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Epstein was ‘Pinocchio’ with ‘Gepetto’ Ghislaine pulling the strings, accuser says

Ghislaine Maxwell was far worse than Jeffrey Epstein when it came to abusing young women and girls, according to their most outspoken accuser — in fact, she was “Gepetto” to his “Pinocchio…



● Hillary Clinton ● Bill Clinton ● George Nader (Businessman) ● Huma Aberdin ● Laura Silsby ● Rachel Chandler ● Jeffrey Epstein ● Ghislaine Maxwell ● John Podesta ● Michael Podesta ● James Alefantis ● Anthony Wiener ● Leslie Wexner (Limited Inc Chairman) ● Herbert Strauss..



Ghislaine Maxwell co-conspirator list is out.



● Hillary Clinton
● Bill Clinton
● George Nader (Businessman)
● Huma Aberdin
● Laura Silsby
● Rachel Chandler
● Jeffrey Epstein
● Ghislaine Maxwell
● John Podesta
● Michael Podesta
● James Alefantis
● Anthony Wiener
● Leslie Wexner (Limited Inc Chairman)
● Herbert Strauss
● Isidor Strauss
● Martin A. Nowak
● Steven Spielberg
● Edgar Bronfman Sr. (Seagram Chairman)
● Charles Bronfman (Seagram Co)
● Michael Steinhardt (former hedge-fund manager)
● Sara Bronfman
● Clare Bronfman
● Niles Lehman (Professor at Portland State University)
● Seth Roger
● Ruth Ginsberg
● Alison Mack
● Rachel Chandler
● Robert Maxwell
● Wendi Murdoch
● Jonathan Cheban
● Naomi Campbell
● Maximiliam Chow
● Val Kilmer
● Marina Abramovic




● Steven Spielberg
● Michael Jackson
● Kevin Spacey

● Alison Mac
● Marc Collins-Rector (Founder of Den)
● Chad Shackley
● Brock Pierce
● David Geffen
● Tom Hanks
● Dustin Hoffman
● Andrew Kreisberg (American television writer, producer)
● Bryan Singer
● Harvey Weinstein
● Bob Weinstein
● Roman Polanski
● Ruma Hazard
● Charlie Sheen
● Madonna
● Kate Perry
● Miley Cyrus
● Errol Flynn
● Billy Graham
● Walt Disney
● Michael Laney (Former Walt Disney vice president)
● James Gunn (Disney)




● Heidi Fleiss
● Jeffrey Epstein




● Alison Mack
● Stormy Daniels
● Rachel Chandler
● Ghislaine Maxwell




● Ghislaine Maxwell
● Chris Tucker
● Larry Summers
● Lisa Summers
● Bill Murray
● Bill Hammond
● Ehud Barak
● Andrés Pastrana (Former President of Colombia 1998-2002)
● Jean Luc Brunel
● Doug Band
● Ron Burkle
● Woody Allen
● Sarah Kellen
● Ray Barzanna
● Sandy Burger
● Andrea Mitrovitch
● Peter Marino
● Shelley Lewis
● Paul Hala(t) (d) a
● Richardo Legoretta
● Tom Pritzker
● Kelly Spamm
● Tiffany Gramza
● Claire Hazel
● Paula Epstein
● Mark Epstein
● Ralph Elison
● Sophie Biddle
● Audrey Raimbault
● Shelley Harrison
● Melinda Luntz
● Gwendolyn Beck
● Albert Pinto
● Linda Pinto
● Gary Roxburgh
● Mandy Elison
● Jean Michelle Gathy
● Virginia Roberts
● Kristy Rodgers (Kristina Real Rodgers)
● Greg Holbert
● Alyssa Rodgers
● Juliette Bryant
● Heather Mann
● Ed Tuttle
● Glen Dubin
● Ellen Spencer
● Chris Wagner
● Casey Wasserman
● Laura Wasserman
● Paul Mellon
● Oliver Sachs
● Henry Rosovsky
● Lynn Forester (de Rothschild)
● Joe Pagano
● Naomi Campbell
● Nicole Junkermann
● Rodney Slater
● Magali Blachon (Deperrier)
● Svetlana Griaznova
● Emmy Tayler
● Larry Visoski
● Teala Davies
● Juan (Pablo) Molyneux
● Freya Willemoes) Wissing
● Adam Perry Lang
● Fleur Perry Lang
● Caren Casey
● Hank Coller
● Cindy Lopez
● Mark Lloyd
● Alan Dershowitz
● Seth Green
● James Gunn
● Steven Spielberg
● Tom Hanks
● Steven Colbert
● Jimmy Kimmel
● Barack Obama
● Kevin Spacey
● Kathy Griffin
● Oprah Winfrey
● Shawn Carter
● Beyoncé Knowles
● Anthony Kiedis
● John Legend
● Chrissy Tiegen
● Jim Carrey
● Steven Tyler
● Ben Affleck
● Stephen Collins
● Will Ferrell
● Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam (Akon)
● Marshall Matters
● Jeffrey Jones
● Victor Salva
● Mark Collins Rector
● Charlie Sheen
● Tyler Grasham
● Madonna Ciccone
● Katheryn Hudson
● Gwen Stefani
● Stefani Germanotta
● James Franco
● Will Smith
● Justin Roland
● John Cusack
● Anderson Cooper
● Demi Moore
● Brian Affleck
● Meryl Streep
● Wanda Sykes
● Chelsea Handler
● Michelle Wolf
● David Yarovesky
● Pharrell Williams
● Quentin Tarantino
● Courtney Love
● Alec Baldwin
● Robert Downey Jr.
● Disney Corporation (Offering kids “scuba-diving” trips, to the Epstein Island)


