DR WILLIAM MOUNT: BREXIT WINS – Your Prayers Are Working

Friday, June 24, 2016


Yesterday while most of us were in bed the final count came for the Brexit Referendum – 51.9 in favor on leaving the European Union

Video: BREXIT Wins – Your Prayers Have Been Heard – YouTube

You are the most intelligent and most active audience the world has ever seen – thank you.

Exit polls, which were not allowed in Britain, clearly showed the vote was much different as Pollsters told me the vote was actually 67% to 33% so it appears that despite the “Stuffing of the Ballots’ conducted by the “Elites” – it was not enough.

After the Voter Fraud perpetrated by the British Royalty over the Scottish Vote to leave Britain a few months ago those collecting the votes this time were less than thrilled by the threats and bribes offered.

So what will Britain do not?

Only British Parliament can make the laws there – the Public does not matter and they are not allowed to make the laws – However – with 67% voting to leave the Union if the Parliament does not act then there may be some pretty severe consequences for members of that body.
So what kind of Temper Tantrum have the Rothchilds displayed since loosing

1) The British Pound is down 15% – which means manufacturing get a boost because their products are cheaper – which will help with jobs there

2) The US Stock Market is way down – whoopee since 65% of all trading is done by Artificial Intelligence

3) British Prime Minister Cameron has resigned – People are cheering in the streets

4) Muslim Immigration is no longer mandatory and these Muslims can now be sent back to where they came from – at least that what can be done

5) As stated yesterday – a dozen law suits have been filed to reverse this vote – yet – the referendum states it cannot be challenged in court – so we shall see

We now await the British Parliament to vote to leave the European Nations – if they have the guts.

Keep up your prayers – YOU are being heard

Pray also that the US Congress fails to pass new Gun Bills and that the US Supreme Court is contained and unable to rule on anything against the American Public

The 9th Obama Fake Shooting is yet  to come in 3 weeks – which will then be the time he begins to outlaw guns form the White House without Congressional Approval

There are 2 distinct future Time Line we have been shown equally probable

a) The doom and gloom: Empty Grocery Store Shelves, Hyper Inflation, riots, etc

b) A more favorable one where we go through about 3 months of Food Shortages/High prices and then every thing begins to get better – much better – as GOD’s Angels begin to fix things

Already the Assassination Attempts on Obama (3) and Trump (3) by the CIA have been stopped for now and the Next Nuclear Strike has been already averted – so I am hearing.

Keep Praying

Be Ready for anything

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

EU referendum live: Boris Johnson hails ‘glorious opportunity’ of Brexit as David Cameron resigns

David Cameron announces his resignation – full statement

Markets live: FTSE 100 finishes the week up more than 2pc after recovering from 8.7pc drop as pound falls to 7-year low

EU referendum results and maps: Full breakdown and find out how your area voted




Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: BREXIT WINS – Your Prayers Are Working

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