5 Scientifically Backed Reasons to Chant ‘Om’ | Stillness in the Storm

Thursday, March 16, 2017

(Christina SarichLet’s get this straight right up front. ‘Om’ chanting is not religious. It may be practiced by Hindus, and even co-opted in yoga classes all over the U.S. and Europe, but every single religion in the world has its own version of Om chanting, which I’ll detail more completely in a moment.

The chanting of ‘Om,’ or more specifically, Au, Oh, and Mmm is a scientifically-backed system of becoming more in touch with the infinite creative energy of the Universe. This isn’t a metaphoric energy, but a real, grab-a-hold-of-it-and-look-it-in-the-eyes energy which is absolutely alive and pulsating through everything.

Om is really a transliteral way of writing and speaking ‘Aum’, as in Amen from the Christian bible. ‘Aum’ was also absorbed into the Buddhist tradition; however, Buddhists almost never transliterate the mantra as ‘Aum,’ but use ‘Om’ instead. Ek Onkar (another variation of Aum) is the root basis of all Sikh sacred thought, as well. You can additionally see Aum in the Jain tradition, and in the Hebrew āmēn, which means “certainty,” “truth,” and “verily.”

Om or Aum also shows up in ancient Egyptian mythology. Amen, or amun, was a deityrepresented by a ram, the god of life and reproduction, and those in scientific circles call Aum the God Particle or Higgs Boson.

It should be interesting for anyone to note, even more so for linguists, that the combination of Aaa, Ohh, and Mmm signifies the entire possible combinations of syllables, denoting the total, uncut range of words that can be uttered.

If you want to see what the sound Aum looks like on a quantum, energetic level, you can see it manifest as form in the following video. It is a resonance experiment that shows the geometric pattern, also known as divine geometry, which underlies all form. Though this experiment doesn’t reference Aum specifically, it shows the continually evolving complexity of sound at different Hz…

Source: 5 Scientifically Backed Reasons to Chant ‘Om’ | Stillness in the Storm


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