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Money is an alien weapon whose purpose is to enslave us. Soon to be obsolete!



The new global financial system is being built right in front of our eyes over the last couple of weeks! We are about to see the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen!

This is a financial paradigm shift of epic proportions! We are about to see a wealth transfer unlike anything we have ever seen before! You are positioned on the right side of history! Massive surprise coming in the next few weeks!!


We are gathering assets for the next more profitable stage… FLARE FINANCE!

GALA.GAMES has been bought by Ripple

HOTBIT offline.. wallets secure

XLMG AND XLPG are XLM tokens. QFS!

DOGET is a XLM token. XLM is backed by silver. safe, will survive. QFS! when supply runs out it will shoot up in price

AKITA and ASS are dogecoin tokens. QFS!

SHIB might be linked to DOGE, very cheap. QFS Link Found!

SAFEMOON might have a link to the QFS, very cheap

SOLO confirmed QFS COIN! on Hotbit

DENT is heading up! expecting 10million % profit

good time to buy SHA.. is QFS Coin. only has XRP trading pair. use case is for crypto inheritance distributions.

WANCHAIN is a Ripple partner, so is a QFS coin

Superfarm has for everything NFT. There is an NFT boom coming!

Binance (BNB) is more than likely a QFS coin too. Is a WINK partner. Very expensive though. in coinspot

BTT is developing on the TRON network, Tron is linked to PAC, PAC is a FLARE Coin. there QFS compliant.

there will be less than 30 coins left after the crash

BAT use case is phenomenal in our future. BRAVE Network

WINK is developing for the TRON network. WINK is expecting 500% profits.

SOLO – new QFS linked coin. $1.48. Buy a small holding amount.
Elon will list his Tesla on sologenic for a tokenised share.

DENT – The technology is being rolled out across the globe right now in secret. That is why the price keeps going up. It’s price is based on Dent’s utility. It is being used to meter internet data over the Starlink satellite network

VELO on KUCOIN. $1.13 long term hold. Signed partnership with Stellar 1 week ago

Dragonchain is an Election Blockchain which is QFS related.

Be prepared for the crash by having 10-15% of your asset in cash. Buy the dip! We never know the WHEN! Be prepared for this weekend.

I saw RSR was related to QFS too. cheap on coinspot, 11 cents

SOL and ADA have been added to the QFS. get some for long term hold

QNT is showing up as a QFS coin. expensive but worth holding a few

We are building our own system GESARA payments

PROPY could have a Real Estate Blockchain use case in the QFS

DIGIBYTE and TRON will be QFS compliant coins via their partnerships with PAC Global. Watch PAC, get PAC, it is turning into something incredible! It is my largest asset holding.

CSC is the new F-Asset. get lots!

Flare Finance BETA TEST here. Join up to preview the future.

MY WIN=WIN BUYING STRATEGY: Buy a big bundle of QFS compliant micro coin (under or around 1 cent) in 4-5 packets or all at once if the price has been stable… or you get a good tip!

MY WIN=WIN SELLING STRATEGY: Keep half for the end (QFS), sell off the other half in 4-5 packets. If you sell a packet at a local high, you will have cash ready if it goes down and more coins to sell if it goes up!

CSC looks to be QFS adjacent. ..and very cheap. micro coin

GameStop is breaking the DS finances!

vechainthoor and vethor token look like they have a link with the QFS. I have seen a document that showed XRP and IMF linking with VeCHAIN. VEChain is a chinese logistics blockchain. It could be where east meets west like the AIIB Chairman said.

DENT appears to have a connection with #STARLINK. 0.18 cents each. i have bought some just in case. super cheap.

95% of cryptos will dissapear. I only have X-Family and F-Assets now.

What is coming is all us being part of the global bank, sharing in its resources, and it’s profits

XRP, LTC, Doge, GALA, PAC , XLM, CSC have all joined the Flare Finance Network as F-Assets. Doge has gone up 1000%

X-Family Coins: XRP, XLM, ALGO, IOTA, XDC, DOGE, FLR. I have some of each. These all have Anti-Quantum Hacking measures. The others don’t.

my worry with LTC joining the network, is that there will be a price adjustment before they go on the flare network. and maybe at a lower price. All of the X-family we know will increase in price.

1st Jan – something Big, 3 Jan- REGULATION DAY! 17th is price rise?

We have started a class action against Nexo – Contact me on if you wish to be involved with the Nexo Class Action and put JOIN NEXO CLASS ACTION in the subject line.

