Orlando Shooting Survivor and Actor, Luis Burbano, Holds Exit Door Shut as Victims are Gunned Down; and, Victims Carried Towards Club Suggest Staged Media Coverage | Stillness in the Storm

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

by Justin Deschamps

Initial rounds of research and investigation in regard to the Orlando shootings which took place at the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning are pouring in.

There are two items of interest to present in this brief article.

But before we begin, the fact that the media is using this tragedy to further the globalist agenda in and of itself is enough to say it is a false flag. That’s what a false flag is, an event wherein governments or other groups use a crisis to further a political agenda.

The crisis itself could be 100% real, partially fabricated, or totally staged, yet in either case, the trauma and distress felt by onlookers are very real. And this is what makes these events so powerful, even if they are poorly executed.

If you can get enough people to believe in a lie all the undiscerning masses will blindly accept what everyone else believes due to social pressure. The media is a crucial part of this process, as it leads people to believe that not accepting the official story makes one an outcast. And because deep down, unactualized or unaware people need to fit in with the crowd, to feel accepted, and as such are easily duped into believing propaganda.

Now determining the who, what, when, where and why is where our work really begins.

We need details, facts, evidence to really know what happened. It isn’t enough to label it one way or another. If people really died, we need evidence to know for sure. Who were they? What was the exact cause of death? When did they die and where? Was there a coroner report? What hospital were they admitted to? And so on. 

As I mentioned in a video I did last night about the attacks, to be published soon, the devils in the details, and we shouldn’t be dissuaded from asking hard questions because knowing for sure what actually happened is essential so as to avoid being deceived.

For an overview of the shooting, and an initial round of analysis, see the following related articles.

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Luis Burbano

The first item is a video of an alleged witness to the attacks, Luis Burbano. He was interviewed on the Kelly File by Megan Kelly on Sunday and is also being featured as a witness on other news outlets.

Firstly, Burbano is an actor; and as a result, some suspect he could be a crisis actor for this event, much like what we’ve seen in previous false flags like Sandy Hook and the Bostom bombing.

In addition, based on what I am seeing in the video—and I am not an expert in these things—if one looks at Burbano’s microexpressions when he is recounting the events of that night, his eyes look up and to the right anytime he is remembering something. Unless the video footage has been transposed (mirror imaged), this would indicate he is accessing the right brain or creative centers of the psyche. Professional lie detectors would see this as an indication he is fabricating the story.

Burbano Held Club Doors Shut, Leaving Patrons Inside

But the more sensational point is that Burbano openly admits to holding an exit door shut, forcing patrons to stay inside the club to presumably be slaughtered by Omar Mateen, the alleged lone wolf shooter.

Later in the interview, Kelly asks Burbano at one point if he thinks this was a good idea, to which he becomes somewhat emotional, although this could be his acting skills at work.

As further confirmation on this point, there were several reports from other witnesses in the Pulse club who said that a man was seen holding the exit door shut, trapping patrons inside. This seems to have been confirmed by Burbano, who admits he held a door shut after making his escape.

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Here’s the interview between Burbano and Kelly:

Here is a video by Dahboo77 on Burbano’s involvement, acting background, and poor acting skills:

Victims Carried Towards the Nightclub

In this second video, we see a string of what looks like shooting victims being moved towards the Pulse club by good samaritans.

Why would victims be moving towards the carnage? Shouldn’t they be going they opposite direction, away from the crime scene?

In addition, one of the victims is carried to what looks like a police outfitted pickup truck, and drives off. Now this one video isn’t a complete presentation of the footage from that night, but the lack of ambulances or EMT vehicles present, also reported by others who are analyzing footage, is strange.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a fleet of emergency service vehicles and EMTs assembled nearby during the hour-long standoff? Presumably, victims were pouring out of the club throughout the incident, yet we see no medical support?

Here is another video tracking the movement of one of the good samaritans transporting a victim in a strange course which just so happens to be the ideal location for capturing video by the media. This suggests that this footage was probably staged.

And why would anyone move a victim closer to the crime scene, where the police were allegedly still in a standoff with the shooter?

Craiglist Ad For Private Security

And this last item is a Craiglist ad posted 6 days ago asking for 75 private security officers. I can’t confirm if this has any connection to the shooting, but the timing does correlate.

The location is about an hour away from the Pulse nightclub.

Craiglist ad link.

These are just a few points to consider.

And as I mentioned in another post, while the events may be fabricated in some way, the emotions onlookers feel are real. Those of us who are seeking the truth can do so with compassion yet steadfast conviction.

The powers that orchestrate these attacks want humanity divided and bickering amongst ourselves, and if we’re doing that even if because or a desire to share the truth, they’ve won.

So while we want to share the truth with our fellows, doing so without compassion, acting as a type of truth fundamentalist, won’t help the cause.

As tragic as these events are they have a great potential to awaken consciousness if nurtured in the right way.

The preceding article is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

Source: Orlando Shooting Survivor and Actor, Luis Burbano, Holds Exit Door Shut as Victims are Gunned Down; and, Victims Carried Towards Club Suggest Staged Media Coverage | Stillness in the Storm

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