One thought on “WHO TREATY TREASON”

  1. ALTIYAN CHILDS, a former member of The Secret Religion that Controls our World, SATANISM, has made an excellent 5-HOUR LONG video describing, in detail, HOW THE SATANISTS CONTROL OUR WORLD. These Satanists have infiltrated and now lead every governmental organization, corporation, and secret society in the world today.

    The Satanists have “total” control over all Organized Religion. This control is, and always has been, their TOP PRIORITY. The Corporate Powers, Politicians, Educators, Media, and everyone else “follows” the lead of the CLERGY. Therefore, establishing and maintaining a CORRUPT CLERGY is “always” Priority Number One!!!

    For example, Altiyan Childs points out the “fact” that BILLY GRAHAM, America’s most beloved and Trusted Christian Leader for 30 years, was a loyal Satanist. How many good Christians know this? Not many. The simple truth is NOBODY gets to preach on Bigtime TV unless they are a TRUSTED SATANIST. The Satanists’ many criminal games would be “OVER” if an HONEST MAN OF GOD started telling us the WHOLE TRUTH.

    Billy Graham and the Satanic Christians have intentionally “suppressed” the most important truth within the Bible. For example, the two most important teachings of both Moses & Jesus are: MEDITATION & RAISING THE CHRISM (CHRIST OIL)…have been “removed” from Organized Christianity. Billy Graham NEVER taught these two most important teachings.

    It’s our widespread ignorance of these two powerful teachings which has enabled The Satanists’ Criminal Success, more than any other factor.

    The world needs a MASSIVE “EXORCISM” to remove all the LIES that we still believe to be true…&…replace these lies with the Truth.

    LIES? LIKE WHAT? How about starting with the “fact” that it is both Mathematically & Physically “IMPOSSIBLE” for the Earth to be shaped like a Ball, Globe, or Oblate Spheroid. Let’s start there.

    We have a firmament above us, like it says in PSALMS 19:1, which makes the entire field of ASTRONOMY a “FAKE” Science.

    We have an ANTARCTIC ICE WALL surrounding the 7 Continents and 5 Oceans we know as our world. Allegedly, there is perhaps 10 times more land BEYOND THE ICE WALL, all of which is also UNDER THE FIRMAMENT, which is being hidden from us too.

    If we simply started arresting everyone in THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY, started trying them for crimes against humanity, and started executing the guilty, Satanism would soon dry up around the world.

    Satanism is a “fake” religion that had to be created by the most Evil & Godless in order to “PRESERVE” their lifestyle, which includes having sex with 4-year olds and eating babies, which, of course, God-Loving folks will NEVER ACCEPT or LAWFULLY ALLOW.

    Of course, Satanism had to be created to “trick” and “deceive” it’s membership into believing that it’s OK to lie, cheat, steal, and kill other folks. This is the “ONLY” way for Satanism to survive.

    If folks truly believed in God and understood that God is truly OMNIPRESENT, that both KARMA & REINCARNATION are real, it would become virtually impossible to recruit for the Satanic Criminal Empire. Why? Nobody “wants” to reincarnate in the form of a Dr. Stephen Hawking, which is what will happen to some Satanists.

    Since GOD IS OMNIPRESENT, “nobody” gets away with anything.


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