30th DEC is our next big day


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-30-20… “Abe, Macron, Merkel & Prince Charles to be “coronavirused,” as Battle for Planet Earth intensifies”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. This is “fun” reading, in my view. As with all of Benjamin’s posts, feel free to “tune in” to that Higher Discernment while reading. In this article, I encourage all to remain free from any potential “fear engendering” ideas…


Hillary Clinton Warned Behind $300 Million “Hit Contract” Placed On George Soros For Coronavirus Pandemic Link

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An at first seemingly unadventurous new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that the High Command of the Aerospace Forces has dispatched one of its largest cargo planes for an emergency delievery of critically needed medical supplies to the United States, becomes mind-blowingly beyond gobsmacking when reading its Ministry of the Interior (MVD) section on the top national security investigation currently underway at the Federal Security Service (FSB)—a section that begins with the FSB noting its capture on 27 March of a Russian citizen born in 1993 discovered belonging to a hidden Islamic State terror cell and discovered with explosives and communication devices—a Russian citizen, however, with known Organized Criminal Group (aka OGP- Russian Mafia) ties—the same OGP the MVD sent out a global alert about on 30 July 2019 when they discovered these criminal-terrorists were aware of a $100 million murder for hire “hit contract” placed on the life American child sex slaver Jeffery Epstein.

A warning ignored and followed 11-days later with the murder-assassination of Epstein in his high-security prison cell on 10 August 2019—thus making it more than alarming when FSB computer forensics experts discovered on one of the communication devices of this just captured Russian citizen an encrypted message that originated from the now under state audit intelligence agency Qatar State Security Bureau—a state audit whose goal is discover who authorized the giving of up to $5-million of Qatar state funds to Hillary Clinton—and in this decrypted message, sees a 1,092,150,000 Qatari Riyal ($300-million) “Death Fatwa” placed on the life of globalist-socialist leader George Soros to “accrue a blessing from Allah” [May His Name Be Praised] “for our  الأخت الأمريكية”—an Arabic phrase pronounced in English as “al’ukht al’amrikia”, which means “American cousin”.

And after decrypting this obvious “hit contract” against the life of Soros, saw FSB analysts noting that his Soros Fund Management company had made a United States Securities and Exchange Commission filing in March-2011 showing his ownership of a company named Wuxi Pharmatech—whom the year prior, in 2010, Soros had funded to allow them to build a $100-million research and development center in Wuhan-China where the coronavirus pandemic originated from—all of which was known and written about at the time by American journalist Andrew Breitbart, the founder of the Breitbart News Network, who, in August-2011, quoted Soros as saying “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work”—six-months after which, on 29 February 2012, Breitbart suddenly dropped dead—a death followed 4-years later by Breitbart News Network co-founder Steve Bannon becoming the top political strategist for President Donald Trump—the same President Trump who is now being pummeled with millions-of-dollars of ads paid for by George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s socialist Democrat Party slamming him over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic—thus proving that whatever is truly going on in the United States, both Soros and Clinton are in it up to their necks…

via Hillary Clinton Warned Behind $300 Million “Hit Contract” Placed On George Soros For Coronavirus Pandemic Link

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 2-24-20… “Bill Gates surrenders to the Chinese as secret war rages on”

Full weekly report from Ben. All I can say at this moment that the Bill Gates story seems like great news, hopefully leading to the takedown of the worldwide pharmacidal complex…


Trump Sanctions “Death Blow” Begins Slow Agonizing Destruction Of NATO Military Alliance

An intriguing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that within a few hours of Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic celebrating the agreement on gas transit reached between Russia and Ukraine yesterday that he said “assures Russia will remain a reliable gas supplier to European markets”, President Donald Trump signed into law a new $738 billion defense budget that he allowed his socialist Democrat Party enemies to insert into crushing sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project—sanctions so severe it caused the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas this morning to immediately cease its work on this 745-mile-long twin pipeline that will carry up to 55 billion cubic meters (1.942 trillion cubic feet) of gas per year from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters or exclusive economic zones of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden—which, in turn, caused Germany to erupt in outrage and brand these US sanctions as an “interference in domestic affairs”, with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel further vowing that her nation “won’t back down”—but is a pipeline these US sanctions can’t stop as Nord Stream 2 administrators vowed that “the companies committed to the project will be working to complete it as soon as possible”—the most important of them being Russian gas giant Gazprom, who is now preparing to lay pipeline for the one last stretch of Nord Stream 2 near the Danish island of Bornholm still to be covered that Allseas just abandoned—a reality admitted to by retired former American diplomat Jim Jatras with his stating” “Nord Stream 2 will be completed…this latest round of sanctions and this cessation of workers is a hiccup…It will be finished and will go into operation”—all of which appears to make nonsensical what Trump is trying to achieve with these sanctions—that is until one notices that this now signed into law US defense budget also contains crushing sanctions on the Turkish Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey, as well as its containing further sanctions against Turkey for its purchasing of the Russian S-400 missile defense system—sanctions that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to retaliate against exactly like German leader Merkel has declared she intends on doing, too—with the most important aspect of what Trump is doing against both Germany and Turkey is able to be fully understood by one’s noticing that they are both two of the most powerful members of the NATO alliance—a Western military alliance said in 2013 had no actual purpose and that Trump has railed against, most particularly Germany whom he branded as “NATO’s biggest freeloader”—and by Trump having just become the first American leader in history to attack two of NATO’s most powerful member states with crushing sanctions, surprisingly sees only former Vice President Joe Biden sounding the alarm about what Trump’s endgame is with his warning “If Trump gets re-elected, there will be no more NATO”…

