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– The #SatanicPedophileNetwork setup by #KhazarianMafia thru Israel to corrupt & control people in positions of power. Primary satanic pedohile families are the Rothschilds, Bushs and Rockefellers.

Dem’s I.T. Aids Squeel Like Pigs

DEM’S I.T. AIDS NOW SQUEALING President Trump – given his remarkable ability to negotiate, has traded $225 Million in Military Aid to Pakistan for a Woman who has all of the data on every single Democrat in Congress…



Child Murder Rituals at Bohemian Grove #Pizzagate

Hunter S. Thompson Exposed as Child Murderer:

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Trump Makes Huge Move To Stabilize Economy

President Trump has just made a huge move to stabilize the US Economy and eliminate the US Trade deficit. The President has just directed the US Department of Interior to allow drilling for oil in the Arctic Reserve…