Leave Camp Leading With Over 50% of Votes

05:19 24.06.2016(updated 07:04 24.06.2016

The Leave camp is currently leading in the UK Brexit referendum with over 50 percent of the votes, according to BBC.

LONDON (Sputnik) – Northern Ireland has finished its referendum result count with 408,744 supporting the Remain camp.

The voter turnout was 62.9 percent in Northern Ireland, according to BBC. Brexit was supported by 349,442 of the voters.

Overall, the Leave camp is leading with over 14 million votes. The Remain camp has over 13,100,000 votes, according to BBC.

Wales and Scotland have completed their referendum counts with Wales having backed Brexit and Scotland having voted in favor of staying within the European Union.

Three Rivers has voted in favor of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union with 51.5 percent backing Brexit, according to the recent results.


In Wales, 854,572 voted in favor of leaving the bloc, while 772,347 voted in favor of staying, according to BBC. The turnout was 71.7 percent.

In Scotland, 1,661,191 voted in favor of remaining part of the European Union, while 1,018,322 voted in favor of leaving. The turnout was 67.2 percent.


The key region of Wirral has voted in favor of remaining in the European Union, however the Leave camp is ahead as several regions reveal Brexit support.

In Wirral, 51.7 percent were in favor of staying within the European Eunion, while 48.3 percent were against it.

In Milton Keynes, 51.4 percent supported Brexit.

Great Yarmouth has also voted in favor of leaving the EU with 71.5 percent supporting the move. Welwyn Hatfield voted in favor of Brexit with 53 percent.


Conservative Eurosceptic UK parliament member Sir Bill Cash told BBC the referendum results are going in the direction of Brexit.

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The brother of UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn told Sputnik earlier that he projected the victory of the Leave camp in the Brexit referendum, held across the United Kingdom on Thursday.

The final result is expected on Friday morning.

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Source: Leave Camp Leading With Over 50% of Votes

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