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The oath of the US military is to defend the Constitution of 1789. The US military are loyal to the people of the United States and not to the Banking Cartel after Jose Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos put the world’s monetary gold reserves and other assets in the Global Debt Facility.

It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress in session June 5, 1933

United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993 Vol. 33, page H-1303 Speaker-Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:
“Mr. Speaker, we are here now in chapter 11.. Members of Congress are official trustees presiding over the greatest reorganization of any Bankrupt entity in world history, the U.S. Government. We are setting forth hopefully, a blueprint for our future. THE US CONGRESS HAS ALSO SUSPENDED THE US CONSTITUTION OF 1789 UNDER A STATE OF EMERGENCY AND ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS ARE CRIMINALLY LIABLE FOR BREAKING THE CONSTITUTION OF 1789.

The Banking Cartel has conceded these facts, through a YouTube sock puppet named “Time to get huge,” who commented on last week’s DCTV segment that I uploaded on this channel last week. Time to get huge said, Karen – thanks for taking the time to respond to me, and I agree with everything you said above.

Donald Trump has not disagreed. How could he? The US Constitution of 1789 is not in effect. There are many consequences that flow from the fact that the US Constitution of 1789 is not in effect. The most important consequence is that the officers in the US military have sworn oaths to defend the Constitution of 1789. Some of the elites are admitting that they have betrayed the people.

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We have been talking about how the Banking Cartel has been lying to us about history. Our understanding of history is completely wrong. As we discussed last week, the members in the coalition that was predicted by the National War College, the coalition for the rule of law, are working together to reconstruct our past. One of the members of this coalition is the United States minus the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank.
We have been talking about the Phoenicians recently, and how these explorers “found” the American continent many years before Christopher Columbus set sail.

There are many buried cities off of our coasts. The ancient civilization that the Banking Cartel is trying to hide from us formed part of the Atlantis trading empire that spanned the globe from 4000 BC until its capital was buried under water in 1500.
We are all working together in the Global Currency Reset. Today we are working together in figuring out the history of the Banking Cartel, also known as the Network of Global Corporate Control. In my role as Overseer Mandate Trustee, I work together with decentralized humanity. As we get ourselves decentralized and fight the corruption in our money, we can revisit the decisions that were taken early on. In the beginning, the Global Currency Reset will consist almost entirely of the simple exchange of currencies, to cut off income to the Banking Cartel.

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I am answering the question “How are we winning” As Andy says, people are talking about the corruption in the money system and what to do about it, “(directly to you and amongst themselves)” .

We, humanity, liberating ourselves. We have reached critical mass. The Global Currency Reset is now manifest in reality. There is no going back. The dominoes are falling. Which dominoes? As we know from the National War College power transition model, we are talking about the coalition for the rule of law. It is 90-95% likely that there is a coalition in place, which includes the US minus the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US military minus the Knights of Malta on top, to implement the Global Currency Reset.

Jacek Kugler brought me this power transition model in 2004. The World Bank’s Legal Department, which communicates to the Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of Governors that runs the World Bank, is precisely where this power transition model needed to land. YouTube attempted to censor my comment on the power transition model when I was writing the teleprompter for this segment:

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This segment is called, “Reality is reality, and the lying Banking Cartel is getting wound down because it is bankrupt. At some point people will catch onto the truth.”
This title is for the people who have been following us during the nearly three years that DCTV has been broadcasting this Series on the corruption in the world’s money.
For those who are new to these disclosures on corruption in the world’s money: this is a perfect time for us to get to know one another. There are now enough people who realize that they have been lied to for their whole lives about very important things, like where their money is going, who is their enemy, what happened in history, who is paying the salaries of judges and whether courts are fair, who the people that are supposed to represent them in government are actually working for, whether the events that are reported in the news are actually happening, or whether we know what is going on at all.
It has taken us awhile to get through to enough people who realize that these basic questions have very disturbing answers. The disturbing answer is that the people who print the world’s money have been using that money to lie to everyone, and for a very, very long time. There are a few families, called the Black Nobility, who have established a very corrupt world money system so that they could take advantage of everyone else.
At the end of WWII, a very powerful man from the Philippines, José Rizal, was able to melt and stamp all the world’s gold, put most of the world’s precious metals, gemstones and art treasures in a trust, to gather the bonds that purchased the world’s gold and to have these bonds earn compound interest in the trust and then to have his lawyer, Ferdinand Marcos, create a big co-op so that the world’s people could bankrupt the bankers. That is where we are today. The bonds in the trust, called Treaty of Versailles Bonds, are now worth 2 quadrillion dollars. We are using these bonds to bankrupt the Banking Cartel.

