarters outside of Portland-Oregon, and April Upchurch Fredrickson, who aside from losing her two children Sofie and Quinn in this assassination, also lost her new husband Sean K. Fredrickson and his 16-year-old son, her step child, and is a principal lawyer at the powerful Jackson Lewis P.C. law firm that handles cases for Nike—such as the Nike lawsuit against its former designers, and the Nike case against its own employees for wanting overtime pay.

And were cases for Nike worked on by April Upchurch Fredrickson along with former Jackson Lewis P.C. lawyer Mark DiVincenzo, who is now the General Counsel for MIT, and who is currently under investigation for MIT’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein—an investigation involving former Nike vice president Jan Singer, who took over the Epstein-Maxwell linked company Victoria’s Secret—all of whom, Brian OlsenApril Upchurch FredricksonMark DiVincenzo and Jan Singer, are prominently featured in the bombshell book written by famed investigative journalist Joshua Hunt titled “University of Nike: How Corporate Cash Bought American Higher Education”—which aside from documenting how Jeffrey Epstein used the “Nike roadmap” to infiltrate universities like MIT and Harvard, further exposed the CIA secret funding of corporations like Nike, along with universities and foundations—a secret CIA funding of Nike that began in 1996 after this global sportswear giant was openly attacked and nearly brought down by radical Islamic fundamentalists—and whose trail of events afterwards led directly to the 11 September 2001 attacks on America, now known as 9/11…

Exploding Leftist Head Pandemic Feared After Trump Achieves Coveted “Victimhood” Status

An interesting new Security Council (SC) circulating in the Kremlin today takes a humorous turn when this transcript shows President Putin asking why The New Yorker magazine published an obviously fake news article yesterday absurdly claiming that Putin had taken the SAT’s for a young Donald Trump who was applying for college—a question answered by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who explained it was a parody article based on an accusation made in the book “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” written by Mary Trump, the daughter of the President Trump’s older brother, Fred Trump Jr., an airline pilot who suffered from alcoholism and died of a heart attack at the age of 42-years-old in 1981.

An answer that prompted President Putin to ask about other such claims this book makes—which saw Minister Lavrov answering that the most sensational one claims that Trump suffered “child abuse” at the hands of his father, who “caused him terror that would scar him for life”—a claim that prompted Member Valentina Matviyenko to ask if this makes Trump a “victim” according to leftist ideology—and was answered by Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, who said the correct term to use is “victimhood”, that he explained is a coveted status sought after by leftists because it makes them immune from being attacked by anyone about anything.

An explanation that prompted Member-Minister Konstantin Chuychenko to ask for examples of “victimhood”—which Secretary Patrushev provided by saying “victimhood” is conferred upon those having suffered any kind of real or imagined injury—that then caused Minister Lavrov to relate some recent facts about the radical socialist Democrat Party US Senator Tammy Duckworth, who won her coveted “victimhood” status when she lost her legs in combat while serving with the US military—but who yesterday was attacked by the #1 cable newsman in America named Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who called Senator Duckworth “a coward and a fraud” on his programme.

A segment President Trump then tweeted out to his over 83-million followers—that then caused socialist Democrat Party leader Joe Biden to slam both Carlson and Trump as “disgusting and sickening”—thus prompting Member Matviyenko to ask that since Trump has achieved “victimhood” status like Duckworth, is he now immune from being attacked like she is?—which Minister Lavrov answered by saying if that were to happen, he doubts that America could survive the pandemic of leftist heads exploding if Trump couldn’t be attacked anymore…

Historic United States Supreme Court Ruling Builds Religious Castle Able To Withstand Socialist Siege