Link: the Epstein flight log documents


● Andre Balazs (Owner of the Standard Hotels and connected to the Rockefellers)
● Jay Z
● Beyoncé Knowles
● John Belushi
● Britney Spears
● Errol Flynn
● Dennis Hopper
● Helmut Newton
● Jim Morrison
● James Dean
● Billy Idol
● Victoria Beckham
● Heath Ledger
● Sienna Miller
● Balthazar Getty
● Scarlet Johansen


● Elon Musk

● Mark Zuckerberg

● Lawrence M. Krauss
● Steven Pinker
● Mick Jagger
● Courtney Love
● Joan Rivers (deceased)
● Kevin Spacey
● Chris Rock
● Eli Weisel (Nobel Prize winning Holocaust profiteer)
● Lauren Hutton (Top fashion model)
● Duke & Duchess of York
● Earl Spencer (Late Diana’s brother)
● Richard Bronson (English businessman)
● Tony Blair (Former UK prime minister)
● David Koch (1/2 of a brother team)
● David Rockefeller
● Evelyn de Rothschild
● Eduouard de Rothschild


● Jake Tapper (CNN)
● Jennifer Tapper (wife of Jake Tapper)

● Maple Inc

● Me Over Seas


● Barbara Walters
● Mort Zuckerman
● Eric Margolis
● Rupert Murdock
● Conrad & Barbara Black; Baron Black of Crossharbour


● Bill Clinton (Former president of America)
● Jon & Mary Kaye Huntsman
● Governor Charles Turnbull (US Virgin Islands)
● Henry Kissinger
● Ethel Kennedy
● Bobby & Mary Kennedy
● Senator Edward Kennedy (deceased)
● Ted Kennedy Jr.
● Andrew & Kerry Kennedy Cuomo
● Maria Shriver (Kennedy relative/Schwarznegger’s ex)

(Vacant 1992-2002)

● Keck Family (Standard Oil / Founders of The Standard Hotel)
● Perry Mason
● Bank of California
● JP Morgan – Standard Oil
● Jeffrey Epstein
● Bear Stearns Group
● Standard Holdings
● Colombia Development


(It appears to be an obvious connection between the; STANDARD HOTEL DTLA and the underground military base at the CHINA LAKE NAVAL MILITARY TEST-BASE.)



