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Thursday, August 18, 2016

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Here’s an interesting post from a site using the name White Hat Dark Hat. A White Hat is a term used to describe an ethical or morally driven hacker, and has also been used to refer to someone working for the powers of good within the military. Whether or not this post was actually written by either of those two types of persons remains unclear.

In my review of previous posts on that site, I noticed some rather interesting and sometimes perplexing information. In particular the report entitled The Sphere Beings Deception, I thought seemed as though it was coming from lower level SSP sources, those interested in discrediting Corey Goode.

In regard to the below post, I have been able to verify conceptually the theoretical basis of the scalar technology discussed. Direct knowledge of the explicit definitions described below I have not been able to verify, however.

The Pleiadian contactee COBRA, often speaks of the Chimera group and the compression break through, which is mentioned below

I am curious as to where this information comes from, and if this is an example of whistleblower testimony recycling, given that no source information is provided for the data presented.

As such, the following is for your consideration.

– Justin


by White Hat Dark Hat, August 16th 2016

The Veil is a combination of technology that produces scalar waves and media/cultural brainwashing which makes it very hard for people to expand their mind.

There was a technology that was being used by the Draco group operating out of Montauk that would create a scalar-wave cloud or dome that would form over major cities.The cloud would make it very hard for any type of psychic contact to occur between humans and off-planet factions operating outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

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Another technology that was being used by the Draco group operating out of Montauk is a scalar weapon that would send a concentrated beam at starseeds and other individuals that were beginning to carry out their mission. This attack would often be combined with some type of contact made from a mind-control victim that was possessed by a Draco often through social media sites.

The main layer of the Veil is the collective notion by humanity that people must work in order to be considered valuable by society.

In the past media brainwashing played a major part of the Veil especially following the 9/11 attacks and the psy-ops campaign that followed.

A meditation by the Resistance Movement in February of 2015 caused a large portion of the Veil to completely dissolve.

Now the final layer of the Veil is beginning to dissolve which will lead to the Compression Breakthrough.

The Montauk or Chimera group committed suicide in late December of 2015. The galactic central sun pulses as well as the refugee crisis was causing people to wake up to the reality of the Illuminati.

The Montauk group that is often connected to the Montauk Project was killed by an EMP weapon in 1989. A new group entered the base in 1996 following the Archon invasion.

The Montauk group was EMPed because hundreds of kids were beginning to go missing in the neighboring area.

Source: White Hat Dark Hat Intel Update – ” The Chimera Group & The Veil” | Stillness in the Storm

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