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@Qanon76: RT @codeofvets: MISSION ADOPT A FAMILY Marine Pete struggling with separation from Corp now laid off. Doing all he can to hang on. Trying to get voucher, ebt these services are not fast enough. Needs food, gas, electric, rent-to keep him daughter from homelessness.$1182


@Qanon76: RT @codeofvets: Army Reservist Dad family of 6. Last month drill weekend canceled has put family behind. Right now they need rent and food. $1900 is the goal.


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-30-20… “Abe, Macron, Merkel & Prince Charles to be “coronavirused,” as Battle for Planet Earth intensifies”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. This is “fun” reading, in my view. As with all of Benjamin’s posts, feel free to “tune in” to that Higher Discernment while reading. In this article, I encourage all to remain free from any potential “fear engendering” ideas…


@Qanon76: RT @Runningwshears7: @Qanon76 I just keep reminding myself that no matter what, I was drawn to the movement because I sensed something was horribly wrong…and whatever happens, I will be equipped to love and guide those who were blind.