(1) POSSIBLY TRUE…HYPOTHETICAL From Daniel Robert… – Kerry Lynn Cassidy

From Daniel Robert Dowell
This morning at 4:30 a.m., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was served a criminal indictment by the U.S. for corporate and financial crimes. Media owners were instructed to brainwash everyone that Trudeau and his wife have the Corona virus, and that they won’t be leaving their house for a while

Tom Hanks was arrested 48 hours ago for pedophilia and he is currently being kept in a hotel room in Australia, refusing to fly back to the USA. The next celebrity arrests will be Celine Dion, Madonna, Charles Barkley, and Kevin Spacey. All will claim Corona virus infections

Italy’s airports have been completely shut down, as over 80 Vatican and financial officials have been served the same criminal indictments for financial crime, pedophilia, child trafficking, and sex abuse

The United Emirates have completed mass arrests of their own Royal Family and affiliates

Convicted Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein agreed to a deal in exchange for his testimony against hundreds of top Hollywood celebrities and their involvement in the drug business, pedophilia, and child trafficking. Instead of a 55-year sentence, he only received a 23-year sentence. In exchange he provided testimonies against some of the biggest and most powerful names, including Prince Andrew of the U.K., former president Bill Clinton, former vice president Joe Biden, Tom Hanks, Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Quentin Tarantino, Charlie Sheen, Bob Saget, Kevin Spacey, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Podesta, NXIVM and PIZZAGATE sex trafficking clubs, and hundreds more who all were directly involved with Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was similarly allowed to make a deal and have his suicide in prison faked in exchange for his testimony

CEOs of some major world corporations have been indicted/arrested, and some have been forced to resign — all in the last 30-60 days — such as the CEOs of the NBA, Harley Davidson, the Bill Gates Foundation, Intel, McDonald’s, Cesar Awards, and Disney; the Vatican Chief of Police; etc. Approximately 700-800 more resignations are coming in the next 3 months

The lab-created Corona virus was a cover-up for the mass mandatory vaccination agenda. Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation that the world has ever seen. This mass 158,000-arrests operation will remove and capture the biggest evil and corrupted politicians, celebrities, and CEOs, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, U.N. officials, and the founders of GRETA, inc.

President Trump will win the 2020 elections, and arrests of former U.S. presidents will occur in early 2021. All major arrests will be portrayed by the media as accidental or as conspiracy theories. All arrested individuals will be given “Rommel Death”, meaning that they will have a choice between their death bring portrayed to the public as a suicide or an accidental death in return for assurances that his or her reputation will remain intact, or, alternatively, they can choose to face a criminal trial that would result in public disgrace

Some top religious leaders will be arrested or forced to resign, and some will suddenly get “sick.” The Vatican will be the first, and the Pope will be removed in 2020. Production of human extracted Adrenochrome will be revealed, and Hollywood and the Vatican will be exposed as being directly responsible for that

Coming up there will be a 2-month complete shutdown of the world’s most common operations, such as schools, the stock exchange, some banks, airports, shipping, travel, events, galas, expos, sport games, sport championships, music award ceremonies, NBA/NHL/Baseball games, and ship cruises. (TEMPORARY)>> There will be food shortages and staged electricity power loss. Gas prices will go down, food costs will go up, insurance will go up, gold and silver stocks will fall, and many corporations will either go bankrupt or take a significant financial loss, such as in the case of what’s about to happen to Air Canada, Disney, and Coca-Cola

Welcome to the Great Awakening. What’s about to happen this summer and fall will change the world’s history

via (1) POSSIBLY TRUE…HYPOTHETICAL From Daniel Robert… – Kerry Lynn Cassidy

US Attorney Investigating Deep State Murder Of DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney Gunned Down Alongside Wife

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An extremely concerning highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today revealing that on 6 March the United States Department of State filed a diplomatic request with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on behalf of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California-Sacramento Office requesting information on Russian citizen Olesya Krasilova—a request soon followed by the MoFA posting a notice saying: “The detention of Russian national Olesya Krasilova is yet another example of the US hunting for Russians all across the globe. We have strongly demanded that the US authorities withdraw the extradition request”—states that within 48-hours of this information request being made, its official government document signer US Attorney Timothy Delgado and his newlywed wife Tamara Delgado were discovered gunned down in their California home on 8 March—a critical assassination to notice as US Attorney Delgado was working with the Amador County-California Sheriff Department on the investigation into the Deep State murder of DHS Whistleblower Philip Haney—an assassination of Haney the leftist American mainstream immediately ruled a suicide—that was quickly countered by Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan putting out a statement saying no such suicide ruling had been made at all, and his further saying the US Department of Justice investigating arm FBI had joined the investigation into the assassination of Haney—and was a 21 February assassination of Haney occurring just days after he had contacted Russian citizen Krasilova regarding the coronavirus outbreak in Iran…

via US Attorney Investigating Deep State Murder Of DHS Whistleblower Phil Haney Gunned Down Alongside Wife

