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The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 6:59

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By: David Icke – From the book “The Biggest Secret

This is only a fractional part of a very long document [Note: I’ve posted the full document. – Ed.] about the parasitic murdering reptiles known as the Royal Family of England and what princess Diana discovered about them.  Some people may find this totally unbelievable and shocking! Huge Secret Princess Diana Knew

There have also been questions about whether Diana is even buried on the island. In the Summer of 1998, the Star magazine in the United States quoted an unnamed “senior source” at Buckingham Palace as saying she was secretly cremated and according to a report in the Los Angeles Times some people in the village of Great Brington also don’t believe she is buried on the island. I know these reports are true from my own sources.

One resident quoted by the LA Times said that the night her coffin was taken to Althorp for burial, the village had been ‘invaded’ by the army, police and special forces units, and all the villagers were hustled into their homes. She said that the crematorium at the church was working late into the night. Betty Andrews, the former cook and housekeeper at Althorp, is quoted by Star magazine as saying:

“There’s a strange feeling amongst the villagers that we may not be hearing the complete picture”.

While researching this book I was introduced to Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant and gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being dubbed crazy. It is clear that Diana knew about the true nature of the royal family’s genetic history and the reptilian control. Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”. There is a very good reason for Diana using this description of the Windsors.

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The Sun: British secret services, not Russia, assassinated Boris Berezovsky | Veterans Today

Will the Guardian and Forbes apologize to the Russian people and decent Americans who actually bought the story that Russia was involved in the death of Boris Berezovsky?

The Sun has recently published that Russian Jewish oligarch and mathematician Boris Abramovich Berezovsky, who was accused of looting the Russian economy and who died in 2013,

“was assassinated by British spies after threatening to expose photographs dubbed ‘royal porn’ allegedly featuring a young Prince Philip. The pictures, said to show the Duke of Edinburgh at Thursday Club parties, were rumoured to have been taken by his photographer friend Baron Nahum in the 1950s.”[1]

The claim came from Russian intelligence expert Gennady Sokolov. Sokolov claimed that Berezovsky was planning to make peace with Russia and to “return to his motherland.” Is that a plausible theory?

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