A fascinating new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Donald Trump blasting the United States Supreme Court last month over a couple of rulings they made that caused him to post on social media: “These horrible & politically charged decisions coming out of the Supreme Court are shotgun blasts into the face of people that are proud to call themselves Republicans or Conservatives…We need more Justices or we will lose our 2nd Amendment & everything else…Vote Trump 2020!”, says the cases causing this angry outburst were the Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California and Macy v. Holder—the first of which was actually a Trump win, as this high court ruled he could end the DACA programme for illegal migrants, he just had to do it a different way—while the second one granting anti-discrimination rights to LGBTQ employees, saw this high court then wiping these rights out again yesterday—a day that saw this high court first ruling in the case Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania that the US government can’t force religious organizations to pay for birth control or abortions for their employees—and in the second case Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru, saw this high court making the historic ruling that religious organizations can label any of their employees as “ministers” to make them immune from employment discrimination lawsuits—a ruling based on the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”—and whose greatest significance of this historic ruling means that any company in America wishing to, can become a religious organization in order to make itself immune from government persecution—that one can liken to a religious castle able to withstand a socialist siege—and couldn’t come at a better time, as socialist forces are now branding everyone a racist bigot unless they can prove they’ve had sex with EVERY gender

NFL Races To Sign Supreme Court Justices Called World’s Best Punters—World War III May Happen First

A somberly worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the World War III fears raised by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after he warned this morning that “the risk of a global nuclear confrontation has increased significantly”, says our world’s edging ever closer to armageddon is entirely due to events presently occurring in the United States—where adding to the chaos were two United States Supreme Court rulings yesterday called Trump v. Mazars and Trump v. Vance—both of which were explained about in the conservative Fox News article “Trump ‘Really Came Out On Top’ In Supreme Court Ruling On Tax Documents” and the leftist New York Times article “Don’t Be Fooled, Trump Is A Winner In The Supreme Court Tax Case”—though the most accurate headline about these high court rulings came from the Courtroom News Service in their article “High Court Roils White House With Punt on House Subpoenas”—that compares these high court rulings to an American football tactic called a “punt”—a kick performed by dropping a football from the hands then kicking it before it hits the ground, with the hope that it gives the receiving team a field position that is more advantageous to the kicking team when possession changes—which is exactly what these two high court rulings did, because the Supreme Court Justices ensured that the issues involved in these cases would not be even close to being decided before the 2020 election—which makes them the world’s best punters able to strategically manage the American election game—and whom one supposes the National Football League (NFL) is now racing towards to sign these Supreme Court Justices up for their teams—a supposition not based on humor, but on fact as the NFL has obviously gone insane and is liable to do anything—insanity that sees NFL Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie proudly talking about the movie he just made celebrating German Nazi leader Adolph Hitler, and his failing to punish his star player DeSean Jackson for admiringly posting antisemitic quotes attributed to Nazi madman Adolf Hitler—an NFL praise of Hitler and socialist Nazism supported by just promoted to primetime MSNBC host Joy Reid, who wants all of the Jewish peoples in Israel to be immediately deported to Europe—and being a black woman, sees Joy Reid fully supporting the NFL plan to play something they call “The Black National Anthem” before every game, but all other American blacks call “a joke—and lest anyone doubt how insane the NFL has truly become, one need only look at the new rule they’ve just mandated for all of their football players—a rule that says after these players spend an entire game wrapping their sweat-stained bodies around each other, when the game ends they’re now strictly forbidden to hug each other or exchange their jerseys with players from the opposing team

Trump Moves Closer To War With China After Claim Of Children Being Sold In Wayfair Ads Explodes

As further proof that our world has gone stark raving mad, a mind-exploding new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the Chinese Communist Party having announced this past week that China and the United States “are heading towards a complete economic decoupling”, says President Donald Trump has just confirmed this reality with his statement a few hours ago that the US relationship with Communist China is “severely damaged”—damage so severe at this hour it sees the powerful nuclear armed USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz aircraft carrier battle groups launching hundreds of daily training flights against Communist Chinese military forces in the South China Sea—while at the same time, American military surveillance aircraft have been flooding into the airspace of the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines.

A move to war preceded during this past week when the former CEO of the social messaging site Reddit named Ellen K. Pao, who before locking out her Twitter account, sent out a final message about murdered child sex slaver Jeffery Epstein “madam” Ghislaine Maxwell saying: “She was at the Kleiner holiday party in 2011, but I had no desire to meet her much less have a photo taken with her…We knew about her supplying underage girls for sex, but I guess that was fine with the “cool” people who managed the tightly controlled guest list”—and are “cool people” associated with the powerful American venture capital firm Kleiner-Perkins, whose client list includes the most powerful leftist tech giants in Silicon Valley, as well as top socialist Democrat Party leaders.