The Truth Can’t Be Hidden Any Longer

Such as the fact that Sandy Hook was fake, the Pistol “Used” was registered to the a CIA Armory, the car used was registered to a Local Sheriff’s Department, and several of the slain kids were seen on Obama’s Lap several days after the Fake Shooting – we showed the pictures…


How the Epstein Saga Connects to Almost Every Aspect of the Worldwide Conspiracy

The parallels between pedophile and child-trafficker Epstein and Prince Andrew (one son of the current British Queen Elizabeth), and pedophile, necrophiliac and child-procurer Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles (another son of the Queen) are stark and undeniable…


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-13-20… “Messianic nut-case Iran gambit backfires, payback begins”

Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. Seems pretty negative outlook on what’s going on. We shall see. “The recent events orchestrated by the U.S. government in Iran have backfired in a major way and the repercussions have only just begun, multiple sources agree…


Hillary Clinton “Safe Harbor” Maneuver Ignites Israeli-Irish War Within Epstein Extermination Event

A riveting highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today updating factional maneuvering within the “Epstein Extermination Event”—a survival of the fittest conflict pitting under impeachment threat President Donald Trump and under indictment threat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against international criminal mastermind Hillary Clinton—states that Clinton’s sudden acceptance yesterday to be the chancellor at Queen’s University in Belfast-Northern Ireland has ignited a war between the globally feared Israeli assassination organization The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (MOSSAD) and the terrorist organization known as the Real Irish Republican Army (New IRA/NIRA)—a Northern Ireland terrorist organization whose top international pariah commander Gerry Adams was shockingly granted a visa by President Bill Clinton to visit the United States in 1994 over the objections of the entire diplomatic, intelligence and military establishments in America, and that overturned 200 years of British oversight on American policy towards Ireland—and whose New IRA terrorist forces will protect both of the Clintons should Hillary’s “Safe Harbor Gambit” fail—a desperate gambit being attempted by the Clintons to keep from being extradited to America from  Northern Ireland to face soon coming criminal charges—which is actually getting a boost as the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) that would normally be used to capture and extradite an American citizen from Northern Ireland will be lost as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU—thus leaving the only governing law pertaining to the Clintons being the Extradition Act 2003 agreed upon and ratified between the US and British governments—which contains a provision declaring that “extradition shall not be granted if the competent authority of the Requested State determines that the request is politically motivated”—and beyond all doubt, the Clintons will use against Trump to keep him from extraditing them—but with both of the Clintons failing to note that this gambit places them in direct conflict with a MOSSAD that’s already discovered the New IRA has been training Palestinians on how to blow up Israeli soldiers, and are enraged over these Northern Irish terrorists having turned Ireland into the most extreme Israel-bashing country in the West—and of all the enemies the Clintons could have chosen to pit themselves against, MOSSAD is absolutely the worst one—most particularly because one of murdered child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein’s closest associates named Steven Hoffenberg has revealed that Epstein was a celebrity spy for MOSSAD and was killed because he had become a liability for Israeli intelligence…

via Hillary Clinton “Safe Harbor” Maneuver Ignites Israeli-Irish War Within Epstein Extermination Event

Trump Gets Bit By Swamp Mistress And Prosecutors Admit Epstein Jail Tape Has Gone Missing—Welcome To America Gone Insane