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How is it many of you know nothing about the Banking Cartel when it is shaping your very understanding of reality? That is because the Banking Cartel has used its ability to print your money to hoodwink you and to make sure you don’t find out about them. The Banking Cartel has been very effective in hiding, but we have gotten through anyway. When you look at the close to three years of archives of this Series on YouTube, you can see that the Banking Cartel’s secrecy, and the secrecy of the Black Nobility at their center, is blown
I am now sharing the good news with the world’s militaries that we are in a peaceful process of cleaning up the corruption in the world’s money system. The salaries of all of the world’s militaries (civil servants, police forces, local governments, even if they are working for illegitimate governments) are paid from the Global Debt Facility. We are now waiting for the people of the world to catch on and get themselves caught up on reality.

Has corruption in the world’s money system confused people so badly that they do not know what is real and what is fake? Is this confusion real, and if so, will it end? That is what today’s episode is about. Stay tuned as we see whether the corruption is there

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We are mobilizing a world fight to end corruption in the world’s monetary system. The Banking Cartel owes us so much money that it is bankrupt. We are secured creditors of the Banking Cartel. This means that we have the right to put the Banking Cartel out of business. That is what we, acting together, are going to do. The Banking Cartel thought we wouldn’t be able to see how they are lying to us, starting wars, stealing from us, and killing people who oppose them.

In a memo called “Countering criticism of the Warren report”, the CIA set out to make the term “conspiracy theorist” weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs. The fact that every member of Congress individually decided to oppose obeying the Constitution is now a public fact The Banking Cartel’s attempt to nuke Charleston and fire a first nuclear strike against the Soviet Union FAILED The Soviet Union and the United States have a common enemy: the Banking Cartel.

Skeptics cannot account for the very detailed legal documents that I have been sending over many years to the various embassies, members of Congress, Governors, adjutants general, or for the many documents that I have put into the archives for this long-running series.

If I have accomplished my task, I have convinced you to accept the world’s monetary gold reserves so that we can end the corruption in the world’s money system, wind down the Banking Cartel, and end the domination of the Black Nobility. In case you are not able to accept the world’s monetary gold reserves, please let me know why not.

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Occupy Wall Street says “Hudes’ story is easily the most interesting, compared to major financial scandals, surveillance, etc. The American public, indeed the whole world, would unify with an understanding of a rigged world for a few.” I am working with a very large coalition that includes the world’s militaries. This coalition, called the coalition for the rule of law, was predicted with 90-95% accuracy from a power transition model that came to the World Bank in 2004 from the US National War College. I have been telling you recently that humanity is in another reality. This has to do with the fact that if a critical mass of people understand that something is true, it becomes manifest in reality. This is a scientific fact that has to do with the way humanity is all interconnected in the way we think. Our brains function as modems in processing our thoughts. Scientists observed this collective unconscious in Japan in what they call the 100th monkey effect. This is because information in the collective unconscious becomes accessible to everyone and is transmitted to everyone. I broadcast the evidence in my social media when the Banking Cartel tried to intimidate me on January 24th, 2018, and again on February 1st, 2018 when the Banking Cartel tried to ignore the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement governing the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility, which would have put the entire world into WWIII. We are now in a Global Currency Reset to end the corruption, and clarify reality to the duped. Many people are duped by the secret corruption. A critical mass of people see the reality. We are now in transition to clean up the secret corruption. I am just following up for the two main heroes who planned the clean-up of corruption, José Rizal and Ferdinand Marcos. They put the world’s wealth in a trust for the world’s people at the end of WWII and established the World Bank and International Monetary Fund so there could be a co-op of the world’s people, and we could all work together peacefully to end the corruption. That is what we are doing now. We call the clean up to end the corruption the Global Currency Reset. That is because the corruption is in the world’s money system. Teleprompter:
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