One thought on “Kari Lake’s Opponent Refuses to Participate in a Debate”

  1. Kari Lake, the former news anchor running for Governor in Arizona, who is also heavily endorsed by Trump, appears to be a good person trying to do the right things. However, like every other politician today, she is HORRIBLY INCOMPETENT because, like every other politician, she has FAILED TO TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT VIRUSES & VACCINES (and “many” other important matters).

    And this man who is interviewing her in this video, Charlie Kirk, is just another intelligent and fast talking “podcaster” who NEVER talks about “any” Profoundly Important Truth either.

    In a nutshell, these two people supposedly represent the BEST examples of American Patriots, yet neither of them knows much at all…or…they know, but are too afraid to speak this truth.

    What kind of truth do I consider PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT? The Truth about Viruses & Vaccines, for example, would make all future Virus-Related Pandemics “IMPOSSIBLE”…and…lead to the abolition of “ALL” Vaccines, which we now KNOW can only Damage, Cripple & Kill.

    This FACT, alone, is enough to prove that both KARI & Charlie are “HORRIBLY INCOMPETENT”, because neither of them has “ever” told the truth about Viruses & Vaccines., which is PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT TRUTH being “suppressed” by such folks.

    Honest Historians will absolutely “destroy” Donald John Trump’s Legacy by revealing the fact that, for now, Trump has had at least 30 months to learn the truth about Viruses & Vaccines, then announce the TRUTH to the world, yet Trump has “failed” to do this.

    This simply means that TRUMP is either IGNORANT, COWARDLY, or CORRUPT. I’m not sure “why” Trump is INCOMPETENT but he clearly is, for all eyes to see. Hopefully, for DJT’s sake, he is simply IGNORANT, not cowardly or corrupt.

    DR. STEFAN LANKA and his great article entitled THE MISCONCEPTION CALLED VIRUS is really all TRUMP needs to know. However, when you add to this the combined wisdom of HONEST HEALTH EXPERTS like Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, and many others, you learn that VIRUSES “CANNOT” MAKE ANYONE SICK!!!

    Because all vaccines have been created by The Rockefeller Controlled Allopathic Medical Establishment to combat or protect us from a “VIRUS”, we now KNOW that NO VACCINE HAS “EVER” BEEN NECESSARY.

    The Bottom Line? All Virus-related Pandemics for the past 104 years have been CRIMINAL SCAMS!!! Plus, ALL VACCINES, created over the past 100 years have also been criminal scams.

    THE TRUTH about Viruses & Vaccines is, right now, THE MOST PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT TRUTH OF ALL, because The Truth eliminates the possibility of “any” future Virus-related Pandemics & reveals “why” ALL VACCINES NEED TO BE ABOLISHED ASAP!!!

    Read the Article entitled MARCO…POLIO by Chris Kirckof to learn WHY the Polio Virus and Polio Vaccine were and are also GIGANTIC CRIMINAL SCAMS.

    Also, remember this, we had No S.I.D.S. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) before Vaccines. We also had No AUTISM before vaccines. Plus, before vaccines, incidence of cancer was very low. Now, we know that VACCINES, like time-release medicine, lead to “many” other diseases we have later in life.

    My point here is that America is in BIG TROUBLE because America currently has NO HONEST LEADERSHIP, not even DJT who is the best we have playing in the rotten world of politics.

    Of course, another GIGANTIC problem we have is that our last line of defense against The Satanists, OUR CLERGY, is totally controlled by The Satanists. Until we can get some HONEST PREACHERS & POLITICIANS who are “COURAGEOUS” enough to tell us the most profound truths, we will remain easy to enslave.


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