And is also a Kleiner-Perkins venture capital firm made notorious over the past 24-hours because of its association with an American e-commerce company that sells furniture and home-goods named Wayfair—whose hundreds of exploding headlines about the world over are saying such things as: “Wayfair Denies Reddit Human Sex Trafficking Conspiracy Theory”—“Wayfair Forced To Deny Bizarre Rumors Its ‘Overpriced Cabinets’ Are Child Trafficking Front”—“Wayfair: Retailer’s Products Fuel Conspiracy Theory After Users Find ‘Link’ to Missing Children”—and—“Viral Conspiracy Theory Involving A Furniture Company Doubling As A Sex Trafficking Arm Is Spine-Chilling”.

Beyond shocking headlines caused by postings made on Reddit yesterday by a mysterious person calling themselves PrincessPeach1987, whom many believe were made by Reddit’s former CEO Ellen Pao—and in these postings, saw it being documented how Wayfair is selling cheaply made cabinets for $12,000 and more—and most horrifying about, all of these cabinets being sold by Wayfair have names matching those of missing children



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Nothing in history has ever or will ever come close to the profits that will be made from XRP!! ..and it is honest money, not criminal or exploitative money! It has integrity and self empowerment!

The NESARA/GESARA money and the $Trillion American stimulus money running through the XRP network will so increase the transaction rate through the network to such an extent that we might see a $10,000 XRP coin in as little as 2 years!!

There is no other competitor for XRP. XRP is the only crypto that conforms to the new Banking Standard ISO22002, which is requirement of the new international banking rules. It is the only crypto able to include a comment field with every transaction and does start point to end point verification before of the amount before the transaction is sent! You can know how much is ending up at the end point of the transaction before you send it. This verifies the transaction before it is sent! It is transparent and reliable banking

The price of XRP has gone down due to the testing being finalised. They are preparing for the next move, which is that all of the $5T of SWIFT transactions to be routed through the XRP network on1st sept. That is when we will see the price rise dramatically!

The SWIFT system will be turned off on the 31st August 2020 and all $5T of daily transactions will be routed through the Ripple(XRP) system on the 1st of Sept 2020 sending the price of XRP to USD$50 in 24 hours! XRP is the new Quantum Financial System for global finance!

Ripples own digital wallet is called XUMM. It is very security intensive to set up by would be the safest digital wallet to store your XRP in if you done have 2 factor authenication with your trader.

XRP Timeline

XRP is 57,000 times more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

XRP went live on 2nd of August and pinged every bank in the world! It will run parrallel with the current system for a few weeks!

XRP is a sustainable currency, a green alternative to Bitcoin. XRP is bridging digital divides, mobilising private capital and connecting Asia to the rest of the world.

These price swings are nothing! The recent market volatility was expected as the announcement gets nearer and the repo stimulus ends. We are pivoting from the old system to the new gold backed system. We just have to ride it out as the market changes over to the new Quantum Financial System (Ripple(XRP)) and then reap the rewards!!

A new asset class is being created around the world allowing crypto currencies to be held by the banks as an asset. This means that you can store your coins as an asset like a house and borrow against them without ever having to sell them! They would continue to appreciate as more and more transactions go through the Ripple(XRP) system daily!

It is looking like some financial event will happen on Sunday 2nd August 2020, maybe the announcement that Ripple(XRP) will be the new Global Quantum Financial System! Full Moon too!

ApplePay, GooglePay and VISA have announced that they have signed onto Ripple(XRP).

Ripple will get to $10k per coin when the daily transactions reach $1T by transacting “All the Money in the World!” once it is adopted by the global banking system!

There are currently no projections that Ripple(XRP) will fail, only contention is how much it will rise! The minimum projection is that it will be $1.60 by the end of the year! $10K in 5-10 years or sooner!

Your ripple account is like a bank account in that you can take money in and out with only a small fee of 1%, but the profits could be enormous!

