Office of Poofness 7-3-16… “America, The Beautiful”


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poofness_office_of_259[Update: Thanks to a FB commenter on this post, who said this: “The “King Fahd Complex” mentioned is in Saudi Arabia and they are notorious for putting out altered Qurans that are not considered authentic and do nothing but cause division so I wouldn’t trust anything that they put out.”]

Music lyrics and video are at the end.

Zap has some very insightful statements about true Muslims and religions in general which I certainly align with.

One note about the Quran and items which Zap says he confirmed were in there (from his 4-17-16 post)… Many “religion texts” do not make any sense whatsoever if they are viewed from the 3D only, but only if they are viewed as metaphysical guides for the inner person. I also have no idea if the things he pointed out in that 4-17-16 post were accurately translated.

I remind those who’ve read…

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