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Ley Lines, Energy Grids and Earth Currents | Stillness in the Storm

Thursday, March 16, 2017

(Julian WebsdaleOne of the greatest mysteries of our time is the many alignments that link together sacred sites all over the UK and Europe called ‘ley lines’, ‘leys’, or ‘energy lines’.

The history surrounding this subject has many landmarks, beginning with Alfred Watkins in 1921. He was the first to propose that certain landscape features such as prehistoric earthworks and churches seem to fall on visible alignments.

He named them ‘leys’ due to the frequency with which the suffix ‘ley’ appeared in the many place names on the lines, such as Crossley, Endley and Longley.

His research and findings published in The Old Straight Track in 1925 concludes with the revelation that prehistoric man constructed a system of aligned sites for the purpose of travel.

In the 1960s and ‘70s, several researchers changed the perspective of the ley mystery suggesting that rather than trackways these lines, in the words of Professor Elliot Smith, were ‘a concrete expression of the divine power of life-giving energy’.

In 1969, John Michell published the most influential and inspiring book View Over Atlantis, later revised as The New View Over Atlantis in 1983.

His articulate writings enlivened the debate by likening the British ley system to the dragon lines of ancient Chinese tradition. His theories changed people’s conception of the land as a living, breathing entity…

Source: Ley Lines, Energy Grids and Earth Currents | Stillness in the Storm

Sacred Sites and Mysterious Energy Fields | Stillness in the Storm

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Sacred Sites and Mysterious Energy Fields

(Julian WebsdaleAll of the sacred sites, wherever they exist in the world, are placed on vortex points that are called “conductivity discontinuities.”

by Julian Websdale, March 2017

At these places the geomagnetic field of the earth interacts with the telluric currents (the magnetic flow across the face of the earth), and when the two intersect there is a certain concentrated electromagnetic field which influences the body’s own energy field.

This is what stimulates our states of consciousness when we’re at these sacred sites.

A lot of ancient texts including the Indian Puranas and the ancient Egyptian building texts, have the same commonalities, which talk about a time before a massive global deluge struck the earth and wiped out, what they called, “cities of knowledge”.

These cities of knowledge have now been found, in part of the myths that have been written about them and by people like Graham Hancock, who has found that there are indeed enormous cities 120 feet below sea level…

Source: Sacred Sites and Mysterious Energy Fields | Stillness in the Storm