Ripple allows On Demand Liquidity which saves the banks a fortune and eliminates their exposure to currency price risks! It means that the banks don’t have to hold every currency, they just have to use XRP!

Treasury will shutdown on 25th July to implement Ripple (XRP)? “It can be done in a day”

Judy Shelton has been approved as the new FED board member by the Senate Banking Committee! She is a staunch supporter of the Sound Money Principle (Gold Backed) and has talked about the a crypto- currency being a part of that principle. She is the architect of the FED restructure into the treasury and will be the new chairman when Powell goes.

Paypal to use Etherium for it’s 325 million users. Etherium has connect to Ripple!

Gold-backed currencies are coming!

The paper contracts are running out and are not being renewed. Gold and silver will move to their historical values or more. Gold is traditionally priced at $10k-12k and silver to gold ratio is traditionally 47:1. The ratio of gold to silver now is close to 100:1. This will balance itself and generate a profit from gold of ~5x and from silver ~10x.

You can guarantee your profits by buying silver as well. Silver will go from $23 per oz to $3-4k per oz as soon as the gold backed currencies are declared.

Silver is used in everything, electronics, phones, cars, water purifiers… It is very hard to mine and there is no reason it should be so cheap and undervalued. It is starting to break out now. As soon as the gold backed currencies are announced, it will go to its traditional price.

It has been announced that Ripple(XRP) will be the new method for transferring money between countries by the 196 central banks worldwide and will be gold backed. It has all the latest tech built into it and will be used when SWIFT is discontinued on July 21 2020 because of it’s criminality, dishonesty and it is archaic technology! It should be announced any day now and go up to $50 per coin overnight.

Bitcoin was invented by the Queen to run her Pedo operations worldwide. This pedo coin will disappear when the public finds out along with all the other coins that are backed by nothing as they are in the simplest of terms, just a computer game compared to a gold backed solution. Putin has rejected Ethereum, so that will not be used by the central banking countries. The Chinese have shown themselves to be a corrupt killing machine, so nobody will use their solution. Ripple is the only viable solution for transfers between countries that is available now.

I believe that Ripple will end up linking directly to our credit cards to replace the banking systems entirely. ..and it is!

Qanons is being told something with these numbers (17 and 1776) that only we would recognise. I believe that Q+ is rewarding our support.

I have taken holdings in gold, silver and Ripple (XRP). The profits from gold and silver are guaranteed and will easily cover the loses from Ripple if it fails to go off.. But, if Ripple(XRP) does go off, the profits from it could make the gold and silver profits seem very small!

The 2nd stimulus is going to be rolled out in America via XRP!

This link will get you an extra 10 worth of bitcoin to swap to ripple in Australia or app in other countries.

Silver can still be ordered here in Australia.

“XRP will be on the center of all of this as they have laid the foundation of talking to banks and marketing the wonders of XRP for quite sometime now. In fact they have already gone past the testing phase of the technology and have successfully shown how fast, and cost effective using XRP is without compromising scalability.”

“$10,000 is not impossible now because Bitcoin reached $20,000. When $20,000 was hit by Bitcoin this sort of gave us a subliminal message on how high a crypto can go, and so now people have this notion that $10,000 is possible.”

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When it is announced officially, we will hear about it on mainstream media. That is when the big institutional groups are allowed to buy in. At the moment, they are restrained from purchasing due to NDA’s and the threat that they will be excluded from the entire new financial system if they do the wrong thing. That is why and when it will go to $50 per coin.

The value of the coin is based on the number of transactions going through the system. At $51 per coin, the system changes in a way that won’t be allowed initially, something to do with market cap. So it will cap at $50 for a short time until the system has stabilised and the predatory investors have been removed from the market, then it will be allowed to go up to the moon or higher(IMHO)!

It is an amazing feeling to have a physical metal asset, rather than digital or paper money. It did something to me! I felt very different after i laid on my bed with a bar of silver in each hand. Something of an electrical nature happened in my core and I could feel it changing me inside. Silver is a highly spiritual, feminine metal and is well worth the experience of owning it. Gold is a masculine metal.