Dave Rubin 2-6-17… “Why I Left the Left” and “The Left is no longer Liberal”

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dave_rubin_headshot_1Dave Rubin First off, I am not a “Labeler”, nor will I ever engage in any kind of intellectual-type conversation that goes nowhere about anything that involves labels. This whole “label-name attachment” thing is not mine, nor has it ever been.

There are some who do play that game, and even though I don’t personally, I felt this video shed some light on the so-called “liberal left” thing, and what is currently going on with the activity of many of the “shocked as hell out of their whatevers by Trump” people. Dave Rubin, by the way, is a married gay man. He says that in both of the videos below.

I found this Dave Rubin Report video first on Alex Jones video channel, in a video entitled “Powerful, Leftist Awakens From Fascist Brain Washing“.


Published on Feb 6, 2017
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report used…

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