DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Warning: Quakes On West Coast, More To Follow

Friday, June 10, 2016

FEMA has begun creating Earthquakes on the West Coast.

When they will create the next set we do not exactly know – only soon, very soon.

Video:Alert – More Earthquakes To Follow On West Coast – YouTube

During a drill that will go on for the next three weeks (Unlike What Was Put Out)) FEMA is now beginning the process of creating Large Earth Quakes all up and down the coast.

This morning already there have been dozens of Earthquakes form San Diego (5.2) to Ukiah (3.2) California – with hundreds of after shakes.

Early reports indicate these were explosions not quakes so it appears that someone is trying to set off the faults.

Seismographic reports were not available to me as of yet –

The Large DOD vehicle that point FM Frequencies to create Earthquakes are now moving North.

Just – watch the video….

Be Ready Folks

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

One important note- on IRIS and USGS Maps many of the earthquakes they showed last night at 11PM West Coast Time have been erased already

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Warning: Quakes On West Coast, More To Follow


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