Hillary Clinton “Safe Harbor” Maneuver Ignites Israeli-Irish War Within Epstein Extermination Event

A riveting highly-classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today updating factional maneuvering within the “Epstein Extermination Event”—a survival of the fittest conflict pitting under impeachment threat President Donald Trump and under indictment threat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against international criminal mastermind Hillary Clinton—states that Clinton’s sudden acceptance yesterday to be the chancellor at Queen’s University in Belfast-Northern Ireland has ignited a war between the globally feared Israeli assassination organization The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations (MOSSAD) and the terrorist organization known as the Real Irish Republican Army (New IRA/NIRA)—a Northern Ireland terrorist organization whose top international pariah commander Gerry Adams was shockingly granted a visa by President Bill Clinton to visit the United States in 1994 over the objections of the entire diplomatic, intelligence and military establishments in America, and that overturned 200 years of British oversight on American policy towards Ireland—and whose New IRA terrorist forces will protect both of the Clintons should Hillary’s “Safe Harbor Gambit” fail—a desperate gambit being attempted by the Clintons to keep from being extradited to America from  Northern Ireland to face soon coming criminal charges—which is actually getting a boost as the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) that would normally be used to capture and extradite an American citizen from Northern Ireland will be lost as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU—thus leaving the only governing law pertaining to the Clintons being the Extradition Act 2003 agreed upon and ratified between the US and British governments—which contains a provision declaring that “extradition shall not be granted if the competent authority of the Requested State determines that the request is politically motivated”—and beyond all doubt, the Clintons will use against Trump to keep him from extraditing them—but with both of the Clintons failing to note that this gambit places them in direct conflict with a MOSSAD that’s already discovered the New IRA has been training Palestinians on how to blow up Israeli soldiers, and are enraged over these Northern Irish terrorists having turned Ireland into the most extreme Israel-bashing country in the West—and of all the enemies the Clintons could have chosen to pit themselves against, MOSSAD is absolutely the worst one—most particularly because one of murdered child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein’s closest associates named Steven Hoffenberg has revealed that Epstein was a celebrity spy for MOSSAD and was killed because he had become a liability for Israeli intelligence…

via Hillary Clinton “Safe Harbor” Maneuver Ignites Israeli-Irish War Within Epstein Extermination Event

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