via Trump Sanctions “Death Blow” Begins Slow Agonizing Destruction Of NATO Military Alliance

JPMorgan: We Believe The Dollar Could Lose Its Status As World’s Reserve Currency

Almost eight year ago, we first presented a chart first created by JPMorgan’s Michael Cembalest, which showed very simply and vividly that reserve currencies don’t last forever, and that in the not too distant future, the US Dollar would also lose its status as the world’s most important currency, s..


Warning By Feds – Buy Gold & Food NOW!

The head of the Dutch Central Banks stated that if we have an Economic Reset it will happen quickly and the economy will be built on Gold. Either way – since President Trump has left these Treasonous folks in place the Hits on him just keep rolling in…


President Trump Said Ready As “Great Upheaval” Begins With Top American Bank Nearing Collapse

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A truly heart-pounding new Ministry of Finance (MoF) report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming global banking giant Goldman Sachs warning that world stock markets “are about to get wild in October”, states the more accurate wor..


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 9-16-19… “Khazarian mafia make final push for fake Armageddon with “Iran attack” on Saudi Arabia”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. He continues to note that Trump is a “Rothschild-slave President”. And so implies kind of a “no hope” attitude about Trump, et al. However, there is an Alliance, that goes far beyond Trump himself…


“Mother Of All Wars” Threat Insanely Met By Facebook Shutting Down Viral “Storm Area 51” Event

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A grimly worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the warning given during the Great Depression by Christian fundamentalist homeschooling and youth movement leader Lester Roloff that “Am..


JPMorgan: We Believe The Dollar Could Lose Its Status As World’s Reserve Currency

Almost eight year ago, we first presented a chart first created by JPMorgan’s Michael Cembalest, which showed very simply and vividly that reserve currencies don’t last forever, and that in the not too distant future, the US Dollar would also lose its status as the world’s most important currency, s..


Bank Layoff Begin Worldwide – Loozifer Loosing Control

The Mass Layoffs By The Banks Has Begun (((As GOD begins to remove Lucifer’s Control over Money – So HE Has aid It – So It Shall Be – Lucifer broke his contract with GOD))) Deutsche Bank, being the Holy Roman Empire Bank for over 1,000 years has it’s fingers connected to every other bank world wide…


Gold-Buying Spree: Governments Around the World Are Preparing for Collapse of US Hegemony

Most interesting, however, is the class of countries that we find are turning to hoarding more and more gold, many of which are deemed to be adversaries of Washington. As always, Russia is the largest buyer of gold. In 2018, Russia’s Central Bank purchased 274.3 tons of gold…


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 6-17-19… “Zionist meltdown as Oman tanker stunt fails to manipulate oil futures markets”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. According to his report, the attempted false flag blamed on Iran has led to some pretty amazing results…


Putin, Xi to Cut US Dollar Out of Eurasian Trade; US Elites Panic

The Russia-China strategic partnership, consolidated last week in Russia, has thrown U.S. elites into Supreme Paranoia mode, which is holding the whole world hostage Something extraordinary began with a short walk in St. Petersburg last Friday…


Washington, D.C. suffers from political insanity as bankruptcy approaches

The U.S. body politic has degenerated to gibberish and empty threats, as bankruptcy and collapse are now a mathematical certainty…


Full Ben 4-8-19… Undeclared Anglo-German war raging inside the G7

Here is the text of the full BF article. Right now my body is feeling very drained and I’m not doing the usual blogging things, but here’s the article for all to read…