i am not my ego!

4 July 2016

The ego is a tantalising thing inside of us all. It makes us think that we are vulnerable when in fact we are not! We are an immortal soul shining through the distortion of the physical body.

I noticed that it seems to want to inflate in relation to others. I propose that the ego is in fact a foreign installation as described by Don Yuan in Active Side of Infinity. I further propose that the source of all of our negative thoughts is from this foreign installation and not us at all. The bringing of negative actions is what this negative greeting is all about.

The first thing we need to do is to protect ourselves.

Shield – This can be done in various ways. I use the image and intention of a light shield around me at all times. I refresh it at various times during the day and night. After a while it becomes automatic. If something happens my shields automatically slam shut around me, and everything turns out good.

Declaration – I read the Arcturian Sovereignty Declaration every day. I find that it surrounds me with a clear statement of intent. I know why I am here and what my mission is. That short circuits most of the conflict dramas that happen around me to hook me into their feeding system.

I further propose that things like schizophrenia are not, not real, but are in fact an inability defend ourself! IMHO






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