Another meeting last night.. with the Anshar??

5 July 2016

Last night I seemed to meet with more… people? I am left with the impression of a tall graceful and etheric female walking over to me and when she looked in my eyes and she said that I had done this hundreds and hundreds of times. I told her that “I fight the dark every day!” She gave me a small serene little smile, that left me with the impression that there was more to that statement that I did not understand… I felt a bit like an enthusiastic child!:-)

It started like a conference meeting with hundreds of people in an underground cavern. The tall, attractive, big-eyed female approached me as I walked up to a group of tables to check in to the conference. That is when she spoke to me and is all I can remember from that conference. I do remember speaking about the difficult conditions on the planet at another time.

After sitting with it for a bit this morning while I write this story, I get the feeling that I fight the dark in me. And it probably has something to do with that high vibrational diet thing that Corey has been talking about and I’ve been largely avoiding before now!:-)

As to the identity of my visitor… I woke up with the word Anshar running through my brain persistently, like a signature… and still it’s all that wants to be expressed.

Plus she feels very much like what Corey describes about meeting with Kaaree. So I feel that it was probably the Anshar that I met with this time!

Just like I am sure that it was an Earth Secret Space Program (Feels like Gonzalez’s group) that I meet with last night!

These meetings may seem quite unbelievable to you.. and quite frankly to me as well. But this is how Corey said it would happen, they would start by coming to us in our dreams!.. and it does have to happen. So I guess it is happening NOW!:-)



  • I was in Melbourne at the time on holiday from Perth.

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