A grimly worded new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the United States has conceded defeat to the reality it can’t stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany in spite of its just passed sanctions against it, while at the same time celebrating the news that Russia has now bypassed the US and Canada to become the largest supplier of wheat to the world market, nevertheless warns that nothing can hold back a cataclysmic arms race if the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with the US is not renewed—a grave set of facts causing Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Valery Gerasimov to issue a chilling prediction that World War III is soon coming as the West prepares for a “large-scale military conflict” amid a renewed NATO buildup in Europe—a catastrophic nuclear war which America is unable to stop because it has obviously gone insane—best exampled a few hours ago when President Donald Trump, who was appointed by his beleaguered and under socialist siege peoples to go to Washington and “Drain The Swamp”, was bitten by “Swamp Mistress Nancy Pelosi”—who marshaled her demonic socialist forces to put on full display the most stomach-turning impeachment charade ever witnessed in American history—a travesty of state lawlessness coming at the same time a shocking discovery was made showing that anti-Trump Republican Party lawmaker US Senator Mitt Romney made his fortune with the aid of the billionaires who financed and protected now dead child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein—is the same Epstein it was further revealed about tried to marry his 24-year-old blonde bombshell goddaughter in a brazen tax-shelter scheme—but before he could, saw Epstein being suicided in the most secure US Federal Prison pre-trial holding facility in America—and at the exact same time yesterday when Trump was being bitten by Swamp Mistress Pelosi, the entire world saw Assistant US Attorney Jason Swergold admitting in court that the surveillance footage outside of Epstein’s cell during the time of his death has gone missing…

via Trump Gets Bit By Swamp Mistress And Prosecutors Admit Epstein Jail Tape Has Gone Missing—Welcome To America Gone Insane

Trial Of Mafia Boss Killer Linked To Trump Exposes Epstein-Mossad Satanic Orgy Readied For Democrat Party Elite.

Trial Of Mafia Boss Killer Linked To Trump Exposes Epstein-Mossad Satanic Orgy Readied For Democrat Party Elite.


A terrifyingly mind-bending new Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today documenting surveillance activities into the US-based elite sex club Snctm opened in Moscow this past year, whose video of clearly shows satanic acts are taking place, states that this secretive international organization was founded in 2008 by a near bankrupt and $900,000 in debt Hollywood real estate agent named Damon Lawner with money supplied by Gambino Crime Family boss Frank Cali, who was known as “The Ghost”—money which, in turn, was given to Gambino mob boss Cali by the CIA and their Mexican drug cartel partner El Chapo Guzman—which led, on 13 March 2019, at approximately 9:15 p.m., to Gambino mob boss Cali being gunned down outside his home—an assassination accomplished by a then 24-year old man named Anthony Comello who in preparing for trial said the CIA had penetrated the Mafia and that Democratic operatives in Washington were working with Gambino mob boss Cali and El Chapo Guzman to bring down President Trump—and five months after Gambino mob boss Cali was gunned down by Comello, saw Hollywood elites “freaking out”, in August-2019, when Snctm sex club owner Damon Lawner sold it to a mysterious investment group called “The Circle”—a sale brokered by one of the most powerful and feared companies in the world named McKinsey & Company through its office in Israel—which was orchestrated by former Israeli master spy Ari Ben-Menashe, who now admits child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad asset gathering intelligence on American elites for blackmail purposes—and in past dealings with McKinsey & Company, saw master spy Ben-Menashe working closely with former McKinsey associate Pete Buttigieg—an admitted homosexual now running to be the Democrat Party nominee for president, but who is now refusing to talk about or release any information about his work at and for McKinsey & Company—but nevertheless, will undoubtedly see Buttigieg attending the massive sex orgy planned for American celebrity and Democrat Party elites this month in Miami—which in reality is a Mossad event celebrating their now having taken over the CIA’s sex blackmail operation.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]…

via Trial Of Mafia Boss Killer Linked To Trump Exposes Epstein-Mossad Satanic Orgy Readied For Democrat Party Elite

Jeffrey Epstein’s Long-Time Banker Found Dead From Hanging, Immediately Ruled a ‘Suicide’

The Epstein saga continues to get fishier and fishier. Corporate banker Thomas Bowers, who ran the U.S. division of private wealth management for Deutsche Bank AG, reportedly committed suicide last month at the age of 55 by hanging himself with a rope in his California residence…


Epstein Cellmate And Fox News Host Sean Hannity Warn Their Lives Are In Danger—While US Military Advances Civil War Training

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A mind-shattering highly classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says it’s no surprise that the United States national debt limit has now hit levels not seen si..


Epstein Death Comes After FBI-MI6 Meet Ends With Mysterious London Blackout— Comey’s Daughter Lockdown Follows 

An astounding new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that 10 August 2019 will forever be known as a date rivaling that of 22 November 1963 when President John F…