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Trump Awakens – Our Prayers Are Answered ………. Mount, William

Finally After 5 years of our Prayers Our President Trump has awakened He finally realizes what he is up against He is GOD’s chosen and we will continue to pray he wakes up fully He stated in his speech last night the Democrats are 1) Sick In The Head 2) Crazy 3) Loony 4) The Party Of Chaos, Corrupti..


Demon-Rats Evil Ensures Trump’s Re-Election

Project Veritas Exposes Demon-Rats Evil In yet another Project Veritas Exposure Bernie Sanders Workers expose what their Evil Plans are 1) If Bernie Is Not Nominated In The Democratic Party We Will Burn Milwaukee 2) We Will Go After The Police 3) We Will make 1978 Look Like A Girl Scout Camp 4) If B..


Lies Intensifies As Economy Nears Collapse

As the economy nears collapse the Lies from the Main Stream Media, The White House, Congress will intensify So Loud are these lies that all other stories are Censored by The NAZI Google/FBI/Youtube Crowd And as they lie more and more their stories will become more and more rediculous First – we see..