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Anon Translated Leaked Secret Cabal Doc. Titled: “Murmures d’Irem”

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Democrats Plot Horrifying “Hunger Games” Future For America And Its “Unruly” Citizens

An absolutely beyond horrifying new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting Acting Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov castigating the United States for its reluctance to speak openly about bioweapons with other nations, states that the more than valid fears about the Americans’ plan to do with these weapons of mass destruction have been heightened by the growing signs their socialist Democrat Party is plotting to turn their nation into one resembling that seen in popular book and movie series “The Hunger Games”—which depicts a dystopia set in Panem, a North American country consisting of the wealthy Capitol and 12 poverity stricken Districts, and where every year, children from these 12 Districts are selected via lottery and forced into the Capitol to participate in a compulsory televised battle royale death match—a reducing of human life value to nothingness the American people remain unaware that their elite socialist Democrat Party leaders have already branded them with—as all of these elite socialist Democrats are devoted followers of Professor Woody Holton—a radical leftist professor of history at the University of South Carolina whose socialist guidebook “Unruly Americans And The Origins Of The Constitution” being followed by these elite Democrats dementedly claims that “the primary purpose of the Constitution was to make America more attractive to investment…And the linchpin to that endeavor was taking power away from the States and ultimately away from the people”—a call to take all power from these “unruly” American people that’s now been joined by the elite socialist indoctrination center called Harvard University having just published its Democrat Party masterplan titled “Pack the Union: A Proposal to Admit New States for the Purpose of Amending the Constitution to Ensure Equal Representation”—that describes a terrifying plan for the Democrats to take control of the US Congress and then pass legislation to reduce the size of Washington, D.C. to an area encompassing only a few core federal buildings and then admit the rest of the District’s 127 neighborhoods as States—which would give these socialist Democrats 254 additional US Senators and 127 more members in the US House—numbers that would overwhelm the rest of America and make Washington the singular power center of the United States—and in turn make its States nothing more than vassal districts to its socialist Democrat overlord controlled Capitol as “The Hunger Games” envisioned—and whose grim future for the American people living in these vassal districts, was this past week described by a field organizer for the leading socialist Democrat Party presidential candidate US Senator Bernie Sanders—who said that after President Sanders is inaugurated, all Trump supporters will be placed in re-education gulags…

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FBI Gets Head-Whacked By Barr As Dem Panic Grows Over Mysterious Sealed Criminal Indictments

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting President Putin’s call for the world’s five nuclear-armed states to work together to neutralize the threat of global war, says the first response coming in reply to this urgent request has been issued by nuclear-power nation leader British Prime Minister Boris Johnson with his call for the “Trump Deal” to be agreed upon to bring about peace with Iran—that nuclear-power leader President Donald Trump immediately responded to with his Tweet saying “Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, stated, ‘We should replace the Iran deal with the Trump deal.’ I agree!”—but are moves towards global peace shockingly slammed by Democrat Party Leader Nancy Pelosi ordering her socialist forces in the US House to block a resolution condemning Iran for murdering protesters—a shameful blocking of a resolution that would have placed an even brighter light on Iran to force it to return to a peaceful nation status—and whose only conceivable reason for socialist leader Pelosi blocking it would be out of sheer panic—a panic appearing to be justified after it was stunningly revealed yesterday that a US Federal Court is conducting a secretive sealed criminal indictment case relating to former Democrat Party Leader US Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz—which brings back to the forefront the highly unusual nearly three dozen sealed criminal indictments that were added to the US Federal Court docket in Washington, D.C. since the start of 2018—none of which have yet to be explained, and weren’t part of the Muller Investigation that ended last March-2019 with no sealed criminal indictments being issued—though hints about what they’re related to have been percolating thorough the American body politic for months now—best exampled by Butler County-Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones warning Trump yesterday of FBI corruption and his stating:  “some responsibilities of the FBI need to be reallocated to the U.S. Marshals to balance power”—a warning immediately responded to by US Attorney General William Barr whacking the FBI upside the proverbial head and telling them “there will be no future counter-intel investigations into presidential campaigns without my approval”…

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Pelosi Threatens “One Way Or Another” Trump Will Not Be President Much Longer As Feared Assassin Freed

A heavily redacted highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today is expressing grave concerns over a shocking warning just issued by retired top CIA operative Kevin Shipp—who during his spy career was assigned as a protective agent for the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and was the team leader protecting sensitive CIA assets from assassination—and who has just alerted the world that the Deep State “is in a state of shock” and “getting desperate to stop President Donald Trump” because “for the first time in their careers, they can be prosecuted for what they have done”—a fearful assassination warning near immediately followed yesterday by Democrat Party House Speaker Nancy Pelosi granting a rare nationwide televised interview wherein she ominously declared to her socialist forces “One Way Or Another, Trump Will Not Be President in Ten Months”—an unmistakable threat issued during the same week a supposedly disgraced former US Marine named Brandon Magnan was captured while penetrating multiple levels security protecting President Trump—but for this criminal offense committed against the life of Trump by a man having been previously convicted of multiple felonies, saw him stunningly being immediately released on bond—an outrage equaled in scope and magnitude with “the unidentified man with him” penetrating Trump’s security disappearing into a black hole of silence never to be heard or spoken about again…

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Clinton Judge Hands Showman-In-Chief Trump Full Orwellian Ruling Weapon To Use In Fast Looming Landslide Election Victory

A riveting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that Christmas celebrations in Europe have become a violent, bleak, homogenized and commercial disappointment as heavily-armed soldiers, violence, sky-high prices, a Santa Claus gender war and no mention of the Nativity greets its over 500 million citizens this morning, warns the future for these beleaguered peoples is about to turn even bleaker in the days ahead after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a few hours ago that he will outlaw any further delays in removing Britain from the socialist-led European Union—a removal Johnson further vowed will see Britain departing from the EU customs union and single market “in all circumstances”—all coming on the same day Johnson’s new parliament was sworn into power just four days after their achieving an historic election massacre of British socialist forces so complete it now sees socialist European Union leaders retreating in terror into their bunkers of protectionism—but an ocean away in America, sees its socialist forces choosing to ignore this unstoppable tidal wave of history to continuing marching themselves in lock-stop towards oblivion—best exampled yesterday when socialist Democrat Party President Bill Clinton appointed US Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan went “Full Orwellian” on President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor US General Michael Flynn to deny him the evidence he needed to defend himself against the lying charges the FBI made up against him—a socialist ruling so insane to normal justice, top American trial attorney Robert Barnes said about it “You cannot be allowed to see the evidence you think proves your innocence because you cannot prove that evidence would prove your innocence without seeing it first.  Ha-ha.  Welcome to federal criminal justice”—is a socialist ruling that also comes during the same week Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his withering and scathing report documenting FBI crimes against Trump so terrifying US Attorney John Durham has opened a criminal investigation to bring the FBI and its former top officials to justice—is a socialist ruling coming at the same time the majority of the American people are saying the FBI broke the law to investigate Trump—and even worse for these socialists, sees this unjust ruling coming at the same time a staggering new poll is showing that 92% of Americans say they are fearful that their human rights are under attack and they are now in significant danger—grave concerns being confronted head on by their “Showman-In-Chief” leader President Trump, whose absolute fearlessness against these socialists sees him actually “fighting impeachment one piece of merchandise at a time” with his selling items mocking this charade against him—and who yesterday posted a video from a generation ago proving that FBI crimes against innocent peoples like Trump and Flynn is nothing new at all—and wherein it shows a now deceased man named Richard Jewell whom the FBI and leftist mainstream media hounded to death and destruction, all while knowing he was completely innocent…

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