Day 8 No Money on EBT Cards! Riots Next? – Get Prepared! | Survival

Day 8 No Money on EBT Cards! Riots Next? – Get Prepared!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 8:50

By Ray Gano

It interesting over the weekend I got several emails telling me about cell phones being down, internet being down, and get this, EBT cards not working and having no money associated to them.

This is a concern because when the US Government has payment failures, then there is possibly something happening that the press is not telling you about.

Now, we know that computers have problems and that states, counties and cities run on computers. But what is interesting is that since the beginning of 2016, The US government has had over 2,700 reports on showing that they have been late loading the money onto these EBT cards.

Folks, we are now going on 8 days where the Government has not paid the EBT payments so that people have food.

Why is this?

Are we looking a possible Venezuela event taking place here in the US?

Right now, believe it or not but a dozen eggs are going for $150 in Venezuela. A pound of powdered milk is going for approximately $110.

Are we just seeing some computer glitches going on here or is there a possibility that the US government is starting to have a hard time keeping up with all those EBT payments?

According to the Food Research and Action Center, there are now 44,391,436 people on the food stamp SNAP program.

Depression Had Soup Kitchens – Today We Have EBT Cards

EBT-CardIt is interesting to think, but during the great depression there were soup kitchens all over the US that were feeding people. You have seen the pictures of all those people lined up outside just waiting for something to eat.

One of the ways the government is hiding how bad things really are is by having these EBT / SNAP cards that people use like a debit / credit card.

You load up your cart, to the cashier, they ring up your food and the person swipes their EBT / SNAP card. The money is deducted and no one knows the difference.

One of the biggest issues to take place during the great depression was severe malnutrition.

In a pamphlet entitled Tenant Farmer, published in 1935, Erskine Caldwell describes a four year old girl dying of malnutrition and anemia, a six year old boy in the process of starving to death and “two babies, neither a year old, sucking the dry teats of a mongrel bitch.” He goes on to write “The dog got up and shook herself and lay down several feet away. The babies crawled crying after her.”


The Grapes of Wrath – A Foreshadow of Things To Come

A very moving book that you need to read now is “The Grapes of Wrath.” There was a movie made of the book also staring Henry Fonda. The book & movie follow a family that lost their farm and homestead in the great depression. The entire family loaded up a truck and headed out looking anywhere where they could in hopes of getting any sort of job and earn some money.

People in the US were literally starving because of a lack of food in many places. Oklahoma and other states in the Midwest have become a dust bowl and the ground became unfertile due to being over worked and the top soil being eroded away.

The Joad’s, the family which the story follows, try to go out west where they heard that there was at least crop picking jobs to be had in California. Sad thing is that they along with hundreds of thousands of others also heard the same thing.

No jobs were to be had. Just day work here and there.

Hardship followed them and things get even worse for the family. It is these hardships that the book / movie tells about. But the book is more graphic and spells out things that are not so pretty.

How The Book Ends


grapes-of-wrath-1The Joad’s, who have been traveling the US, are forced to leave their truck / trailor with all their possessions due to severe floods. A little way up the road from where they were camped they find a barn and decide to take shelter. Once inside they encounter a man starving to death, almost too weak to even move.

If you read the book, you are like me and will remember the ending for the rest of your life.

Rose, the daughter loses her baby while giving birth during the flood.

Pa Joad puts the tiny body to the currents and he tells it: “Go down an’ tell ’em. Go down in the street an’ rot an’ tell ’em that way. That’s the way you can talk.”

The child’s corpse becomes a symbolic message charged with the task of testifying to the people’s suffering.

The last image is that of Rose, weak from giving birth, goes to the man dying of starvation and sits next to him. She then brings the starving man, who is almost to weak to move, to her breast and lets him suckle her milk, nursing the half-starved man.

This is perhaps one of the most startling and moving images in all of literature.

It is also an image of what we could be facing when things are at its darkest.

This ending offers brotherly love and a glimmer of hope, but also the destitute that the nation fell too.

Grapes of Wrath could be a glimpse into a possible future.

Back To The Future – DAY 8 and EBT Cards Still Not Working

If you go to and look at the comments, there are people who still have not had the EBT / SNAP cards filled and they are still waiting for those food stamps.

You can see that these people are starting to get a little upset. Cupboards are bare, refrigerators are empty, and these people do not like what is going on.

Right now they are just complaining on a website.

But what is going to happen when they finally get fed up and start getting ugly?

I hate to make assumptions, but odds are some of these people who are on the US welfare dole are also the same type that show up to cause havoc at Trump rallies.

Just look at the violence they are doing there and a lot of these people are being paid.

In fact this add was found recently on Craigslist.


Just look how ugly these people are getting and they are being paid. Just think how ugly they will be when they are not getting their food stamps.

What happens when they start showing up at grocery stores to protest?

What is going to happen when you might be there shopping and this mob shows up at your store and you have to walk to your car with your food. What are you going to do?

We have seen an EBT glitch take place before and it happened in a few states and it was just over a weekend.

Well this EBT situation is lasting more than just a weekend, we are on day 8 and people still do not have their food stamps.

How many more days will the EBT Horde remain at bay and when are they going to start to strike back and start raiding Grocery Stores?

Think it can’t happen? Think again.

Tin Foil Hat Speculations

Well if you have been one of my readers for some time, you know that you should have been preparing for this sort of event.

I have been warning of this now for over 6+ years and have been pointing to the writing on the wall.

I want to state that I am not a financial expert, nor am I a financial planner. The information that I am sharing is personal opinion and if you choose to follow it, you do so at your own financial risk.

03-trump-rally-san-jose-violence-eggs.w529.h352OK… that out of the way.


As many of you know I am a history buff and I look to history to help with answers for today.

The EBT system is down in CA, NY, NJ WA, AZ, TX and others states.That means that a LOT of people were not able to buy food and as far as I know based on, there are people who STILL do not have any means to buy food.

Are we seeing what I am calling a “Systematic Trickle Failure Effect” taking place? Is the powers that be “testing” the people to see how much they can bare before they melt down? In fact, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a meltdown of welfare folks at say around the election time?

Again, I mentioned that cell phones were down is some states and also internet down. In fact, let me ask you this. How would you know that all the cell phones are down in your state or just your area? You could not call out, so how would you know? Same goes with the internet. Think about that for a moment.


Source: Day 8 No Money on EBT Cards! Riots Next? – Get Prepared! | Survival


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