Office of Poofness 4-9-17… “Wonderful World”

Kauilapele's Blog

A new Poofness / Susan / Zap report.

Music lyrics and video link is at the end.

[Kp note: I always take these “Poofnesses” as potential data. Does it “ring” true within (if it “rings” at all)?]

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[Poof] “Be at peace and do your due diligence with all matters having to do with money. The ship is about to land and the stowaways are about to be picked up. Certain universal ones have been stashing money and resources against the betterment of humanity. The war on evil doing is about to begin. So be still and believe. Be with all that is good and holy and allowing.

“The message is pretty clear: the whenever and the whatever are about to break loose and…

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