The US Psychic Programme: Not Yesterday’s News, But Tomorrow’s News | Veterans Today


… by Seth Ferris and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

Once again one of those stories has come round which you have to comment on, whatever you were intending to write about. On the face of it, the story is old news. When you dig deeper however you discover it is very much in line with what is going on right now, and none of us will be able to avoid the consequences.

Last month the CIA released millions of once classified documents online . They can be found here. Most of these documents were declassified long ago, and were available on the CIA’s computers for those who had the time and money to look, but releasing them now is supposed to be a victory for transparency, even though the sheer volume of the material makes finding specifics like looking for a needle in a haystack, quite deliberately.

One item in particular has been picked up on. In 1975 a new programme was initiated, in which the CIA decided to get its information from unconventional sources. Tired of having to check and control sources, it began employing psychics, dozens of them, to visualise what was going on in places they couldn’t access.

This created the ultimate win-win situation for the agency: if this information proved accurate, it was a CIA win, if it didn’t, it only came from a psychic, thus confirming the value of the agency’s traditional sources. But it also created a disturbing precedent, which the new US Administration seems only too keen to follow itself.

The CIA acts with little oversight at the best of times. If you don’t want to have to justify your actions, who better to employ than psychics? The only justification for any statement or action is “because the psychic said so”. If you don’t agree with it, that’s because your not a psychic and don’t have the vision of one. No oversight is possible, but nevertheless unlimited sums are spent on operations whose terms depend on the word of a psychic…

Source: The US Psychic Programme: Not Yesterday’s News, But Tomorrow’s News | Veterans Today


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