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Jim WIllie: China To Go After COMEX Gold and Silver

#JimWIllie: China To Go After #COMEX #Gold and #Silver

It’s starting to seem as if we’re in the late innings of the gold and silver suppression scheme. And especially with so much going on in the financial world, Dr. Jim Willie of #TheHatTrick Letter joined me on the show to talk about what he sees..


Jim WIllie: Corona Virus and Global Reset Updates

#JimWIllie: #CoronaVirus and #GlobalReset Updates

As the Corona virus continues to spread, I was fortunate to have Dr. Jim Willie of #TheHatTrick Letter join me on the show to share what he’s seeing.

In the interview he also gives an update on what’s happening with the global reset. So to disc..


Jim Willie & Dustin Nemos Discuss The Emerging East Vs West Currency War

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