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The Banking Cartel is losing the war on cash. People are taking back the power to issue their currency from the central bankers. The banking cartel is getting wound down because it is bankrupt and because it has misused this power. Humanity is going to end the corruption in the world’s money system through the Global Currency Reset. The Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF, for whom I speak, and the coalition for the rule of law have decided to wind down the Banking Cartel because it is insolvent. The Banking Cartel owes humanity much more than humanity owes the Banking Cartel. Teleprompter:
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Car Rampage At Charlottesville | Simon Parkes Official Website Current Intel

 Monday, August 14, 2017

The death by the car at Charlottesville with the tag / registration GVF 111 is of great interest….

If the G is taken as the Masonic sign and the V as the compass that sits within and the F as the masons tubal-cain (also Facebook logo) then we have a link between the KKK and Freemasonry.

Source: Car Rampage At Charlottesville | Simon Parkes Official Website

Krieger Asks: Is Google A Search Engine Or ‘Deep State’ Organ?

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Today’s post should be read as Part 3 of my ongoing series about the now infamous Google memo, and what it tells us about where our society is headed if a minority of extremely wealthy and powerful technocratic billionaires are permitted to fu..


Network of Global Corporate Control8 8 17

There is a huge disconnect between the lies the Banking Cartel, working through the journalists and lawyers and accountants, tell you, and reality. The Banking Cartel manipulates journalists and lawyers and accountants to create a false theater for its crooked agents to act out on the world stage. The hard work is to help people understand how true it is that “all the world is a stage”
Behind this facade of normalcy is the Network of Global Corporate Control that has bribed and threatened and sometimes murdered the people in secret societies so that they play along with the script. The Network of Global Corporate Control does this by printing paper money with which to pay these bribes and to enslave the rest of us. This villain has also lied to you about the past; most of what you think happened before 1600 happened at a different time; alot of what you think you know is wrong. Moscow State University is trying to correct the lies

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