DR WILLIAM MOUNT: GMO Defense – Be Ready, Be Armed

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

GMO Defense – Ah Ha Moment:

Video: GMO Defense – Be Ready, Be Armed – YouTube

Most of those reading this story are either avoiding Genetically Modified Food or are about to avoid these GMO’s simply because you wish to feel better, look better and perform better.

It is the belief of many who study GMO Foods that they are specifically designed to harm your body in a very horrible way – to slowly poison you to death.
Sin instead of Bread we eat Spent Bread, we avoid Canola Oil at all cost, and we steer clear of Soybeans, Beet Sugars and Corn and try to eliminate MSG and Propylene Glycol from anything we eat.
However — a Big However – many of us do leave the house and end up eating other places – Restaurants, Weddings, Parties, etc.
This video is designed to help you learn what to do to get rid of these horrible foods, cleanse your blood of the harmful chemicals found in these GMO’s and try and live a normal life.
Please pray (Visualize) that people around the world wake up to the horrors of GMO foods and stop eating them to the best of their abilities.
Please also pray (Visualize) that those people in charge of the companies that manufacture and distribute these poisonous GMO foods are changed by GOD to stop these practices immediately.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

GMO Effects On Rats: Tumors:

Must Find Truth:

Just a funny Picture:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: GMO Defense – Be Ready, Be Armed

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